Novel AI Review: Is It Best Story Writing AI Tool? (2024 Guide)

Novel AI Review: Is It The Best Story Writing AI Tool? (2024 Guide)

by Alan Jackson — 1 month ago in Review 9 min. read

In the days of artificial intelligence, writing stories even became painless. You might have heard of “NovelAI” so far that utilizes AI to construct tales for authors and storytellers.

Whether you want to write a book or are just curious to finish your day-dreaming story with little help, NovelAI can do it perfectly!

It can write stories with unique thoughts and thrilling tales by utilizing AI modules and large language models in between.

So, whatever your goal should be…NovelAI can help you achieve it in the right way possible.


Our team has tried the Novel AI tool for 10 days. They were impressed with the results and overall experience. Thereby sharing you the detailed Novel AI review.

Learn everything about NovelAI including its features, its working, tech terminology, pricing, alongside pros and cons.

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What Is Novel AI All About?

Novel AI Logo

Novel AI is a subscription based artificial intelligence writing tool that intelligently writes stories, illustrates tales, and constructs statements from incomplete thoughts.

It constructs stories based on prompts (whether complete or incomplete) that sound imaginatively great. Moreover, its AI model adapts your writing style viewpoint, resulting in coherent manuscript.

Being said that Novel AI uses natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning to understand prompt and generate content.

Who & Why Developed Novel AI? or NovelAI is a type of text-generation model which was developed by the Anlatan community in 2021.

The reason behind the launch of NovelAI is to uplift the legacy of AI technology for people like authors, storytellers, and artists.

With the help of GPT-based large language models (LLMs) and image diffusion technology, the tool generates story writing and prose with images alike.

Being said that NovelAI is popular among writers, novelists, and storyteller enthusiasts.

What Are The Technologies Behind Novel AI?

NovelAI transcends artificial intelligence at its heart.

Deep learning and machine learning technologies are used by the platform to generate images from text, assist in story writing, and even completing half-left sentences in unique thoughts.

Additionally, the platform incubates large language models that help its algorithm to quickly understand user’s thoughts and ideas.

In the coming days, these technologies get more complicated and strengthened, resulting in AI tools becoming more efficient and prominent.

What Are The Features Of Novel AI?

Novel AI is a blend of next-gen machine learning and artificial intelligence technology. In this manner, Novel AI offers multitudes of features right from AI storytelling to the advanced AI image generation.

Read the features of Novel AI that we have known so far!

AI-Powered Story Writing

AI Powered Story Writing
AI Powered Story Writing

NovelAI lets you craft unique stories through its two classic modes – Storyteller and Text adventure.

In the storyteller mode, you will have support for various AI modules to generate scenarios for your tails. You write yourself and supplement it with AI-generated content. This is good if you are writing a long tail story like a storybook you have read in your childhood.

Text adventure, on the other hand, is like a simulation in which AI creates creative situations and you add dialog prompts to give an epic creation to your story.


By default, Kayra is the NovelAI model that I have used in this mode. I have entered the title “Maverick’s First Scuba Diving” and initiated a prompt with “Story about a young man named Maverick leading an exciting Scuba diving.”

Generating Story writing using Storyteller mode
Generating Story writing using Storyteller mode

Text Adventure

Text adventure is different from Storyteller. You basically have been asked by the AI whether you “Do” or “Say” something to begin the story.

For example; started by writing to the AI “You play a game at a local gaming store.” It generated random statements. Next, I prompt “You asked that person for fees and time for playing.” It generated random statements. I again gave a prompt “You are angry now”. It generated an exciting tale.

Generating story writing using Text adventure mode
Generating story writing using Text adventure mode

The result generated by the AI in both scenario(s) is random and relevant to the story. This could make a great copilot for authors or writers for crafting novelty stories that match with their vision better.

Visualize Characters with Image Generation

NovelAI can create amazing and vivid detailed characters with the help of AI technologies. You can expect to generate artificial intelligence images of animals, people, nature, landscape, anime, cartoon, and much more using prompt.

Well, the image generation is not free, you have to subscribe to any one of NovelAI pricing plans. When you subscribe, you get “Anlas” (credit used for image generation and training your AI modules) is important and it takes 20 Anlas for each image generation.


Can I Get Free Anlas On NovelAI?

There is no method to get Anlas for free for your image generation or AI training models requirement. You receive Anlas when you first subscribe. Purchase any NovelAI plan to get Anlas credits.

How To Get Free NovelAI Gift Key?

NovelAI gift key is similar to TikTok Recharge to send gifts.

A basic difference is that the NovelAI gift key is transferable between one person to another. If you have a gift key, you can send it to another person as a one-month subscription as a present. Streamers sometimes share NovelAI free gift key during their streams, or sometimes NovelAI community runs promotions for free gift key to users.

Trained & Advanced AI Models

NovelAI has five AI models to this date. Kayra, Clio, Euterpe, Sigurd, and Genji. Out of which, Kayra is the most recent iteration.

Each AI model is different and trained purposefully. For example, if you want an accurate, fast, and custom trained AI model, go for ‘Clio’.

Also, these models based on artificial intelligence learn and evolve over time from the prompt and questions you ask. They know how to write in different techniques and styles.

Imagine “Stephen King” and “William Shakespeare” writing and speech style. These models are well trained on this subject as well.

Digital Locker Accessibility

Novel AI Review Lorebook
Novel AI Review Lorebook

NovelAI features “Lorebook” which is a kind of digital locker for keeping memory reservation. You basically create more than one entity (words) or category (subject) for keeping story memories top of mind.

