How To Quarantine Yourself And Control The Effect Of Coronavirus

How to Quarantine Yourself and Control the effect of Coronavirus

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WHO,  Italy Prime Minister Giuseppe, India’s honorable Prime Minister Modi ji and many Dr’s also said that do quarantine yourself at home and do your work from home to control the effect of Coronavirus.

Tips: Dear human, due to covid-19, We have limited support staff include hospital and other.
Please understand stay safe and stay home

Quarantine: –

Quarantine your self

It is for healthy people who may have been exposed to the disease if you have visited an affected country recently or have come in close contact with someone who has tested +ve. Quarantine is intended to restrict movement. Health agencies recommend a minimum 14 -days quarantine as an incubation period to see if flu-like symptoms develop. A quarantine person can live with their family or roommates.

Isolation: –

It is for those who are exhibiting symptoms or have tested +ve. The objective of isolation is to prevent the infected person from spreading the virus before they recover.

Now we discuss how to quarantine yourself at home. what we did at home for quarantine: –

  1. Disinfect

how use hand sanitizer

  • Don’t share your dishes, drinking glasses, cups, eating utensils, towels, or bedding with anyone including your pets. wash these items after you can use them.
  • Countertops, laptops, doorknobs, bathroom fixture, toilets, phones, keyboards, tablets and besides tables are considered “high-touch surfaces-wipe them often with a household cleanser.
  • Frequently wipe down surfaces that may be contaminated by bodies fluids, including blood and stool.
  1. Household members

  • Family members and other occupants should monitor the patient’s symptoms and call a health provider if they see a turn for the worse.
  • When around the patient, household members must wear a face mask, and both mask and gloves if they have contact with the patient’s bodily fluids. These should be thrown away immediately, never reused.
  • Elderly members and pregnant women of the household and those with chronic medical conditions are at particular risk if they are infected. Contact with the secluded individual should be minimized.
  • Housemates can go to work or school, but it’s going to be their job to stock up on groceries, pick up prescriptions, take care of the quarantined and keep the place clean. They’ll be wiping down doorknobs and countertops, doing loads of laundry and washing their hands — a lot.
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  1. Mask and Hand gloves

wash hand

  • If you must be round other people, you should wear a mask and everyone else should too.
  • If you are unable acquire a mask, you can create a make-shift one from a scarf or other garment.
  • If you must be around other people, in metro , in train, bus, in lift, you should wear hand gloves and every else should too.

Tips: According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (NCDC), we should use a sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol. Finding content is simple. Just check any pharmacy or grocery store and it is written in our list.

Material Description:

1. 200 ml isopropyl alcohol, also known as rubbing alcohol
2. 70 ml of aloe vera gel
3. Essential oil of your choice (lavender, vanilla, grape or peppermint)
4. A spray bottle
5. Bowl and spoon for mixing purpose

  1. Hygiene


  • If you cough or sneeze, you should cover your mouth and nose with a tissue, and discard the used tissue in a lined trash can.
  • Then you must immediately wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 sec.
  • Even otherwise you should wash hands frequently and avoid, touching your eyes, nose and mouth, if you haven’t just wash them.
  1. Supplies

  • Ensure you are stocked with enough food and essential to minimize the time spent outside your home.
  • Your shopping list should include daily essential like soap, diapers for infants, food for pets and cleaning supplies.
  • However, do not resort to hoarding – its not the apocalypse and the quarantine is not going to last forever.
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  1. Monitoring


  • Keep an eye on your heath and call a Dr., if you develop a symptom or if they worsen.
  • Make sure to tell the medical staff that you are at risk of infection with the coronavirus.
  1. Separation

  • If you are potentially infectious, it is important you separate yourself your partner, your roommates your children, your parents.
  • You should have no visitors, and keep 3-6 feet away from others. Don’t use public transport of cab.
  • Don’t leave unless you to see a Dr. and make sure you call them before going.
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