Understanding Tor: Accessing The Dark Web Safely

Understanding Tor: Anonymity, Privacy, And Accessing The Dark Web

by Alan Jackson — 2 months ago in Security 2 min. read

Accessing the dark web information online has become a habit of people in the first place. While suffering online, usually we don’t want anyone in between to know where “you” visited.

Therefore, we use private browsing and Incognito modes, but they aren’t as effective as “Tor” browsing.

Is Tor browser legal to access by people around the globe?

Certainly, it’s legal and safe to use but until you do illegal stuff, then it will be unlawful.

In this blog, you will understand Tor’s anonymity, privacy, and its relation with the dark web.

What Does “Tor” Mean?

Tor is a name given to a network that intelligently makes your browsing more private and secure by bundling your data into layers of encryption.

Think of an ‘Onion’ surrounded by multiple layers. Similarly, Tor converges your data into various layers with encryption associated and routing it through three nodes.

Now the surprise part here is that the Tor browser doesn’t know your browsing history (because the node doesn’t know where you are going online) – making Tor distinct from other browsers that offer private browsing.

In this way, Tor offers robust security and protection from attacks!

But how it contributes to anonymity and privacy at a glance.

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Tor’s Anonymity & Privacy

Tor browsing is popular for two mainstream(s) – (i) Anonymous browsing and (ii) strong privacy

Tor achieves anonymity through its node functions. The user first interacts with the network through an entry node, it then passes traffic through a series of relay nodes before reaching an exit node that connects to the destination.

In this manner, Tor helps in obscuring the user’s identity and location.

Privacy, on the other hand, is also guaranteed by Tor by eliminating centralized logging. Tor does not keep centralized logs of user activity. This means the risk of data collection being obstructed at priority.

Relation Between the Dark Web & Tor

Indeed, the Dark Web and Tor are interconnected with each other.

Tor provides the infrastructure that allows access to the Dark Web. Reasons are disclosed for the same.

  • Anonymity and Privacy: The technology inbounds with Tor uses online routing and encrypted connections that allure anonymous communication. This also facilitates making a preferred choice for people seeking increased privacy and anonymity to access the dark web.
  • Layered Encryption: The layered encryption provided by Tor helps override the source and destination of internet traffic. All of this is crucial for maintaining the privacy and security of users on the Dark Web.
  • Volunteer-Operated Nodes: The working methodology of nodes designed for the Tor network plays an important role in contributing to the security of the Dark web. The compliance of nodes makes it more challenging for any single entity to compromise the network.

Tips On Using Tor Browser In 2024

Tor accumulated a dense popularity because of the unique characteristics of technologies it implicated in the dark web.

However, the usage of Tor entirely depends on the behavior of the individual. Here are some tips on using the Tor browser in the best manner.

  • Regularly check for updates and ensure that you are using the latest version of Tor.
  • Whenever possible, use websites that support HTTPS.
  • Always use private windows for your Tor sessions.
  • Be cautious when downloading files through the Tor Browser.

Well, that’s all in this blog… I hope you get some pedagogic knowledge from my blog. Do share if you liked it 🙂

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