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All you need to know About Logistics Technology Trends in 2020

All You need to know About Logistics Technology Trends in 2020

by Marie Weaver — 5 months ago in Supply Chain Management 3 min. read

Technologies have redefined the logistics industry and offering strategic methods to manage sales order, inventory, payment, and deliver the orders. However, emerging technologies such as Big Data, Blockchain, and Virtual Reality have enhanced communication, data analysis, and infrastructure, which helps logistics companies to stay ahead in the functional areas of management.

Only opting for these new innovations will not lead the entities towards success. In order to boost the overall business efficiency and performance, it is essential to select the right technology as per the organizational infrastructure and policies.

In this blog know about Logistics in 2020, trending Technologies, Its advantages and features, We will let you know the requirements to opt for the logistics software solutions and the essential features and trends to be integrated in 2020.

Advantages of Logistic Solutions

Real-Time Visibility

To streamline the process in an accurate manner and avoid future failures, it is essential to have real-time information. The real-time feature helps to improve efficiency and increase the productivity of the system. It helps to ensure that the process flows in an accurate manner. Along with this, customers can also track the location constantly of their orders.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

The integration of the advanced solution helps to offer a unique and high level of experience to customers. With the latest technologies and advanced features, logistic companies can improve the quality of service and turn it into faster and accurate.

Saves Time

Logistics advanced solutions help to save time and cost both, as it works for 24 hours and monitors the system in the best way. Logistic software excludes the repetition task and human resources can put their potential efforts into another work process.

24*7 Monitoring

With logistic software, employees can monitor the system from across the boundaries also. They can monitor the work process for 24*7 hours with smart devices, it is easy to track the vehicles and obtain real-time information.

Automated Functionality

Automation is the major benefit of logistic software. It helps in the planning involved prior to the dispatch. The logistics solution helps to plan the shipment routes and manage the load. Along with this, it excludes the paperwork and turns the process in an effective and timely manner.

Features to be integrated into the Logistic Solution

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Integration of Mobile Wallet

Now, digital cash is the requirement of the modern world, no one prefers to deal with the complex cash system. Secure mobile wallet integration has turned as a must-have feature in the logistics solutions, which helps to pay the bills online in a simple manner.


Developers should design the solution that it should be easy to use and not having complex functionality. To maintain logistic software, it should not require any technical knowledge with the basic knowledge and can able to use the platform.

Live Tracking status

The logistic solution should be integrated with the live tracking status feature, which allows users to track their orders and to streamline the process by knowing the real-time location of the vehicles.


With the integration of analytics, users can know the real-time visitors or how the visitors are interacting with the platform.

Latest Technologies to use in Logistics

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is the latest technology emerged in the tech world and has turned the payment method. It is based on the decentralized and ledger system. However, Blockchain is an advanced method of transactions, which excludes third parties such as banks and RBI but to secure the process the modification or any alteration by any party can be held.
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Augmented Reality

This technology has grabbed a lot of attention and in the upcoming year 2020, it is going to be a trend. AR technology offers to revamp the infrastructure with 3D graphics and animations. It offers smart glasses that turn the hands-free route searches. Face recognition which leads to error-free deliveries. AR increases efficiency and productivity.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence technology will never lose its charm, it is upgrading and expanding constantly. This technology also introduces to the robotic world. AI excludes repetition task from the process and offers to put new opportunities and concept in the business.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) helps to connect the devices and they can be operated with the logistics mobile applications easily. IoT enabled sensors and helps to manage the network system in a simplified process. The integration of IoT technology helps in several ways as it increases operational efficiency and reduces traffic congestion.
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In the year 2020, the logistics industry will witness transformation with implementation of latest technology and robust features.

Marie Weaver

Tech Consultant at well established IT company specializing in enterprise web application development, mobile apps, IoT, Cloud and Big Data services.

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