Top 10 Supply Chain Mobile Applications

Top 10 Supply Chain Mobile Applications

by Amelia Scott — 5 years ago in Top 10 3 min. read

1. Logistimo Plus

Logistimo Plus is a supply chain and logistics options program intended to help businesses in”rural, emerging markets,” based on Fronetics. The program helps supply merchants, transporters, and vendors with precise, up-to-date reports of requests purchases, sales, and other on-demand info. Logistimo prides itself on its ease, using an intuitive interface which enables”highly trained professionals to semi-literate first time customers of mobile service” to be trained as few as 15 seconds. The program’s program is open source, aiming to maximize its reach even farther beyond the 100,000 lien in emerging markets globally.

2. Scandit

Scandit boosts the efficiency of stock management through its revolutionary barcode scanning program. While most barcode or QR code scanners demand a perfect scan, Scandit’s algorithm compensates for low light or pristine image capture, which makes stock organisation faster and simpler. In accordance with EazyStock,”Scandit can be enabled with cross platform capacities, enabling easy sharing of information across other tablets tablet computers, and computers” Leading businesses and manufacturers Shell, Sephora, Louis Vuitton and Macy’s utilize the support, for which prices vary, depending on the grade of buy.

3. Booksy-Biz

Booksy-Biz is a extensive appointment-booking and customer management program. The program provides solutions for customer-facing business, such as: customer self support, calendar management, customer management, business direction, and purpose of sales. The self-service facet of the booking management program raises productivity and customer retention by making sure appointments may be booked out of business hours. Booksy prices $25 a month and can be obtained on Android and iOS mobile app.

4. Khula

Khula was recently given MTN’s Business Program of the Year Award. The program permits farmers to jointly connect to providers, forming”one large digital farm comprising numerous emerging farms into crowd-source and send on bulk orders from grocery store chains and for home delivery” Khula remains in the pilot phase, in partnership with 200 farmers, based on ITWeb. Business founder, Karidas Tshintsholo, declared that”we would like to expand into other African nations. We’re arranging a visit to Kenya in January and we’ll look at east African chances ”

5. Stock IQ

Stock IQ utilizes hierarchical forecasting, lead time calculations, along with a seller scorecard system to track and manage warehouse stock. The development group promises 10-30% decrease in stock reduction, because of greater automation and efficiency. A large measure of the increase in efficiency is expected, based on SoftwareAdvice, to”StockIQ’s provider management module can create lead times calculated in real receipt history, rather than straightforward fixed amounts or averages.” The program’s base bundle costs $750 a month.

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6. Nimble

Nimble is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program which lets users monitor the identity, employment status, place of origin, income, business, education, executive information, and contact information of customers and client businesses. The program compiles this into a”Live Profile” that, based on EazyStock, additionally keeps”tabs on their contacts on your network which you will need to meet and that on your customer base you want to follow up . Nimble can be obtained on Android and iOS app at no cost.

7. Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy is a private and business program which makes it possible for drivers to obtain the least expensive petrol in the surrounding region. The program is continually upgraded with its own 12 million monthly users, and logs data regarding 150,000 retail places in america and Canada. In accordance with EazyStock,”to get fleets constantly hauling cargo throughout the nation, saving a few cents per gallon may accumulate fast and create some serious savings.” Gas Buddy is completely free and accessible on iOS and Android.

8. Omnifocus

Omnifocus is presently in its third edition, which has included several core attributes to its activity management performance. The program is a private and/or company-wide planner, enabling jobs to be broken down by priority, grouped in accordance with overarching”jobs”, and dispersed throughout the IoT. Omnifocus is now available only for iOS using a two week trial, and the expert version is priced at $60.

9. EazyStock

EazyStock is a cloud-based stock management and business tool. To be able to raise efficiency, the program examines”poor stock” that’s being undersold or has a very low turnover, substituting it with products that it defines as”quicker turning” items. Inventory supervisors using EazyStock, based on Fronetics,”can automate procurement and replenishment procedures that were guesswork cutting into profit margins” EazyStock’s applications is now exclusive to Apple apparatus, and also the most elementary package costs $660 a month.

10. Kintone

Kintone is a”Platform as a Service” program which employs a code-free drag-and-drop to permit users to create databases that are online. Programs created through Kintone may be used to get”Revenue CRM, ToDo lists, Project Management, HR Recruiting Control etc” in order to meet unique requirements at multiple phases of the distribution chain. The program also boasts compatibility with all preexisting applications systems within the distribution chain, including”seamlessly” with AWS, in addition to readily converting data files into visually readable demonstration content. Kintone is available on a subscription basis for $24 per user each month, making its applications more easily available to small surgeries.

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