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Get Rich Quick? 30 Best Money Making Apps To Turn Your Spare Time Into Cash

by Daniel Abbott — 2 months ago in Mobile Apps 17 min. read

Are you an individual with spare time, students, or stay-at-home parents looking to make extra income? These best money making apps are just for you. Explore them all.

People have become savvy since the money making apps footnoted.

According to the Statista reports, worldwide consumer has spent 167 billions of dollars  through mobile apps in 2022.

But why are so many people using money earning apps these days?


Money making apps or apps that pay you real money directly help people to meet their general needs. Additionally, these incomes are not accumulated from their daily wages or monthly compensation.

It’s been earned by doing some extra work. For instance; online surveys, food delivery, rental cars or rooms, playing games, completing challenges, and so on.

In this blog, we’ve researched some of the most popular money making apps with precise information, ratings, platform availability along with potential earning metrics.

We have imparted the list into various genres which are mentioned below. Simply, click on the category and read the top money earning apps list.

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What Are Money Making Apps?

Money earning apps are applications that allow users to earn money or rewards by completing various tasks, such as taking surveys, watching videos, or playing games.

Some popular examples include Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and Survey Junkie. These apps may pay users in cash, gift cards, or other forms of rewards.

Are There Legit Money Earning Apps?

There are many legitimate money earning apps available, but there are also some that may not be legitimate or may not pay as promised.

It’s important to research an app and read reviews before downloading it to ensure that it is legitimate and that users have had positive experiences with it.

To help you, get yourself tied with our list of the best money making apps. The following listed are well-researched and do not intend for any wrong purpose.

30 Best Money Earning/Making Apps (Android & iOS)

App Name Ratings Total Installs Potential Earning Platform Availability
Uber 4.8/5.0 100M+ $1500+ per month Android and iOS
DoorDash 4.8/5.0 50M+ $25 per hour Android and iOS
Turo 4.8/5.0 5M+ $500+ per month Android and iOS
Rover 4.8/5.0 1M+ $1000 per month Android and iOS
Gigwalk 3.4/5.0 1L+ $3 to $100 per hour Android and iOS
Ibotta 3.8/5.0 10M+ $10 to $20 a month Android and iOS
Fetch 4.6/5.0 10M+ Earn 1% of your purchase as a cash back Android and iOS
Dosh 4.7/5.0 1M+ Earn up to 40% cash back Android and iOS
Freebird 3.4/5.0 1L+ Earn $10+ per month Android and iOS
Payce 3.1/5.0 NA Earn more than $10 iOS
Pawn.app 3.2/5.0 5L+ $0.40 to $9.60 per month Android
Neighbor 4.6/5.0 100K+ $100-$400 per month Android and iOS
Tapestri 4.0/5.0 50K+ $25 per month Android and iOS
HappyNest 3.8/5.0 10K+ $200+ per month Android and iOS
Honeygain 4.6/5.0 NA $15+ per month iOS
Toloka 4.3/5.0 10M+ $0.10 to $1 per hour Android and iOS
Shopkick 3.9/5.0 10M+ $10+ per month Android and iOS
Toluna 2.6/5.0 5M+ $5+ per hour Android and iOS
HealthyWage 4.6/5.0 1L+ Earn up to $10,000 Android and iOS
Cointiply 4.6/5.0 3M+ $1 to $3 per hour Android
ESPN Fantasy Sports 4.6/5.0 10M+ Earn more than $1000 per game Android and iOS
Solitaire Cash 4.6/5.0 4M+ Make up to $83 per game Android and iOS
21 Blitz 4.0/5.0 1L+ Make up to $85+ per game Android and iOS
Bubble Cash 4.6/5.0 70K+ Earn between $1 to $80 per game iOS
Bingo Cash 4.7/5.0 NA Make up to $50 per game iOS
Kwai 4.6/5.0 100M+ Earn up to 10% commission Android and iOS
Airbnb 4.5/5.0 100M+ Earn up to $75 Android and iOS
Rakuten 4.0/5.0 10M+ Earn $25 per referral Android and iOS
Swagbucks 4.2/5.0 5M+ Earn $3 per referral Android and iOS
Upromise 3.5/5.0 10K+ Earn up to $30 Android and iOS

Side Hustle Apps For Making Real Money (Top Picks)

Whether inflation impacts your earnings or trying to pay off credit card debt, using these side hustle apps for making money could boost your chance to compete the provocation.


