Brainstorm Robot Soldier Will Be Deployed On The Border In Future

Brainstorm Robot Soldier will be Deployed on the Border in Future

by Alan Jackson — 5 years ago in Security 2 min. read


  • DRDO is Preparation of robot Military for target.
  • These robots will be equipped with high intensity capacities.
  • Strong minded of identifying enemies and friends.

Indian Army Robot fight with enemy in future

New Delhi: DRDO has started work on a new project(army developed robot), the unmanned warfare (war is going to be utilized ). Really, the future is going to be fought in the war, they willn’t human soldiers, but robots(Robot)will combat the military. DRDO is preparing the robot military for this.

According to DRDO, at the Robot Army in the Indian, technologies that can predict states and behaviours of the individual soldier may help create a more optimised team and helpful for soldiers in the battleground.

looking DRDO, the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) of India, that will be preparing a robot, will have a high amount of intelligence on every robot.
Researchers engaged in this project are trying to recognize the robot enemies and friends will perfectly. Along with this. Scientist called it ‘Brainstorm'(brain system to tramsmit and get magnetoelectric sign).

The difference between Enemy and friends is work Brainstorm ways the architecture and dynamics of the human mind consider be coordinated to forecast these behaviours and thus optimize team performance.

All these robots are going to have the ability to ruin enemies from the army battle in the long run.
Based on specialists at Robot Technology – In the upcoming time, land and air can make use of these robots in both conflicts.

“In military operations, Robot troops perform numerous jobs at the same time. They will analysing information from several resources, browsing surroundings while concurrently assessing risks, sharing situational awareness, and communication using a distributed group,” explained DRDO.

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The speciality of Brainstorm is as follows

  • Brainstorm robots will be able to ruin enemies from the army battleground.
  • According to specialists at Robots Technology- From The Future, both lands and air can make use of these robots in both conflicts.
  • Later – risrc done robot will prepare an individual soldier will have the ability to successfully perform.
  • According to DRDO these robots can help the soldiers. Then soldiers. Then they’ll also be employed for other functions.
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