How To Protect Your Android Device From All Kinds Of Security Threats?

How to Protect your Android Device from all kinds of Security Threats?

by Alan Jackson — 4 years ago in Security 4 min. read

A recent study has discovered that nearly 87% of Android devices are insecure. These vulnerabilities arise due to a lack of security updates. Even the internet is not secure when they’re connected to the devices.  

Nowadays, security is the main concern and lots of people are suffering from this.  

If you want to protect your own gadgets, then be sure with your strategy. Start with gaining knowledge and robust security policies, then move towards to act on the technical counter and measure the risk. 

Majority of us do not want to give up this device and behave like what we do to remain safe?

I’d say phone security is a must for everyone 

Phone security is about defending against the broad array of mobile security threats and confronting our mobile devices. 

Phone security is the custom of protecting mobile systems against the cyber-attack like network login credentials, financing, and safety etc.  

It includes a collection of technologies, controls, policies and best practices. Phone security protects us from mobile threats of all kinds; there are plenty of such tools that would really help. A mobile security threat is a way of a cyber-attack which targets mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.  
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Web-based mobile threats

Mobile websites can download malware into our mobile devices without permission or awareness. Security applications on our phones can help discover malicious sites and phishing efforts.

App-based risks 

Keeping mobile software up to date also helps to protect against malicious programs, so should update your software to avoid threats. 

Mobile protection for Android Users

  • Take advantage of built-in Android safety features
  • Do not save all passwords
  • Make sure your WIFI network is protected (and be careful with people WIFI)
  • Buy smartphones from vendors who provide patches for Android
  • Use two-factor authentication
  • Utilize the Android security app
  • Back up your own Android phone’s information
  • Purchase programs just from Google Play or from authenticating the place
  • Encrypt your device
  • Use a VPN

Mobile protection for iPhone Users

  • Keep your iPhone operating system (iOS) up to date
  • Activate all the attribute
  • Set up a passcode longer compared to 4-number preset
  • Enable two-factor authentication or more
  • Keep changing your iCloud along with iTunes passwords

It is a perfect time to take action on mobile security threats. Mobile devices are just as vulnerable. They are subjected to threats from the form of malware, social engineering, net attacks, network attacks, and physical theft.

The following programs/apps can allow you to protect your Android devices from online identity & safety threats.

Avast Mobile Security

Avast is a great app to provides your Android mobile protection against viruses along with the several different dangers.

Avast is the world’s most trusted free antivirus for Android which informs you when spyware, spyware get installed and violate your privacy.

The detection rate of the newest Android malware is all about 99.9 percent and is approximately 100% of malware detected for sure.

When malware and secure browsing will be your main concern, this security app is the best fit for you.
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If you would like to prevent intruders from accessing your apps but do not have enough time to maintain any password for your device, in that case, you can use Applock.

The interface of this app is very simple. AppLock detects apps by requesting an individual to follow a pin/pattern to access this. You can place a lock on your SMS, Contacts, Gmail or for that matter etc.

Don’t confuse your app lock with your phone’s built-in lock. Built-in locksets a lock on your own apparatus. However, AppLock places a lock to the programs you’ve selected.

Signal Private Messenger

There are lots of secure messaging apps available in the market but most of them work only if both users use the exact same app.

However, Signal Private Messenger allows you to bring extra care of safety to ordinary SMS text messages even when users are not utilizing Signal Private Messenger.

Sophos Antivirus and safety

Sophos is just one of the very best antivirus apps. Its user interface may not impress you much, but its attributes will surely soothe your mind.

Sophos detects the malware rate of 100% which helps to stand out from the other.

If you would like more productivity, Sophos is the best app to solve these threats.

Secure Call

It ensures and protects your calls that nobody does. The secure call provides end to end encryption for your personal calls thus preventing it by intruders.

It utilizes the default phone app to make and receive mobile calls. Its Peer to Peer architecture uses a strong end to end encryption to protect your calls by third parties. 

If you want to have an end to end encryption for mobile phones, then utilize Secure Call.

Program Ops

The basic functionality of this Program Ops is to a specific set of permissions to this particular app. Many programs have additional permission which is certainly not related to its characteristic.

When you install this app on your device, you have to grant permission to each of the aspects of your device that the program asks.

In this, you can get the program installed without providing information.

If you would like to great apps of unnecessary permissions, then you may use App Ops.


Remembering passwords these days is quite tricky with users using multiple accounts online and each account using a different password.

LastPass is one of the very best password managers available on the marketplace which allows you to store passwords of your accounts with additional layers of safety.

You can easily access all your confidential data from any other computer or mobile device.
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Locate My Device

If you would like to get your mobile remotely, use Android Device Manager.

Find My Device is an updated version of Android Device Manager and allows you to ring, locate, lock your Android apparatus remotely. 

It also allows you to clear out the devices and whole data. It is the easiest way to install and allows you to log in through someone else’s Android device manager and wipe out data from your device on the go.

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