Twitter Flags Republican Leader’s Video As ‘manipulated’ For Altering Disabled Activist’s Words

Twitter flags Republican leader’s video as ‘manipulated’ for altering disabled activist’s words

by Amelia Scott — 4 years ago in Security 2 min. read

Twitter flagged an inflammatory video by House Republican Whip Steve Scalise on Sunday for altering footage of a conversation between progressive activist Ady Barkan and Joe Biden.

The video is now labeled as “manipulated media” in a tweet from Scalise, though remains online.

The inflammatory movie pulls in out-of-context quotations from a variety of both Democrats and activists but seems to have crossed a line by changing Barkan’s words by some of the dialog about policing reform.

Barkan, with ALS, talks using an assistive eye-tracking apparatus.

“These aren’t my words. I’ve lost my capacity to talk, but maybe not my my ideas,” Barkan tweeted response, including”…You owe the whole disability community an apology”

From the movie excerpt, taken from an extended conversation concerning policing and social services, Barkan seems to state”Can we agree that we are able to divert some of their funds for authorities?”

In fact, Barkan interrupted Biden through the dialog to ask”Do we agree that we are able to divert some of their financing?”

From the movie, Barkan’s altered sentence is accompanied with a stunning black backdrop stamped with the words”No police.

Mob rule. Complete chaos. Coming to a city near you?” Those ominous warnings have been followed closely by a symbol for Scalise’s reelection effort.

The accession of the 2 wordsrendered in Barkan’s voice, do not significantly alter the meaning of the question, but the edit nevertheless crossed a line.

Even a Twitter spokesperson confirmed the tweet violated the organization’s policy for”artificial and controlled press,” though didn’t specify that portion of the movie broke the rules.
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The manipulated media policy claims Twitter”may tag Tweets comprising artificial and social networking to help individuals understand their credibility and to give extra context.”

From the coverage, Twitter explains especially that”new movie frames, overdubbed sound” along with other edits rely as deceptive and important manipulation.

Amelia Scott

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