Facebook Says It Will Remove More COVID-19 Conspiracies

Facebook says it will remove more COVID-19 conspiracies that discourage vaccination

by Amelia Scott — 3 years ago in Security 2 min. read

Vaccine misinformation has been around since well before the pandemic, but ensuring that anti-scientific conspiracies don’t get boosted online is more crucial than ever as the world races against the spread of a deadly, changing virus.

Now, Facebook states it’s going to expand the standards it uses to eliminate false vaccine asserts . Under the new guidelines, which Facebook stated it created in consultation with groups such as the World Health Organization, the business will eliminate posts asserting that COVID-19 vaccines are not successful, that it is”safer to find the illness” and the widely debunked longstanding anti-vaxxer assert that vaccines can lead to autism.

Facebook states it’s going to set a”special focus” on authorities against Pages, accounts and groups that violate the rules, noticing that they might be taken out of the platform.

Facebook took measures to restrict COVID-19 vaccine misinformation in December, preparing the stage for its vaccine rollout whilst still lagging well behind the uncontrolled spread of anti-vaccine claims.
The business started removing articles comprising some misinformation regarding the vaccine, such as”bogus asserts that COVID-19 vaccines comprise microchips” and articles asserting that the vaccine has been tested on parts of the populace without their approval.
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The reason why this sort of stuff did not already fall beneath Facebook’s principles against COVID-19 misinformation is anybody’s guess.

The business came from the gate ancient from the pandemic using a fresh set of policies meant to avoid an explosion of possibly fatal COVID-related conspiracies, but period and time the business neglects to evenly and rigorously enforce its rules.

Amelia Scott

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