Uber best money making app

Rating: 4.8/5.0
Total Installs: 100M+
Potential Earning: Earns up to $1500 per month

Available for: Android and iOS

  • Instant payment facility
  • Transfer up to 5 times a day
  • Two-way earning module

Drive, deliver, and earn with Uber!

Uber is often considered one of the best money-making apps because it allows individuals to earn money by driving people around in their own cars.

It is a flexible way to earn money, as drivers can choose when they want to work and how many hours they want to put in. Additionally, Uber provides an easy-to-use platform for drivers to manage their earnings and track their trips.

Furthermore, it’s a worldwide brand and well known for its services, which leads to higher demand for drivers. However, it’s important to note that earning money with Uber or any other ride-hailing service depends on the city you’re operating in, the time of day, and your driving skills, among other factors.

How to earn real money with Uber?

  • Download the Uber driver app.
  • Register yourself using the right credentials.
  • Wait for lead confirmation.
  • Your drive account setup, complete.

DoorDash money earning app

Rating: 4.8/5.0
Total Installs: 50M+
Potential Earning: Earn $25 per hour

Available for: Android and iOS

  • Trusted earning source
  • Work when you want
  • Simple registration process

Your time. Your goals. You’re the boss!

DoorDash is often considered one of the best money-making apps for food delivery. Like Uber, it allows individuals to work on their own schedule and choose how many hours they want to put in.

DoorDash also provides an easy-to-use platform for delivery drivers to manage their earnings and track their deliveries. Additionally, DoorDash offers a guaranteed minimum payment for each delivery, which can provide a sense of financial stability for drivers.

Furthermore, DoorDash has partnerships with many popular restaurants, which leads to a high demand for delivery drivers.

How to earn real money with DoorDash?

  • Sign up to become a Dasher.
  • Upload your documents and verify.
  • Use the Dasher app to start earning.



Turo for earn real money

Rating: 4.8/5.0
Total Installs: 5M+
Potential Earning: Earn $500+ per month

Available for: Android and iOS

  • Get paid via direct deposit
  • Get paid within three days after each trip
  • Secured and reliable earning method

List your car and earn money.

Is your car spending a lot more time in your home than on the road? It’s time to consider renting it out on Turo. Turo is the world’s largest peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace and best money making app.

You can earn money when you list your car and someone uses it as a rental driver or conquering adventure. It’s best for those who don’t drive a car on a regular basis.

To see how much you could earn. Use Turo’s “Carculator” which let you know earning capacity of different vehicles.

How to earn real money with Turo?

  • Register yourself as a host.
  • Fill the information correctly.
  • Choose the coverage plans.
  • And, start earning.



Rover website

Rating: 4.8/5.0
Total Installs: 1M+
Potential Earning: Earn $1000 per month

Available for: Android and iOS

  • Set your own rates
  • High perk offering
  • Benefits of work-from-home job

What if I tell you that you can earn a good amount of money just by taking care of your neighbor’s dog?

Try Rover, an app that lets people hire 5-star and trusted pet cares. So, if you’re good with pets and want to make some extra money in your free time, you could list yourself as a sitter on this platform.

You’ll have to pass a background check and provide a positive reference for verification. Once all things are approved, you can start making money fast with Rover. Reportedly, sitters can earn more than a thousand dollars a month.

How to earn real money with Rover?

  • Register yourself as a sitter.
  • Choose services you’d like to provide.
  • Complete a profile and pass a background check.
  • Wait for 10 business days for profile approval.
  • Once approved your service will be visible in the Rover.



