Google, Microsoft, Intel Data Protection Consortium Formed

Google, Microsoft, Intel Data Protection Consortium Formed

by Alex Noah — 5 years ago in Security < 1 min. read

Tech giants like Google and Microsoft are under scrutiny over information security problems. To operate on these problems, Google, Microsoft and Intel have come together along with seven additional businesses to work on data security problems.

The consortium, which can be known as the Confidential Computing Consortium (CCC), will focus on developing a balance between defining and accelerating open source technology and protecting customers’ data.

“CCC is a job community in the Linux Foundation committed to discovering and accelerating the adoption of computing. It’ll embody open government and open cooperation that has helped the achievement of similarly demanding attempts. The campaign includes responsibilities from Alibaba Cloud, Arm, Baidu, Google Cloud, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Red Hat, Swisscom and Tencent,” that the consortium countries on its recently established site.

Simply explained this consortium takes information protection to a new paradigm — open source technology whose purpose would be to additional data safety.

Microsoft, Intel and Red Hat have announced their software development platforms and kits which are going to be freely accessible to programmers to make data security programs. By way of instance, the consortium provides developers using a Microsoft framework, which can enable developers write code from Reputable Execution Environments.

Alex Noah

Alex is senior editor of The Next Tech. He studied International Communication Management at the Hague University of Applied Sciences.

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