Google Launches VPN Service So Google One Users Can Browse More Privately

Google launches VPN service so Google One users can browse more Privately

by Amelia Scott — 3 years ago in Security < 1 min. read

Among my favourite things about becoming a Google Fi contributor is that the agency’s built-in VPN support; it is a neat additional layer of safety, particularly if connected to Wi-Fi. I have also wondered why Google has not created this service available more broadly — but no further.

Google now declared it is bringing its VPN support to Google One readers on the 2TB program or greater — those beginning at $10 per month.

This goes for households also — it is possible to share VPN access up to 5 family members at no excess price.
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For those unfamiliar, VPNs permit you to surf the web more rigorously by encrypting your link and hiding your IP address.

Your information goes via a VPN server until it strikes the wider internet, where it is encrypted against potential hackers or other people appearing to track your data.

Google is also offering one time ‘Guru Sessions’ for consumers to” learn about VPNs and how to stay safer on line.” These appointments can be found a first-come, first-serve foundation.

Obviously, there are lots of additional VPN services on the market, and Google’s does not appear to be particularly unique or exceptional — in the present time, it appears to be about advantage of Google One subscribers compared to anything else.
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Regrettably, VPN access is only going to be accessible for Android users to begin (at the coming months), but the firm intends to expand the support into iOS, Windows, and Mac in the forthcoming months.

Amelia Scott

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