Everything You Should Know About Walmart GTA Portal In 2024

Everything You Should Know About Walmart GTA Portal In 2024

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Updated on 27 Feb, 2024

The Walmart GTA Portal (Global Time and Attendance) provides information on employee attendance. Here’s some important things about the Walmart GTA portal.

👉 All Walmart associates can use the GTA portal to submit time off requests.

👉 The portal can also be used for identifying any possible irregularities in the information.

👉 Working associates at Walmart can check their working hours, absenteeism, and more.

Walmart GTA portal is for salaried associates can be access via Walmart One official portal and Walmart One official application.

The portal is design to carry Walmart’s major HRMS (Human Resource Management System) functions to assist its employees store and manage all the important data and information.

Here’s few things employee working at Walmart US can do with Walmart One Portal:

  • Check work schedule
  • Explore paystub
  • Report an absence at walmart
  • Time adjustment (ETA)
  • Explore earned rewards
  • MWS supply chain
  • GTA portal

In this blog, you’ll learn about Walmart gta portal with everything that matters to know.

What Is Walmart GTA Portal?

Walmart GTA portal is all about Global Time Attendance which is a part of Human Resources at Walmart, Inc. for all of its working associates.

Using One Walmart GTA Portal, employees can submit time off requests and glance at real-time attendance data.

This feature also reimburses the existing Salary PTO tracker that has been used to manage paid-off time.

Significantly, the one Walmart gta portal offers more benefits than an ideal pto tracker. Let’s look at the advantages of one.walmart.com gta portal.

Benefits of One Walmart GTA Portal

  • Walmart gta app or portal shows the realtime attendance data of the employees.
  • Detailed information such as employees’ working hours, absenteeism, and more.
  • Check information and raise a request for paid time off.
  • Disperse correct work schedule Information through ETA (Electronic Time Adjustment).
  • The portal also offers info about employee health and wellness.
  • It aids the higher and payroll managers for payment processing.

Who Can Use GTA Portal One Walmart?

Reportedly, the Walmart gta portal is for US salaried associates. This means, if you are a Walmart US employee, you can login to Walmart One application and access the benefits of GTA portal features.

In addition to this, anyone who is working at Walmart Inc. can access One Walmart to report absenteeism, and check their profile, paystub, work schedule, and more.

To use Walmart One portal, you should have login credentials. Usually, the company provides the login credentials.

One Walmart GTA Portal Login Guide

If you are new at Walmart and want to check your first-day work schedule or time off request, you should consider yourself at Walmart One Portal.

In this section, we’ll guide you on how to access the Walmart gta portal using your One Walmart associate credentials.


  • GTA Walmart portal link to the official website
  • A contemporary and dependable web browser
  • Smart gadget like laptop, mobile, or tablet
  • Good and uninterrupted high-speed internet access

Login Procedure

  • Visit one.walmart.com official website.
  • Click on “GTA Portal” on the upper menu. Now enter your Walmart employee ID, choose the country region, and select the location you wish to visit.
  • Click on the “Sign in” button to proceed next.
  • Enter your Walmart employee ID password and click continue.
  • That’s all you have successfully completed the Walmart GTA portal login.

Is 2-Step Verification Important To Do After Walmart GTA Portal Login?

Yes, it is important in order to secure login concerns from remote areas. If you are trying to access Walmart GTA portal for pay stub, schedule, or something else, enrollment for 2-step verification is required.

You can set 2-step verification by visiting one.walmart.com or right from its mobile app. This is done to protect your account and provide flexibility to access your account from any device.

Walmart Contact Information GTA Portal

Facing issues while login or any technical challenge, it is recommended that contacting Walmart representatives is best to solve your problem quickly.

Trouble like forgetting password or any technical issue can be solved using any of the contacting mediums mentioned below:

  • One Walmart emergency support
  • Walmart customer care at 1-800-925-6278
  • Walmart’s official website

Before we end this blog, take a look at the following frequently asked questions about Walmart GTA portal.

FAQs About Walmart GTA Portal

Do I have to use GTA Portal to manage my PTO?

Yes, Paid Time Off (PTO) tracking is necessary to do. It can be done through the GTA portal one Walmart.

Will my manager get an email notification that I’ve submitted time off in GTA Portal?

Straightforwardly, No… your manager will not get email notification about your PTO request. However, inform your manager about your planned leaves prior to the date.

What do I do if I have a future time off request in the portal, but I’ve changed my plans?

Don’t be worried, simply talk to your manager and inform them about the concern and work on the details of the changes. Next, go to the Walmart GTA portal and either edit or cancel the request.

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