Gigwalk best money making app

Rating: 3.4/5.0
Total Installs: 1L+
Potential Earning: $3 to $100 per hour

Available for: Android and iOS

  • Choose the gigs that interest you
  • Easy process and quick payouts
  • Work as per your time convenience

Doesn’t it feel convenient to use Uber or Turo for making money in your spare time?

You could try Gigwalk, a unique and reliable money making platform that lets you make a good amount of money from home.

The best thing is that you won’t need to travel like DoorDash or walk in to your neighbor’s door to make money.

The community helps a myriad of companies with a range of small tasks. By registering, you get the job and you complete and submit it back to the portal. By doing this, anyone could make from $3 to $100 per gig depending on the difficulty.

How to earn real money with Gigwalk?

  • Download the app.
  • Make a Gigwalk account.
  • Link your PayPal account.
  • Explore and complete the gigs.


Top-Rated Cash Back Apps To Make Money (Overall Best)

These cash back apps will automate small, everyday savings. Such apps provide you money making advantages when you make purchases at partner stores. Underneath are top and best cash back apps used by the people living in the United States.


Ibotta best money earning app

Rating: 3.8/5.0
Total Installs: 10M+
Potential Earning: $10 to $20 per hour

Available for: Android and iOS

  • Earn up to 30% cash back
  • Fast withdrawal service
  • Many people use this app

Ibotta is one of the best in the genre of cash back apps as it offer cash back to its users at every purchase.

The new user gets straight $5 cash back in the wallet on the spending of $15. Additionally, if you refer to your friends, you would get $10. This means, without much effort, you just made $15 in your bank account.

The platform is partnered with top giants such as eBay, Walmart, Kohl’s, and many more. Shopping from these partner retailers could help you earn up to 30% cashback.

How to earn real money with Ibotta?

  • Sign up to the portal.
  • Shop and click to activate offers.
  • Withdraw earnings your way.



Fetch app that pay you real cash

Rating: 4.6/5.0
Total Installs: 10M+
Potential Earning: Earn 1% of your purchase

Available for: Android and iOS

  • Special offers every day
  • Snap any receipt for points
  • Instant cash out

If you’re doing purchases from top brands like Walmart, Dove, and Pepsico; you would love to make your free account on the Fetch money making app.

The app lets you earn exciting cash back and amazing gift cards that can be redeemed to save money at checkouts.

You earn points on every receipt. The larger the points collection, the larger the gift card you would get – which means more savings.

How to earn real money with Fetch?

  • Shop offers on the app.
  • Snap receipts (paper or digital).
  • Cash out as a gift card.




Rating: 4.7/5.0
Total Installs: 1M+
Potential Earning: Earn up to 40% cash back

Available for: Android and iOS

  • Get higher cash backs
  • Supports 10000+ brands
  • No extra fees to pay

Similar to Ibotta, but more advanced and intelligent.

It lets you earn up to 40% cash back when you shop, dine, and book hotels without coupons or receipt scanning.

It is intelligent and smart because it automatically adds cash back to your wallet or linked bank account. It allows you to earn aggressive cash back from Disney, Dunkin, PizzaHut, Walmart, Asos, and many more.

How to earn real money with Ibotta?

  • Download the app and link your cards.
  • Pay through swiping, brands show you love.
  • Get cash back and transfer it to your bank.


Most-Used Passive Income Apps Ideas (For Professionals)

Passive income is a great way to make extra money without putting in extra work or intellect. Consider these ideas to make passive income, easily.


Neighbor for quick money making

Rating: 4.6/5.0
Total Installs: 100K+
Potential Earning: Earn between $100-$400 per month

Available for: Android and iOS

  • No pesky paperwork
  • Automatic monthly payment
  • Get protection plans for items

Neighbor is a one-of-a-kind passive income generator for people and commercial entrepreneurs.

