2021’s Top 10 Business Process Management Software

2021’s Top 10 Business Process Management Software

by Alekhya Talapatra — 4 years ago in Top 10 10 min. read

Strong businesses are built from the inside out. They are successful because their corporate structure is committed to the cause. Business process management tools are an intermediate step to improving the performance of a business in terms via improving corporate performance.

Business Process Management or BPM tools are usually used by businesses to achieve this kind of corporate strength by managing and optimizing business processes. 

How BPM Tools Work 

BPM tools generally help create and implement the process of creation of business workflows and rules. They are designed to help organizations refine and optimize processes that could generally be tainted by human interaction with the processes.

The tools introduce automation and digitization in the category to reduce inefficiencies, human error, or miscommunications. Thus they work by acting as a juncture point between business teams and IT teams. 
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Functions, Uses, and Benefits of BPM 

Traditionally the IT function of a business is swamped. There is always a need for new software, old software that needs to be updated, and something else that has to be fixed.

BPM software hopes to relieve that workload, save time, and allow non-IT professionals to get involved in the building of business workflows. This whole setup aims to bring focus to connections of systems that are often disparate. It allows a non-technical process creates a very technically sound system with high functionality 

Some specific features BPM software have proven themselves specifically built for include workflow management, business rules engine creation, building form generators, facilitating collaboration within teams and between departments, and integrations of business processes and existing software. amongst many other functions. 

In terms of processes, this kind of a platform can support and breathe cost and time efficiency into include but are not limited to employee onboarding, expense reporting, time-off requests, and other basic HR functions, account management, complaint management, and project development. 


Creating and facilitating BPM software to organizations is complex and therefore prices to avail such services can vary greatly. Depending on the requirements, customizations, new backend coding, and cloud capabilities, the software can range anywhere from $30-$100 per month. 

Considering all these factors, and most importantly user reviews, we have come up with what we believe are the top 10 BPM software 2021 has to offer. 

Top 10 Business Process Management Software

1. Nintex Promapp 

Nintex Promapp is a cloud-based business process management software that is loved by companies across the world. With clients such as Toyota, McDonald’s, Johnson&Johnson, Coca-Cola, and Marketo they have proven themselves leaders in this space.

Nintex Promapp looks to replace obsolete systems and manuals with cloud-based repositories to help organizations save time and money.

With clients of all shapes and sizes, Nintex Promapp focuses on enabling teams to collaborate on process mapping, drive continuous improvement, respond to process breakdowns, take complete ownership of their processes and spur innovation to manage and optimize your organization’s processes. They look to become a foundation for any business to grow upon.  

Nintex Dashboard
Nintex Dashboard – Source: G2

With a 98% client retention rate Nintex Promapp has proven itself to be number one on this list. They provide customers with complete visibility of organizational processes and streamline the same across functions.

Additionally, their business process management software tools are robust and flexible adjusting to client needs. 

To request a demo to gain more understanding of the product click here. Or, if you are sold on trying this out for your business sign up for a free trial of their software here. 

2. Quick Base 

Quick Base is a no-code business process management application software. With over 6000 companies, 50+ Fortune 100 companies, and many many happy users, Quick Base allows quick creation of ideas into applications. These business process management solutions can be used by an organization, shared, and much more.  

Quick Base stands out from the rest in the fact that they are involved with many non-profit and fundraising programs alongside the for-profit endeavors they are involved in.

Quick Base’s process automation software also ensures that users have complete access to any kind of edits to their applications and visibility to their users. Furthermore Quick Base aspires to have an option to any business with any price budget and quick technical service.  

Quick Base Dashboard
Quick Base Dashboard – Source: G2

Quick Base offers personalized demos of their services here. Further in line with their association with greater causes, they set up a COVID 19 response, that you can see here. 

3. Pipefy 

Pipefy is one step beyond the average BPM platform. It is a workflow management software that makes tasks such as purchasing, job opening, accounts payable, and employee onboarding hassle-free.

Their no-code BPM systems are aimed at ensuring efficiency while driving digital transformation. Pipefy works hard to bring its client’s speed, visibility, and much more without having to increase work-load for the IT department of an organization.

