How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Changes Mobile Technology

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Changes Mobile Technology

by Evelyn Addison — 2 years ago in Artificial Intelligence 4 min. read

AI has been one of the most important technologies in recent times. It has revolutionized mobile technology beyond computer systems.

New and exciting features include voice commands, face recognition, and image scanning.

Artificial Intelligence has improved user experience by leaps, and bounds, and is constantly evolving in exciting and unexpected ways.

Every mobile app development company on the market recognizes the potential of AI and works to create more AI-powered apps in the future.

There are many ways that AI has transformed mobile technology.

How AI Transforms Mobile Technology

1. Make Search Engines Smarter

This is something digital marketing professionals will be able to understand better than anyone else. AI has made it easier for search engines to rank websites in the SERPs.

Google’s crawler now checks if a website submits correctly and is listed in the correct directories.

Search engines can also check the uniqueness and relevance of website content to its niche and title.

Many websites and apps use methods that do not work to expand their reach.

AI has ranked mobile-optimized pages higher for people who surf via mobile phones.

Most new websites are mobile-friendly because of this. Website SEO has improved to a great extent.

Websites now pay more attention to what they put on their websites. They ensure that every part is responsive and that the URL is easy to find. AI makes all of these things possible.

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2. Integration of AI and IoT

Smartphones can now communicate with other devices thanks to AI development. Data is the key to AI and IoT’s great relationship.

IoT devices can connect to smartphones to transfer data that can then be translated and analyzed by AI-based apps.

Scientists and new businesses who are still searching for a product can benefit from this integration.

This integration has many benefits. Both of these technologies are futuristic and will have a huge impact on smartphones. This integration will lead to better solutions.

3. Better Cameras Apps

Smartphone cameras are becoming smarter. Smartphone cameras can identify what type of photo is being taken and adjust effects accordingly.

Although this technology is still under development, there have been some improvements to the camera.

If the user wishes to take photos of food, nature, portraits, or other items, the smartphone can adjust its camera accordingly. It can also adjust the lighting and contrast.

Smartphone cameras are improving in quality and features.

These can also be automated in certain settings or integrated with the on-demand app development process.

Cameras have undergone many changes and there are still many to be made.

4. AI in Translation Apps

Although AI has many uses, the translation app is one of the most popular that attracted developers to smartphone apps.

A company that specializes in AI software development can create a real-time translation application. These apps can listen to what people say and translate it into the language they choose.

This reduces the time it takes to translate an item. It can be integrated with other apps to enhance conversation and chat between people from different parts of the world. This will allow many companies to tap into a new market.

This will make it easy for local businesses to communicate with each other. People who don’t speak another language will be able to communicate with more people in different areas via their smartphones.

Although AI-based translation software may take time to perfect, it will become very accurate if it has ML qualities.

This feature is new and unprecedented. The applications used to either take inputs in writing or listen to the entire sentence and words before translating.

Users don’t have to tell the translator in which language they speak, as it can interpret.

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5. Face Unlock

This is one of the most popular security features on smartphones at the moment and it works entirely on AI.

Smartphones without AI would not have been able to recognize your exact face features and unlock you.

If AI wasn’t used to detect the eyes and face, it might have been unlocked.

Every person has a different face, so even if they look a lot like the user’s phone, they may still be unable to unlock it.

This is a fantastic use of the technology, and it has given a huge upgrade to the main security features.

6. Apps Offer Better Security

Mobile app development companies must be secure. AI can help them with that.

App developers can benefit from AI’s better security options. AI has many benefits that are better than other technologies for security.

Developers can design a more secure authentication system to ensure that no account is hacked.

To make it smarter, AI can be integrated with the firewall on the app or smartphone device.

It should be capable of understanding a threat and blocking it immediately. The threat to users has increased as most applications are online. However, AI may reduce this threat.

7. Apps Marketing Strategies

Marketing is dependent on data. A lot of data. To get better analytics, the data must be collected online as well as offline.

AI can assist on-demand app developers with the collection and analysis of data. This can help improve app development companies‘ marketing strategies.

Studies show that more than 80 percent have used AI-based software and apps to increase the visibility of their applications.


AI is one of the fastest-growing technologies. There have been many developments, and there are many more to come.

This will revolutionize the development of mobile apps. This will make smartphones and their applications smarter, and users and users more intelligent.

Evelyn Addison

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