People make money using this application by storing people’s belongings in their available space at home or in warehouses.

As of now, the app is very popular in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Miami, and San Francisco. You can make money by providing your spare space for vehicles, business inventory, fleet parking, RV storage, and more to others.

Both parties (space provider and space taker) get a total of 48 hours to communicate and make mutual decisions. In any case, if the conversion fails, the reservation will automatically be declined.

How to earn real money with Neighbor?

  • Log in to the app.
  • Become a host.
  • Verify your information.
  • List your space and start earning.




Rating: 4.0/5.0
Total Installs: 50K+
Potential Earning: Earn up to $25 per month

Available for: Android and iOS

  • Free and fast way to earn money
  • Responsive customer support
  • Easy to opt-in and opt-out

Tapestri is the best passive income app for those who want to make extra money without completing surveys or purchases.

The app pays you for doing everything you do normally. In alternate terms, It pays you for your data. The app works in the background to allow users to earn money from their data.

The app is secured and free to use. Tapestri gets you paid for giving away information you’re already giving away. However, read their terms and conditions before accessing the application.

How to earn real money with Tapestri?

  • Download the app.
  • Register with your email account.
  • Agree to terms and conditions.
  • Allow access to the system.
  • Begin to earn.



Honeygain app for passive income

Rating: 4.6/5.0
Total Installs: NA
Potential Earning: $15+ per month

Available for: iOS

  • Fast way to earn passive income
  • Earn without compromising security
  • Earn from your smartphone or personal computer

Honeygain was the first-ever app that offered its users to make money online by sharing their internet.

It is the easiest way to earn passive income. Without investing a single buck and sharing your unused or full data to the platform helps you make a good amount of money.

The money you capitalize depends on the daily traffic you share. Using their estimation tool, you could sum your earning estimation easily.

Remember, your location, number of IP addresses, and network ping/speed influences your earnings.

How to earn real money with Tapestri?

  • Set up your account.
  • Let the app accumulate your data.
  • Rest and get paid for your sharing.


Best Money Making Apps Without Investment (For Beginners)

Need the best free money earning apps without investment. Following are the globally acclaimed and trusted money making apps for you.


Toloka earn cash online

Rating: 4.3/5.0
Total Installs: 10M+
Potential Earning: Make up to $1 per hour

Available for: Android and iOS

  • Complete task online or offline and get paid
  • Fast and secured withdrawal feature
  • Varieties of tasks to earn from

Toloka is an internationally renowned money making app that allows users to get paid without any initial investment.

When you register yourself on the app, you get the option to choose varying tasks with an option to either complete them online or offline at your convenience time.

Generally, the majority of the tasks are simple and require basic education to understand them. All you need is a mobile phone, internet access, and time to complete it appropriately.

Reportedly, the platform offers field tasks, work-from-home jobs, and data-entry-related projects. Sign up today to know more about jobs and start making money.

How to earn real money with Toloka?

  • Login in the app.
  • Pick tasks as per your choice.
  • Complete it online or offline.
  • Get paid through PayPal and others.



Toluna influencers

Rating: 2.6/5.0
Total Installs: 5M+
Potential Earning: More than $5 per hour

Available for: Android and iOS

  • Get rewarded in the form of gift card or cash
  • You’ll get 500 Toluna points for signing up
  • No hectic paperwork or rigid process

Toluna is another popular and rich money making app.

If you don’t like the above idea, you can try Toluna for free and earn money without any investment.

You can make a good amount of dollars by completing the community surveys, voting in the sponsored polls, taking part in the contest, and playing Toluna’s games.

Earning money with Toluna is both easy and fun. It is a popular community of millions of influencers and entrepreneurs that share their insights, experiences, and opinions about the products and services of brands.

How to earn real money with Toluna?

  • Join Toluna for free.
  • Participate in a unique digital project.
  • Put your opinions to others.
  • Get rewarded instantly if it’s helpful.



