Best 10 Business Intelligence Software That Is Best For Your Business

Best 10 Business Intelligence Software That is Best for Your Business

by Micah James — 2 years ago in Top 10 2 min. read

Organizations consider data to be their most valuable asset, regardless of industry. Organizations aim to analyze data in order to achieve their business goals. This is why it is important to have the right tools and techniques. The right business intelligence (BI), the software can help you collect, organize, visualize, analyze and interpret data in order to make data-based decisions. We will now discuss the top 10 business intelligence programs that are most suitable for your business.


Tableau is a popular business intelligence program. Tableau is well-known for creating visualizations that are more stunning than you could ever imagine. You can also download a free version with limited capabilities.


This high-performance enterprise intelligence platform demonstrates how data should be related in the most efficient way. Qlik offers interactive visualizations that aid in decision-making. This BI software also includes self-service visualization, guided and embedded analytics.

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This business Intelligence software allows you to connect data from different sources and perform advanced analysis. You can also create a business dashboard and generate custom or standard reports. Intelligent alerts can be added to notify you of potential targets and anomalies.


SAS Analytics, another powerful BI software, can reveal patterns and anomalies, identify relationships, and predict future outcomes. This BI software can do everything, including data visualization, text analytics, and data mining. It’s no surprise that users can make better-informed decisions.


Looker is a data visualization and business intelligence platform that allows users to combine, drill down, and analyze data in real-time in dashboards or reports. This software also keeps your data current. This software connects to existing company databases.


Domo is another powerful BI tool that provides a large data set and connector support. Domo helps organizations find effective solutions to ever-changing business problems. The users can also access real-time data from Domo.

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It’s a cloud-based platform for business intelligence and analytics. This BI software helps users to understand and optimize complex processes. It is a popular software and it has been ranked among the top 10 business intelligence programs that will best suit your business.


It is an open-source, commercial BI tool. It has all the necessary features to help businesses make data-driven business decisions. It is widely used for its features such as predictive data analytics, big data integration, and data mining. It also supports data visualization and rich navigation.

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Oracle Business Intelligence

Oracle Business Intelligence is focused on providing business-optimizing solutions. This BI software empowers businesses to make mobile-enabled decisions faster and more efficiently.


Board is a blend of BI, Corporate Performance Management, and Business analytics. It supports many features, including drill-through, drill-down, and data visualization. Its multi-dimensional analysis is a great tool for making business decisions.

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