Twitter Shuts Down Huge Chinese Network With A Coronavirus Bent

Twitter shuts down huge Chinese Network with a Coronavirus bent

by Amelia Scott — 4 years ago in Security 2 min. read

On Thursday, Twitter reveled an attempt to dismantle three different”state-linked data operations” that, according to the San Francisco-based social networking firm, worked to spread misinformation and assault political dissidents.

One such effort, supposedly run by the People’s Republic of China, supposedly focused on the way the Chinese authorities coped with the coronavirus.

So reports the New York Times, which notes that the 173,750 government-affiliated accounts removed by Twitter highlighted the PRC’s — presumably positive — handling of the virus.

Twitter, for its part, was less specific as to what the massive network was up to before it was banned.
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“They had been Tweeting mostly in languages and dispersing geopolitical narratives beneficial to the Communist Party of China (CCP),” reads Twitter’s blog article,”while continuing to induce deceptive narratives concerning the ideology in Hong Kong.”

Interestingly, roughly 150,000 of those balances in question mainly begun to prop up the staying 23,750 with enjoys and retweets. This was the latter group which Twitter dubbed the”core system ”

While 170,000 and accounts might seem like a good attempt to influence opinion about a globe-altering occasion, based on Twitter size is not everything. The report notes that effort, as much as Twitter can tell, did not actually break through.

“Despite the volume, the core 23,750 accounts we are publishing to the archive were largely caught early and failed to achieve considerable traction on the service, typically holding low follower accounts and low engagement,” reads the report.

Twitter’s report wasn’t exclusively centered on China. It revealed two additional accounts networks, and also the societal networking firm attached to Russia and Turkey, also.
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The former allegedly included attempts to”[promote] that the United Russia party and [assault ] political dissidents,” while the latter had been used to”amplify political narratives beneficial to the [Turkish conservative political party] AK Parti[.]”

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