Best 10 Platforms To Find Market-Best Freelance Data Scientists

Best 10 Platforms to Find Market-Best Freelance Data Scientists

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Top 10 3 min. read

A full-time data scientist must be paid for their idle time, but freelancers are only entitled to a gig-to–gig basis.

“Data-driven decisions” is a catch-phrase in business circles. It is easy to understand what the “devil lies within the details” phrase means. The thought of hiring a data scientist team that can’t see the devil, even for a moment, will send you jitters. Data and the information contained within it are crucial for making informed decisions. A data scientist is a highly-sought position in the market. It is also not cheap. According to Glassdoor, an average salary for an in-house data scientist is $65,000 per year. A full-time data scientist must be paid for their idle time, but freelancers can do it as a gig-to–gig. These are the top 10 data science platforms that can help you find gig workers that match your requirements.

1. Toptol

It is a leading source of freelancing data scientists and is known for its rigorous vetting process. This website is only accessible to 3% of freelance data science engineers. This isn’t a simple post-your-resume-and-forgets hiring site. It tests applicants’ communication skills and their knowledge of SQL and Python. Toptol is risk-free, and the best match can often be found in 48 hours.

2. iCrunchData

iCrunchData is an award-winning platform that is known for its job postings and content. This platform is perfect for those looking to hire data scientists as freelancers. According to Glassdoor reviews, most companies have some experience in crunching data in the Engineering and IT domains. Your company’s unique positioning, innovative approach, and wide reach can be a huge help not only in talent acquisition but also in advertising strategies.

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3. Stack Overflow

In 2008, Stack Overflow, a knowledge-sharing platform, was established. It has since grown exponentially to be one of the most popular five websites. Stack Overflow’s public platform is visited by more than 100 million people every month. This should be a reason for companies to take into consideration when hiring data scientists. It is possible to find data scientists with diverse skills that can provide deeper insight into a broad range of subjects.

4. Open Data Science Jobs

Open Data Science Jobs is a portal that only posts data-science jobs. It’s ideal for companies seeking data-science freelancers. It is actually one of the most popular data-science-only job sites that big-ticket companies such as Amazon and Accenture use to hire data scientists. The website receives 15,000 unique visitors per month, with each job receiving an average of 200 views within the first week.

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5. Kaggle

It’s a community for machine learning and data scientists. It is similar to Github and allows users to share data sets, collaborate on coding and take part in data-science contests. It has 5 million registered users and includes information about their conversations on the technology platform. This gives recruiters a broad range of options for candidates with deep domain knowledge.

6. Github Jobs

Github is the most popular technology-based platform that allows technical experts to share, contribute and collaborate on different technical projects. Their profile shows the candidate’s technical expertise in terms of their followers, contributions, and repositories. You can easily assess the candidate’s popularity by looking at how many people have “forked” (i.e. seen as valuable to other developers) their projects. To find the perfect candidate, you need to look at their followers, language, and location. There is every chance you will find the right jigsaw fit by keying in specific keywords.

7. Upwork

If you’re looking for job opportunities that are immediate, Upwork is the best freelancing platform. Despite having millions of users, Upwork’s pool of freelancers may be slightly smaller due to its strict selection process. The platform’s advanced search filters make it easy to find the perfect candidate for any job. The recruiter can quickly find the best candidates by adding a badge to the profile of the job seeker on Upwork.

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8. Gigster

Gigster is one platform that allows you to find a team of team members, including data leads and team managers. There’s also a project analyst manager who can serve as a liaison between Gigster, the company’s data management staff, and Gigster. Their platform boasts top-notch companies such as Google, Microsoft, Stanford Univerisity, and others, which allows them to hire freelancers. It has raised around $32 million from Silicon Valley investors to date. Their vision statement clearly states their belief in helping companies create their DNA to create life-changing products. This is a great cue for recruiters searching for the perfect match.

9. Simply Hired

It is a general job board that functions in the same way as Indeed and Monster. The difference being its low price is what makes it unique. Start by searching for salary estimators. You can then post to over 100 networks and hundreds of job boards in no time. Simply Hired’s data science job listings will allow you to see if it is worth the effort.

10. Kolabtree

Kolabtree is different from other freelancing platforms. Instead of using pricing or freelancer quality as distinguishing factors, it specializes in consulting services. This platform is perfect if you’re looking for consulting services only. Their freelancers all have PhDs in science, academia, and subject matter expertise. They can assist companies with their valuable knowledge in solving complex problems.

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