Lorebook helps you to access the story’s characters, events, locations, and environments quickly. However, I didn’t understand much about it, but it’s useful for the AI as it uses items as it develops your story.

Customizable Editor

Thanks to customizable editors, editing of AI models, their usage and UI interface can be tackled easily. You can make basic customization to some advanced edits like tweaking voice, speed, and volume, etc.

One of the advantages of this feature is that you can access hotkeys and manipulate AI settings. You can also customize themes and prompt colors.

Text To Speech

In any case you don’t feel like writing, you can switch to text-to-speech generator that intelligently indulge in speech synthesis capabilities.

Whatever you and your AI model generate as a story, each paragraph can be speech synthesis. You can also change the AI voice from the settings of text to speech menu.

An active subscription is required to use the TTS feature while creating stories. However, the platform offers 100 free generations for trial purposes.

What Type Of Content Can You Expect To Create With Novel AI?

NovelAI is an excellent text generation tool for creating long, narrative, and unique stories like professional novels and writers.

With NovelAI, you can create following content at a glance:

  • Stories along with outline chapters
  • Fictional storytelling
  • Quality literature for your scholars
  • AI Images using prompts

Novel AI works best when you subscribe to their plans. It gives you more accessibility and hands on experience for story writing with AI copilot.

Novel AI Review: Pricing Plans

There are three pricing tiers of NovelAI:

👉 Tablet ($10/month)
👉 Scroll ($15/month)
👉 Opus ($25/month)

Each tier pricing plan incorporates distinctive features and benefits. The “Scroll” is considered the best value by the platform as it offers a handful of features.

How much does NovelAI cost? Look at the table to get information on NovelAI subscription plans:

Tier Cost Features
Paper Free trial Access to Kayra, their top-of-the-line AI storyteller.
100 free text generations.
6144 tokens of memory.
100 free TTS voice generations.
Tablet $10 per month All free trial features included.
Unlimited text generations.
3072 tokens of memory.
1000 Anlas.
Advanced AI TTS voice generations.
Scroll $15 per month All Tablet features included.
6144 tokens of memory.
Opus $25 per month All Scroll features included.
8192 tokens of memory.
10,000 Anlas

Anlas* (the currency for custom AI Module training and image generation) can be purchased additionally in groups of 2000 Anlas at $4.79 USD, 5000 Anlas at $8.19 USD, and 10000 Anlas at $13.99 USD.

How To Sign Up For NovelAI?

Sign up on NovelAI
Sign up on NovelAI

Signing up for NovelAI is easy and straightforward. It is similar to Beta Character AI login fundamentals.

Follow the steps below to sign up for NovelAI website:

1️⃣ Open browser and search for “NovelAI”
2️⃣ Click on “LogIn” (appear at the right top corner)
3️⃣ Enter email address and create a strong password.
4️⃣ Click on the “Start Writing” button.
5️⃣ Now, confirm your account.
6️⃣ That’s all, login using new credentials.

Once you login at the platform, you can create stories with the AI copilot help.

Novel AI Review: Likes & Dislikes

I have noticed several benefits of NovelAI for individual as well as story writers. As this platform is still new, there is a long way to go. It has some drawbacks as well.

Pros of NovelAI:

✔️ The platform is free to use. Simply sign up and get started with storytelling or text adventure mode easily.

✔️ Various AI models to help you overcome story telling hurdles for beginners as well as professionals.

✔️ You have the ability to edit, rewrite, or optimize the generated text as you see fit.

✔️ You can generate images from text by utilizing NovelAI’s image generation technology.

Cons of NovelAI:

❌ Sometimes the generated text stops in the middle. To complete it you have to reclick on the “Send” button.

❌ It lacks understanding prompt emotions or value and struggles to generate relevant poetry.

❌ The Lorebook feature is difficult to understand.

Believe it or not, AI tools are still under the ground. However, it’s about time!

Conclusion: Our Experience With Novel AI

Talking about our experience with NovelAI is average. If you ask us to give it a score; we would give it 6 out of 10 considering its pros and cons.

Writing a story is itself a tedious task but creative though. NovelAI is brilliant in assisting as copilot for storytelling or tailing a fictional story from the author’s thoughts.

Concluding Novel AI review, one of the best features we like about the Novel AI is that it can generate stories based on real-author’s writing styles similar to William Shakespeare or others by its default AI model.

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Novel AI FAQs

Is novel ai down?

No, is not down. The platform is working fine and it has daily visitors of 6M.

Why is novel ai not working?

NovelAI may not work because of browser’s incompatibility or operating system requirements. However, on-going server maintenance may also cause not working.

How to use novel ai for free?

Head to the website and sign up for free and try NovelAI with limited features for free.

What is the best alternative to novel ai?

Sudowrite is the best alternative to NovelAI that helps in crafting and assisting stories faster with AI technology.

Is there a novel ai app to download?

As to this day, NovelAI is only available for desktop browsers. In future may the community develop and release a smartphone operating system.

What engine does NovelAI use?

Primitively, NovelAI uses GPT-based large language models (LLMs) to assist writers finishing stories and prose. It has several models, such as Calliope, Sigurd, Euterpe, Krake, and Genji.

Can I use novel ai generated content for commercial purposes?

There are many AI tools that allow AI-generated content for commercial use. With this approach in mind, NovelAI is no exception.

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