China's Huawei Secretly Use North Korea's Wireless Network Using American Technology, American Media Claims

China’s Huawei Secretly use North Korea’s wireless Network using American Technology, American Media Claims

by Alan Jackson — 5 years ago in Security 2 min. read

Huawei’s spokesperson commented on the report saying that the company has no business presence in North Korea, but has refused to confirm or confirm the authenticity of leaked documents.

Poster child for China’s technical industry, Huawei secretly helped North Korea to create and maintain its commercial wireless network using American technology, the Washington Post learned from leaked internal documents.

The documents included work orders and spreadsheets taken from the database of alleged Huawei’s former telecom operations, which were dumped by a former Huawei employee.

According to him, Vepo claims, Huawei worked with projects in North Korea with a Chinese state-operated technical firm, Panda International Information Technology, in eight years.

Huawei – the world’s largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment – is accused of providing “network integration” and “software” services for North Korea’s wireless provider CorioLink, as well as an encryption protocol Has also developed.

It has been said in the report that it was challenging to recognize Huawei’s partnership between Huawei and Panda International.

An important concern in this matter is whether Huawei violated U.S. export control by deploying US-manufactured technology in North Korea as part of its products, as Pyongyang violated its nuclear activities and international sanctions on alleged human rights violations is subjected to.

Huawei Denies Doing Business With North Korea

A representative for Huawei kept up that the firm “has no business nearness” in North Korea, however wouldn’t address the company’s conceivable past record in the North, just as to recognize the reports as fake or credible.

“Huawei is completely dedicated to complying with every pertinent law and guidelines in the nations and areas where we operate, including all fare control and approval laws and guidelines” of the United Nations, United States and European Union, the representative said.

The US Commerce Department, which did not remark on the report, has been examining asserted connections among Huawei and North Korea since 2016. It subpoenaed the company in 2016 during an investigation into its dealings in the assents hit Iran, North Korea and Syria, and the test is as yet dynamic.

A Troubled Year

The anti-Huawei campaign has turned out to be one of the sections of the US-China year-long exchange war. The US is concerned that Huawei could be keeping an eye on clients and taking business mysteries in the interest of the Chinese government, however the company demands that it is completely free of Beijing.

Despite the assurances of Huawei, the Trump administration has restricted its products from use in government, blacklisted the company as a national security threat, and banned the colleague from his newborn 5G network put pressure on.

Meng Weinzhou’s daughter, senior executive and founder of Huawei, was arrested in Canada at the behest of Washington and she is fighting for extradition to the United States, where she is charged with violating American sanctions on intellectual property theft and Iran.

Donald Trump has indicated that he can use Huawei as a bargaining chip in his trade dispute with China, and business negotiations are still going on.

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