Here’s How Your Uber Ride Will Change, Starting May 18

Here’s how your Uber ride will change, starting May 18

by Alex Noah — 4 years ago in Security 2 min. read

Uber is rolling out a string of modifications to its own ride-hailing and on-demand food delivery apps, starting Monday, as states and cities lift stay-at-home orders motivated from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The modifications, which comprises an internet checklist for many customers, limits on the amount of passengers in automobiles along with also a face mask confirmation feature for motorists, intends to halt the spread of COVID-19,” the business said Wednesday.

“This isn’t a problem that could only be solved with the motorists or simply can be solved from the riders, it’s everybody’s duty,” said Sachin Kansal, senior manager of product management at Uber, through a webinar Wednesday announcing the modifications.

User policing lies in the heart of the new policies. Riders and drivers, in addition to delivery employees and even restaurants which use Uber Eats, will possess the capability to report dangerous COVID-19 behaviour and provide low ratings.

As an example, a delivery employee can give feedback a restaurant does not have appropriate protocols in place, for example social bookmarking. A restaurant may offer feedback when a delivery driver is not wearing a mask.

These feedback loops between all the parties are extremely important for us to maintain safety

The new policies will last for the next several months, according to the Consul, who stated that “as the situation on the ground changes, we will also develop our policies.”

According to the company, all Uber app users will now have to agree to ride or try to ride an online checklist before choosing a rider.
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Online checklists require riders and drivers to ensure that they have taken certain steps such as applying a face mask and washing their hands to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Uber will encourage passengers and drivers to cancel excursions — a movement that previously could create a lower evaluation — if they do not feel secure or the consumer isn’t wearing a face mask or pay.

If riders or drivers provide a very low score, they are now able to select”no face mask or cover” and another conventional selection such as”overdue for pickup,” disrespectful” or”cleanliness.”

If the user selects the”no face ” choice in their inspection, the driver or driver will be sent a message telling them about the needs of being to the Uber platform.

Kansal stated Uber will take drivers or riders away from the stage should they violate these conditions.

Drivers will need to verify they are wearing a mask prior to accepting excursions, utilizing Uber’s present motorist selfie technology. The app also comes with a video tutorial about the best way best to put on a mask.

The selfie technologies, that is in use since 2016, is not on the rider program. Rather, riders will be drivers. Riders will also be requested to keep open the window, if at all possible.

For the time being, Uber is not adding shared rides, also called Uber Pool. Riders are no more permitted to ride in the front seat, which Uber states will allow for longer space in the vehicle.

The shift means UberX may have a maximum of 3 passengers in the motor vehicle.

Alex Noah

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