The BPM tools Pipefy offers aims to help organizations gain control of the growth they will come to see with the platform.  

Pipefy – Source: G2

Users have praised Pipefy’s BPM tools in their ability to bring into motion rapid business growth, butter digital solutions, and business process automation as they have never seen before. 

The combination of their automation, workflow management, and email integration has seemed to have become a game-changer for Pipefy and the services they offer.

While process improvement takes time on any BPM platform, the Pipefy team ensures that the client is walked through the process. The team also stands by the client in times of need once processes are established 

Pipefy offers a free trial of their world-class services here. They also have a library of process templates they believe are applicable in a variety of business units and processes that can be accessed here. 

4. Kissflow 

Kissflow is the first of its kind in the no-code and business process management tools space and has maintained that by becoming the best in its class over the years. It is a Unified Digital workplace Platform, that allows management of all the work of a business in one location.

Kissflow is used across the world in over 160 countries by over 10,000 unique customers. Kissflow was built by individuals who used to be a part of the mess that was developing before this software was created and they believe that this gives them the upper hand in knowing how to stay ahead of the game.

They have ensured that their bpm tools are used in productivity-boosting methods that ensure business brand awareness and integration. Their platform allows users to discover, create, modify, and use business applications. From low code to no code, they have it all covered.  

Kissflow Dashboard
Kissflow Dashboard – Source: G2

Kissflow has been highly rated by its users for the various capabilities it holds in terms of diversity of types of applications that can be created but also in terms of the usage of these applications.

Other than the normal HR, procurement, and finance systems most low-code BPM platforms support. Kissflow has paved the way for integrating low-code BPM development into government-related bodies as well. 

Get a free trial to Kissflow here. Or, learn more about the functions of a system like Kissflow and the potential it provides to a business of any size through their webinars here. 

5. Quixy 

Quixy is a leading cloud-based no-code business process management platform. Quixy is helping business users, with little to no coding experience, in 10+ industry verticals to automate workflows and business processes 10X faster.

The software also allows businesses to build enterprise-grade simple to complex custom business applications using WYSIWYG interfaces and helps reduce the time and money behind process automation and application development.

Quixy provides ready-to-use workflow solutions for most business functions that can be easily customized in minutes as per business needs.

These include CRM, Project Management, Travel and Expense Management, Purchase Order and Invoice Processes, Employee Onboarding and Off-boarding, Helpdesk Management, Audit Management, Meeting Management, Asset Management, and Procurement Management to name a few. 

Quixy Dashboard
Quixy Dashboard – G2

Quixy has become a highly rated platform in recent times and is currently rated Leader-Asia Pacific for No-Code application development on G2. The platform is ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2 certified so that the customers don’t need to worry about data security and privacy.  

The platform is an advanced no-code platform. It differentiates itself from its competitors with the complexity of applications that can be developed on the platform without writing a single line of code. 

Quixy offers a free trial and demo here. Additionally, Quixy has been very involved with helping other businesses with required applications through COVID-19 for free. You can check out their resources here. 

6. ProcessMaker 

ProcessMaker is a low-code business process management and workflow automation platform. Process Maker is an organization that truly wants to ensure that workflows can be created and put in place in the short while of just a few hours.

They acknowledge the effort that used to go into the months required to set up workflows and have set up a great way to simplify them. The BPM tools and systems are flexible and even allow for the integration of third party systems. 

ProcessMaker’s low-code development abilities and BPM tools help maintain the essence of the businesses while boosting it to achieve digital agility. 

Process Maker Dashboard
Process Maker Dashboard – Source G2

ProcessMaker has been highly successful in creating a BPM application to simplify business processes through their cleverly designed interfaces. The process modeling setup is easy to use and is fully integrated with LDAP.

It ensures that workflows work with one another and not against. The software also integrates across all user systems and remains organized across a variety of factors.  

ProcessMaker offers a demo and free trial to all businesses. All this alongside e-books which provide a lot of information into the processes they use and develop. 