Cointiply app that pay

Rating: 4.6/5.0
Total Installs: 3M+
Potential Earning: Earns up to $10 a day

Available for: Android

  • Gives cryptocurrency
  • Get money by playing games and more
  • Trusted and used by millions of users

Turn your time into money, cryptocurrency.

Cointiply is a distinctive app that facilitates users to make money without any investment. The platform claims that it has served over $12 million to its three-million user base.

People can earn cryptocurrency by playing games online, watching videos, shopping online, or signing up for exciting services. Another way to make more cryptocurrency is by participating in surveys and sharing your opinion on the popular product(s) and service(s) the community entails.

When you compete and get rewarded, you don’t get cash, it gives you cryptocurrency like Bitcoins and Dodge Coins. Later, you can invest in crypto markets or platforms like Coinbase and WazirX to get cash into your bank.

How to earn real money with Toluna?

  • Sign up for free.
  • Play games or complete offers.
  • Get rewarded in cryptocurrency.


Cool Ways To Earn Money By Playing Games (100% Working)

Bored with making money by completing surveys or field tasks. Here’s some popular money making game apps that help you earn 2x a day in a fun way.

Solitaire Cash

Solitaire Cash game app that pay money

Rating: 4.6/5.0
Total Installs: 4M+
Potential Earning: Make up to $83 per game

Available for: iOS

  • Cash-out securely using PayPal
  • Enjoy awesome daily gifts & bonuses
  • Win big in multiplayer tournaments

Solitaire Cash is a skill-based card game designed by the Papaya Gaming community for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac users.

The game offers real cash winnings to the players through a secured PayPal gateway. The game is rated for 17+ and available free of cost in the Apple Store.

How to earn real money by playing Solitaire Cash?

  • Download the application and log in.
  • Select games to play or participate in the tournament.
  • Win, get rewarded, and withdraw through PayPal.


21 Blitz

21 Blitz

Rating: 4.0/5.0
Total Installs: 1L+
Potential Earning: Make up to $85+ a day

Android for: Android and iOS

  • Addictive user-interface and gameplay
  • Challenge people around the world
  • Win and get reward in the linked account

21 Blitz is a mix of 21 and Solitaire game experiences. You will endeavor with their cool animation and jackpots.

The game lets you win real cash either competing with real players around the world or completing challenges in time. By playing with other people, you could win more money than in other modes.

Before downloading the application, check your region because the app does not prompt cash rewards in the states like Arizona, Delaware, Maine, Montana, etc.

How to earn real money by playing 21 Blitz?

  • Download the app.
  • Link your account.
  • Start playing and earn.


Bingo Cash

Bingo Cash

Rating: 4.7/5.0
Total Installs: NA
Potential Earning: Make up to $50 per game

Available for: iOS

  • Multiple withdrawal options
  • Win real money and fast withdrawal
  • Jaw-dropping animations

Bingo Cash is another best money making app for people looking to earn money while playing at home or anywhere.

The game lets you rejuvenate your old memories of Bingo in a new way with amazing graphics and animation. Get daily bonuses to boost your earnings.

Play solo or compete with other real players to win big cash pools. Dive yourself into the tournament to win even more. You have to pay an entry fee before jumping into the tournament and if you win, you get amazing rewards including real cash winnings.

How to earn real money by playing 21 Blitz?

  • Download the application.
  • Log in using your social account.
  • Participate and compete.
  • Win and withdraw your cash using various modes.


Make Money Using Refer and Earn Apps (For Students)

Refer and earn money making apps are excellent and quickest methods to make money in no time. Use the following apps and refer to your friends or family to make some money instantly.


Rakuten best refer and earn app

Rating: 4.0/5.0
Total Installs: 10M+
Potential Earning: Earn $30 per referral

Available for: Android and iOS

  • Top referrals that pay cash
  • Trusted and most used platform
  • Fast deposit and withdrawal

Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates, is one of the best referral cashback apps in the market.


It has paid millions to its customers!

