Uber Clone App - Key Insights, Advantages, And Essential App Features

Uber Clone App: Key insights, Advantages, and Essential App features

by Samuel Max — 4 years ago in Mobile Apps 4 min. read

Since the inception of Uber in the market, the daily transportation needs of the people have been fulfilled easily. Uber gained a large customer base in a shorter period. Most people preferred Uber over other traditional taxi services. So, the traditional taxi business owners, in order to boost their sales and generate increased revenue, switched to the online taxi app business methodology. This happened after they witnessed the success rates of other whitelabeled and customized taxi apps like Uber.

Need for purchasing an Uber clone app

The taxi clone apps are purchased because of a few potential advantages it possesses:

Effortless management of the business:

The taxi business owners can easily monitor and manage their business as most of the processes are automated. Several advanced algorithms are integrated into the app to make it efficient, easy to operate and to reduce manual work. With this app, the error percentage also reduced drastically.

Affordable solutions:

Clone apps are cost-efficient in comparison to developing an app from scratch. This is one of the major influencing factors that make entrepreneurs choose the Uber clone app.

Reach your audience easily:

Building a feature-rich, optimized, user-friendly, and efficient app for your venture will help you get in sync with your audience in a short span of time and thereby gain more loyal customers.

Whitelabeled apps:

The taxi app is completely whitelabeled and you can rebrand it with your logo and brand name once you purchase it. The source code will also be delivered to you during the final delivery phase.


Personalizing your app in accordance with the business needs will lead to developing a robust and highly optimized app that will make the users opt for your app over the others.

Challenges to overcome when developing your taxi app

The Uber clone app development involves a few hurdles that need to be taken care of:

Providing security:

There are two categories of security to be covered: app security and customer security. The Uber clone app should be highly secure and should not keep track of personal and banking information of the users. Customer security should be of high priority as the users will lean towards your app and recommend it to others only if their travel experience is pleasant and safe. So, ensure that you have employed a strong verification process to help you hire professional drivers with a crime-free background. You can also include an SOS button in the app that will allow the users to get help when required.

Competition in the marketplace:

The online taxi business market will definitely involve high competition that elevates day after day. Especially, entrepreneurs who are new to the market will find it hard to sustain at the top for a long period of time. So, it will be wise to analyze the market, know the competitors, understand the audience before launching your online taxi app.

Attractive user interface:

The UI of your app should be interactive, responsive, user-friendly, and easy to navigate. All the essential features should be accommodated properly in the app design. The app should be bug-free and multilingual.

Advantages of clone apps over apps built from scratch

As you can witness, many business persons are choosing the Uber clone app to launch their taxi business. It is due to the obvious fact that it has more benefits than an app that is developed from the initial stage.

Reduced app development cost:

The total amount spent on developing a taxi clone app is very less. So, both small and medium-scale entrepreneurs can launch their business at affordable prices. On hiring a suitable app development company, they will provide market research, app design and development, testing, app launch, and support services under a single package. You do not have to allocate funds for each of these phases separately.

Increased brand visibility:

Launching your taxi business with a robust app and providing high-quality service at cost-efficient rates will help you obtain greater brand visibility. If a brand has good visibility, then the consumers will trust the brand, provided the other crucial characteristics of the app are available.
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A good quality app and taxi service will definitely earn your more loyal customers, and you will eventually generate higher revenue in a short period of time. Since it is a whitelabeled application, apart from revenue, your brand name will also be well-established in the market.

Effective feature-set of an Uber clone app

The app has three panels for the user, admin, and the driver. The app features and options differ based on their workflow. A few must-be-present features are specified here:

User app:

  • Easy sign-in/sign up process- users can sign up or log in to the app using their phone numbers, social media accounts, or email IDs.
  • Live location- current location can be set while booking a ride, and the live location of the drivers will be accessible by the users after their ride has been accepted.
  • Types of rides- the app offers the users with different rides such as sedan, SUV, etc., from which one can be selected.
  • Favorite list- users can bookmark the drivers they prefer and choose to ride with them if they are available the next time the users wants to book a ride.
  • Secure online payments- users can pay for their rides using any payment gateway available in the app.
  • Rating and reviews- users can rate the drivers and review the ride experience if needed.

Driver app:

  • Log in and verification- drivers can log in successfully and submit valid documents for verification purposes. After successful approval from the admin, they can start accepting rides.
  • Easy calling feature- they can call the users if they have any queries before reaching the pick-up point.
  • Earning history- daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly earnings of the drivers are available on a separate page in the app.
  • Availability toggle- they can use the availability slide bar to display their availability status.
  • Street-view navigation- for easy navigation purposes, the street view mode driving is included for the drivers.
  • Language settings- drivers can choose the language of their choice to view the app.
  • Request rejection- they can reject ride requests from users if it is long distance, low pay, and more.

Admin panel:

  • Managing fares- admin can manage the base fare, surge prices, commission, and more using the panel.
  • Bank account addition- bank accounts of the drivers can be added to the app for transferring their earnings to them.
  • Reports- analytics and reports on earnings, profit, rides, and more can be viewed and exported by the administrator if required.
  • Promo codes- admin can create promo codes and offers for the users.
  • Wallet access- in-app wallets of the users can be accessed by the admin if needed at any time.
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The aforementioned insights on the Uber clone app will help you build an efficient app. Make sure you include these features in your app. It will help you gain customers in a few days. Provide excellent, quality service, and those one-time users will turn into long-term, loyal customers.

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