Twitter Hacked In Crypto Scam

Twitter Hacked in Crypto Scam

by Amelia Scott — 4 years ago in Security 2 min. read

This was a crazy one: The Twitter accounts of Apple, Elon Musk, Joe Biden and many, many others were compromised yesterday, posting messages with the address of a bitcoin wallet, promising that any payments would be doubled and sent back.

Apparently a hacker used an internal Twitter administrative tool to gain access to all of these accounts.

The company described this as “a coordinated social engineering attack by people who successfully targeted some of our employees with access to internal systems and tools.”

Ted Sarandos called co-CEO in Netflix — The statement comes as the company added over 10 million new subscribers in its latest quarter.

Instagram starts its redesigned Shop, today powered by Facebook Purchase — Instagram Shop is a means to get products from manufacturers and founders, in addition to curated collections in the organization’s @shop accounts, all over the Research section.

Uber accelerates Routematch because it pushes deeper to public transit in search for SaaS earnings — Routematch, which offers applications to transit services, can continue operations using CEO Pepper Harward in the helm.

Startups, Financing and venture capital

Revel lands allow to attract countless electric mopeds into San Francisco — I have been visiting Revel’s mopeds around nyc, and they’ve got approval to start in SF.

Activ Surgical increases $15 million to progress collaborative and autonomous robotic operation — The startup equips surgical gear with detectors, together with the information used to direct surgical and surgeons systems.

Monzo starts new Monzo Plus with all applications features it expects users may wish to cover — The newest features incorporate third-party bank accounts aggregation, virtual debit cards, customized trade categories, recorder export and credit rating upgrades.
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Ideas and Investigation

Why particular VC investors make great’Creator NPS’ scores — Danny Crichton read over 1,200 founder guidelines for VCs while preparing The TechCrunch List. In this informative article, he shares a number of the usual themes.

8 edtech investors discuss re-skilling, electronic universities, ISAs and other post-pandemic tendencies — We have spoke to investors concerning the way COVID-19 has mastered edtech and schooling, but what happens after the outbreak?

VC Josh Stein talks energy dynamics:’I do not believe this was a mustache-twisting second for investors’ — Sexy startup founders might not have as much leverage as they did until the pandemic — but Threshold Ventures’ Stein stated he is not trying to rub it in.
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Everything else

Game programmer poll indicates more hours and less productivity because the industry adjusts to distant work — One of the programmers studied by GDC, 32 percent saw themselves becoming less productive, regardless of working more hours.

VPN providers rethink Hong Kong servers following China’s safety law — Hong Kong will lose its status as a sanctuary for information centres.

Europe’s leading court strikes flagship EU-US data transport mechanism — The choice has consequences for U.S. agencies considering electronic surveillance, in addition to internet firms like Facebook.

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