If you refer, the community will give you $30 for each user you invited to their platform.

The conditions are downloading the app using your invitation code, signing up without any error, and getting paid when the community confirms.

The thing to note here is that you get $30 when your invited friend makes $30 purchases using Rakuten within 90 days.

How to invite someone to join Rakuten?

  • Send a link via email, text, or social media.
  • Wait for their join and spend $30.
  • You will get $30 as soon as they spend it.



Swagbucks invite your friend

Rating: 4.2/5.0
Total Installs: 5M+
Potential Earning: Earn $10 per referral

Available for: Android and iOS

  • No registration fees
  • Earn using paid surveys or shopping
  • Many people in the US use this app

Swagbucks is another popular cashback referral application to use. There are multiple ways to earn money using the Swagbucks app. The most popular is a survey. Many people have accumulated thousands of dollars in a month by answering surveys.

You can also earn by playing games, shopping online, and scanning grocery receipts. In return, you will get points which can be redeemed as gift cards or cash.

Wait…! And when you refer to your friend, the community will give you 10% of whatever they earn. You would also get $10 as a welcome bonus.

How does the Swagbucks referral program work?

  • Click on the “Refer and Earn” tab.
  • Choose any one from three ways.
  • Share your referral link to your friend.
  • Get your referral bonus when they satisfy conditions.



Upromise cashback referral app

Rating: 4.0/5.0
Total Installs: 1L+
Potential Earning: Earn $25 per referral

Available for: Android and iOS

  • Best earning making app for college students
  • Earn $30 as bonus + $25 when you refer
  • Trusted and reliable money making app

Similar to Swagbucks but centered on college students. Upromise makes savings for students to make their college easy.

Based on their website mentioned, the community has helped families to save over $1 Billion for college.

Talking about their referral program, you could earn $25 as a referral bonus when you invite your friend to the Upromise app. The condition is the referred member must spend $25 within 180 days following account setup.

Remember, you will get a $30 bonus when you sign up for the first time on Upromise.

How to invite and earn on Upromise?

  • Set up your account.
  • Send email invitation to your friend.
  • Wait for their registration and confirmation.
  • Get your referral bonus when they spend $25.



Money Earning Apps: Future Scope and Conclusion

Let’s explore its future scope and conclusion in brief.

Future Scope:

The future scope of money-making apps is likely to be quite broad and varied. Some potential areas of growth include:

  • Increasing use of mobile technology.
  • More personalized and targeted offers.
  • More personalized and targeted offers.
  • Live streaming and social media integration.


  • From the current trends and potential future developments in money-making apps, some possible conclusions that can be drawn include:
  • Money-making apps are becoming more popular and widely used, as more people turn to their smartphones and mobile devices to earn extra cash or rewards.
  • The future of money-making apps will likely involve more personalized and targeted offers, as well as more ways to earn money and retain users.
  • Gamification and social integration are likely to play a bigger role in money-making apps, as they can increase user engagement and retention.

Disclaimer: The information referenced on this site is for instructive and data purposes as it were. Such data will not be deciphered as expert financial advice. References to the referenced applications/sites are dynamic in nature, and we will endeavor to keep these updated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Android apps for earning money?

To name a few of the best android apps for making money are Uber, DoorDash, and Rover. These apps grant a good amount of dollars to make your lifestyle better and fun.

What are the best iOS apps for earning money?

Best earning apps for iOS includes Payce, Ibotta, Honeygain, and Bingo Cash. These apps are secured, trusted, and used by thousands of people.

Which are safe, easy, and the best money earning apps?

Toluna and Toloka are the best money earning apps because there is no hectic paperwork, simple and free registration process and fast withdrawal features. Learn about these money earning apps in this blog.

What are the benefits of money earning apps?

Money earning apps can offer several benefits, including the ability to earn extra cash through completing surveys, watching ads, or participating in other activities. They can also provide users with a convenient way to earn money in their spare time, without the need for a traditional job.

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