7. Laserfiche 

Laserfiche is a global provider of intelligent content management and business process automation. They have created powerful BPM tools that help businesses automize and straighten out workflows, electronic forms, document management and analytics, and more.

They believe that repetitive tasks are not worth the time for any employee in an organization and look to accelerate the work of each employee to, therefore, build better businesses. Laserfiche was a pioneer in the paperless workplace revolution that began 30 years ago which has gripped almost all private organizations today.  

Laserfiche Dashboard
Laserfiche Dashboard – G2

They have taken their BPM tools and solutions to the next level with AI capabilities, which customers have been fans of. They love the easy to understand and use interface and the reduction in steps in the building of a workflow.

Laserfiche also aims to optimize their BPM tools to ensure users are directed to what they need next and has learning material for where they do not make that possible. Unfortunately they can be a little complicated at times but they are working that out by learning from user reviews and workshops across the world. 

To read their stellar Gartner report click here, otherwise get some first-hand experience of the software with a free trial here. 

8. Ninox 

Ninox is the business process management tool that seamlessly integrates with your existing processes, adapts them to be smarter, faster, and better. They believe that an organization is like a body and work processes and tools should fit like a tailor-made shirt.

They should be comfortable, flexible, and seem seamless. Ninox is a BPM tool that allows integration of operations of all departments within themselves and amongst one another.  

Ninox Dashboard
Ninox Dashboard – Source G2

Ninox has proven itself to be a step in the right direction for businesses looking to digitize their tools and processes without a heavily IT team backing them. This has made them accessible to businesses of all sizes and in turn save them lots of money.

Further, their team is very quick to help out in process development and offer growth in all directions. 

To view, a tutorial for Ninox and its plethora of services click here. If you believe this could be a fit for you and your business, sign up for a free trial here. 

9. Process Street 

Process Street is a business process management software that looks to create a streamlined, non-technical method to manage business processes and workflows.

They want to take boring words and feelings out of the workplace and ensure that work is fun, fast, easy, and accessible. Process Street wants to make sure it is the backbone of businesses working towards and attaining success.

Their BPM tools are focused on making scaling accessible and workflows work, during work from home periods. Process Street has created special functions to ensure alongside functionality is met with fun and has 1000+ tools for all business process management needs. 

Process Street Dashboard
Process Street Dashboard – Source: G2

Process Street has become a favorite amongst business users due to the ease of use of its BPM applications. Their templates for a good gateway into the world of building BPM systems. 

They also have many tools that help track progress and make it easier for collaborations within a business while removing the risk of doing one process twice.  

To try our Process Street for free click here, otherwise for a demo to learn more about this BPM software before you take the next step, click here. 

10. Kintone 

Kintone is a no-code business process management application that is in the business of empowering citizen developers. It enables the creation of applications through clicks instead of code and can automate business processes.

It helps integrate departments with one another and enables cooperation and collaboration between different departments via the platform. Kintone ensures workflows are pieced together digitally such that they are online but feel just as they did to employees offline.

They try to reduce the learning curve a new tool can create. Business reporting is also made easy with an integrated dashboard. Kintone provides a mix of pre-built applications and templates to get users started on their journey. 

Kintone Dashboard
Kintone Dashboard – Source: G2

Kintone has been commended in its abilities to effectively transfer and track data, create applications, and offer business solutions. All processes that are integral to a business, only digitized. 

Additionally, it allows small nonprofits with opportunities to grow as well. Kintone offers a free trial which you can request here. To help users better understand their services through what they call ‘deminars’ which you can access here. 

Let us know what you are most excited about in terms of what a BPM tool can mean for the changes your business will see. Also, drop the names of your favorite business process management tools and how they have helped you and your business. 

Alekhya Talapatra

Mr. A. Talapatra has more than 19 years of managerial career in Maruti Suzuki, Hewlett Packard, IBM and Dell. He did his PGDBM from XLRI (Xavier Labour Research Institute) and Ph.D. from AMU (Aligarh Muslim University) in Retailing. He is a visiting faculty at Fore School of Management, IMI (International Management Institute) Delhi and IMT, Ghaziabad. He is currently the Vice President at Navayuga Infotech – South Africa based in Johannesburg.

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