Eight Of Bill Gates's Favourite Audiobooks About Technology

Eight of Bill Gates’s favourite audiobooks about Technology

by Annabella Pollina — 3 years ago in Top 10 6 min. read

Bill Gates, the founder and former CEO of Microsoft has an extremely futuristic and problem-solving mind. He is constantly intrigued and curious about scientific and technological advancement when it comes to global health, the human race, or even world history. He has always been interested in contributing to the breakthrough technologies that help in making this world a better place to live in.

Here are our top eight picks from the list of his personal favorites:

1. Contain Multitudes: The Microbes Within Us And A Grander View Of Life

Contain Multitudes

Isn’t the world of microbes too fascinating to be true? Bill Gates was always astonished by the potential of the human gut as a solution to health issues. In this audiobook, Ed Yong invites us into the marvelous world of microbes and a completely changed perspective of the human body and mind.

You will be shocked when you get to know the complexity of these microorganisms. Are you aware that the microbes in our gut have the potential to protect you from diseases and sculpt your organs and how science and technology play a major role in it? This audiobook will enlighten you with several aspects.

2. The Emperor of All Maldives: A Biography Of Cancer

The Emperor of All Maldives

This audiobook on the technological progression of cancer cure has always made Bill Gates curious. It is the documentation of the entire journey of the progress of cancer cure starting from the 20th century. The major scientific breakthroughs in this entire process are the main highlight of this audiobook.

One of these has to be the vaccine. You will find almost every aspect in this audiobook, be it the viewpoint of an expert historian or the skill and passion of a great scientist. The intriguing part of this are the setbacks, victories, and deaths that have taken place over these years in this “war against cancer”.
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3. Enlightenment Now

Enlightenment Now

Who does not love knowing more and more about human life and its progression in this world? Bill Gates has mentioned in several of his interviews how inspired he feels after reading this book.

Don’t let the everyday newspaper headlines convince you otherwise! The world is shifting towards a much brighter space in terms of happiness, safety, and prosperity faster than we think. But what is making it possible? Science and humanism!

The quality of our lives is improving each day significantly and there is no doubt about that. But author Steven Pinker does not just leave it to us as a qualitative fact. He gives scientific proof regarding the fifteen different measurable factors that shows the reason behind the world getting better.

4. The Most Powerful Idea In The World: A Story of Steam, Industry, And Invention

4. The Most Powerful Idea In The World

This is yet another audiobook that provides us a deep insight into the role of scientific innovation and advancement in the evolution of the human race. Bill Gates has always been curious about this aspect of the world and so it isn’t surprising at all that this audiobook is on this list.

What is the most powerful idea in the world? Even if a massive life-changing idea hits pops in your mind one fine day, will you be able to take ownership of it? This audiobook covers a major portion of the aspect of intellectual property.

Also, how this right has a huge impact on the people in today’s world and their work lives. The narration style of this audiobook is highly engaging and keeps you curious and hooked till the end.

5. Behind The Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death, and Hope In A Mumbai Undercity

Behind The Beautiful Forevers

We all know the association of Bill Gates with “The Melinda and Gates Foundation” that aims to promote great sanitation across the world. In a country, especially like India, which is the home for millions of underprivileged, even basic sanitation seems like a luxury. But how do we change that?

No matter how pompous and glittery the city of dreams, Mumbai might seem to be, the grim reality is its massive slums. This audiobook provides us with massive awareness regarding how technology can be utilized efficiently to solve the world’s sanitation challenges.

The audiobook is power-packed with a lot of great information but is somehow still very relatable and interesting. You will love to hear the hidden stories of the 21st century that throws light on the impact of change and inequality.
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6. Homo Deus: A Brief History Of Tomorrow

Homo Deus

Every young and curious mind in today’s world is excited to know more about the future right now. But the universal truth remains that the future cannot be predicted. But how about we make an intelligent and educated guess? But how do we exactly do this? By closely looking at and studying the past patterns.

Bill Gates has always been a diehard fan of this audiobook. He wants to be future-ready to tackle the hurdles of tomorrow. How do we make this world free from all forms of injustice especially when the world is post-apocalyptic or totalitarian? This audiobook has an optimistic insight into this aspect.

Humankind has unlimited potential and thirst when it comes to evolving further into a longer-living race. This audiobook explores the possibility of a much better future for the human race in the latter part of the 21st century. Does the thought of super-intelligent robots and godlike elites in the future make you scream with excitement? This audiobook will infuse a beautiful amount of positivity into your mind regarding the possibility of a future world that is free from problems like war, sickness, and hunger.

7. Breathe From Salt: A Deadly Genetic Disease, A New Era In Science, And The Patients And Families Who Changed Medicine Forever

Breathe From Salt

Cystic Fibrosis has always been a major point of concern for the World. Bill Gates has contributed a huge $20 million for the research to find its cure. There was a ground-breaking revolution in the invention of the medicine of cystic fibrosis.

Gates finds this audiobook highly inspirational and motivating since it is living proof of what massive change passionate leaders can create when they join hands with each other and with non-profits, biotechs, and medical service providers, academia, philanthropists, and other intellectuals. This audiobook is a deep dive into every aspect of cystic fibrosis, starting right from the origin of this disease to the people who have always been a part of this tough battle.

8. For The Love Of Physics

For The Love Of Physics

Did you know that almost all branches of sciences and even theoretical ones like physics are highly practical and experimental? What intrigues Gates in this audiobook is Lewin’s understanding of data, measurement, and observation and its application on global issues like vaccination, climate change, public finance, and education reforms.

The author Walter Lewin is highly passionate and has an out-of-the-world intellect and a love for physics. Are you already crossing off this audiobook from your list because of how you hated and never understood science as a young adult?

Don’t! This audiobook proves the age-old belief that science is unnecessarily complex and uninteresting with too many wrong formulas. We bet you will be thrilled about science and technology after hearing this audiobook.
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We, humans, are always excited when it comes to science and technology. World-changing innovations and breakthrough technologies never fail to amaze us. Your mind will open up to a new dimension altogether once you hear these scientific audiobooks.

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