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Best 5 Data Backup Cases in 2020: Learn from Exper...
By: Eva Green, Wed September 2, 2020

Technological advancements play a critical role in enhancing data security through viable backup solutions. Although organizations may use efficient strategies,..


How to Detect and Prevent Workplace Spying?
By: Alan Jackson, Fri August 21, 2020

It probably comes as no surprise that employers often track what they’re employees are up to. However, the depths to..


How to Protect your Android Device from all kinds ...
By: Alan Jackson, Wed August 12, 2020

A recent study has discovered that nearly 87% of Android devices are insecure. These vulnerabilities arise due to a lack..


Trump Administration announces major midband Spect...
By: Amelia Scott, Tue August 11, 2020

5G is increasingly coming into focus as a set of technologies that has the potential to dramatically expand the quality,..

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10 strategies to help you Secure your Digital Life
By: Alan Jackson, Mon July 13, 2020

Is your cyber life secure? How do you know? Data security is critical more than ever before. If you’re not..


8 Ways To Look After Your Cybersecurity When Worki...
By: Sara smith, Sat April 25, 2020

The recent Coronavirus outbreak has meant that thousands of people across the UK are now having to work from home..


Detecting and Protecting Against Ransomware in 202...
By: Alan Jackson, Tue February 11, 2020

A couple of months before, among the world’s largest aluminum manufacturers, Norsk Hydro, has been infiltrated with this malware that..


Fostering CyberSecurity and Privacy in 2020
By: Jade , Tue January 21, 2020

The need for online protection is a subject that has been ongoing for years past and present. In recent times..


The Worst and Biggest Hacks/Data Breaches that Hap...
By: Wendy Dessler, Fri January 17, 2020

There are many things that can unfortunately happen that can be incredibly harmful to a company. You can have a..


5 Threats to Your Security when using Social Media
By: Adeyemi Adetilewa, Tue January 7, 2020

Years ago, it was difficult to keep up with friends, relatives, and employees who are not in your neighborhood. But with social media, there is no more distance barrier between loved ones...


Best Practices to keep Your Domain Safe and Secure
By: Jolene Rutherford, Wed December 25, 2019

In the modern online world, data protection is of the utmost importance. As more and more businesses venture into the..

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