10 Best Microsoft Programming Languages To Learn In 2024

10 Best Microsoft Programming Languages To Learn In 2024

by Amelia Scott — 2 years ago in Top 10 2 min. read

Updated On 01 March 2024 

This article will discuss the 10 best Microsoft programming languages you should know by 2024.

Programming language refers to a typewritten language that tells computers what they should do.

It’s a set of rules to convert strings or graphical programming elements in the case of visual programming languages.

Microsoft now has more stable programming languages, including.NET cross-platform support, and Javascript flavor.

C# is the closest Microsoft programming language. These are the top ten and best Microsoft programming languages you should learn by 2024.


Which programming language microsoft use? Microsoft is the most used language. C++ is a language used for creating computer programs.

It is also a common language in game development. It is the core language of many operating systems, browsers, and games. It would be great for beginner to learn this best microsoft programming languages.


Microsoft introduced C# as a modern language in 2001.

C# is useful to developers who want to build a variety of high-performance Web apps and components, including XML-based Web services and middle-tier business objects.

It is used to create large-scale applications for Microsoft. Unity game development also uses C#.

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JavaScript is still the most used programming language in the entire world.

It is the most popular programming language on the Web. It’s light, flexible, powerful, and loved by developers.

JavaScript is used on the client-side by more than 97% of websites to control page behavior.


TypeScript allows you to write JavaScript applications. It is an open-source, free programming language that Microsoft has maintained.

Microsoft claims it is JavaScript which scales and uses TypeScript within Office 365, and a number of other projects.


Visual Basic is the acronym for VB.NET. VB.Net programming will teach you advanced concepts that are related to the VB.Net program language.

This has resulted in a large talent pool. It’s designed to make applications that can be used with Microsoft’s new. NET Framework.

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HTML# is free, open-source, and cross-platform. F# is a JavaScript. F# is a JavaScript. Network monitoring tools language for web and cloud apps.

It is a universal programming language that allows you to write concise, robust, and performant HTML code.


Python, a high-level, interpretable, general-purpose programming language, is available.

Microsoft offers Python Tools for Visual Studio as a free, open-source project. It is a powerful, plug-in Python IDE.

It can be used for creating a wide range of programs and it isn’t designed to solve any particular problem.

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R is a free software environment that allows for statistical computing and graphics.

Microsoft has acquired Revolution Analytics, a leader in R software and services.

It is integrating Revolution’s technology in its data platform products to allow developers, data scientists, and companies to use it across the hybrid cloud, on-premises, and Azure public clouds.

Transact SQL

Transact SQL is a proprietary extension of the SQL that Microsoft and Sybase have developed.

It allows for interaction with relational database tables. It is capable of performing operations such as retrieving data from one row, inserting new records, and retrieving multiple records.

The SQL Server uses it as a procedural language.


Java is a well-known programming language. It can be used to create mobile apps, web applications, desktops, and many other things.

Although, Java isn’t exclusive to Microsoft, Microsoft allows it and has its Java Developer Kit. Java 17 is the most recent open-source version.

Thanks for reading the best Microsoft programming languages to learn this year. Good Luck!

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