10 Best AI-based Inspection Tools In The Market Today

10 Best AI-based Inspection Tools in the Market Today

by Amelia Scott — 2 years ago in Artificial Intelligence 3 min. read

This is the list of top AI-based inspection tools that everyone should be aware of.

Coronavirus has made it a priority for manufacturers to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) in their production processes.

According to the survey, 76% have accepted advanced technology such as Artificial Intelligence and data analysis. 66% of executives who use AI in their daily tasks say that innovation is increasing their dependency.

This is a major challenge for traditional quality control inspections. Artificial intelligence will be a significant development driver for manufacturers.

AI-based inspection tools offer many benefits. There are many benefits to using AI-based inspection tools, including a reduced intellectual burden and fewer missed deformities.

Also, the ability to quickly identify multiple areas of interest on a product. Here’s a list of the 10 best AI-based inspection tools currently available on the market:

Smart Cameras

The industrial, AI smart camera integrates AI capabilities directly into the camera. It combines hardware and a pre-installed program environment.

This integrated solution includes image sensors modules, GPU or VPU modules, cables, I/O, and analytics. This improves compatibility and speeds up the installation. It is ideal for quality inspection applications.

Automated Quality Inspection Systems

Machine vision AI software is used to automate quality inspection systems. It can automatically classify what they see and become more intelligent over time.

A defect can be classified as a crease, and a message is sent to the conveyor controller to slow down. Machine vision AI software provides machine vision specialists with the tools to quickly build, test, and deploy AI models.
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3D AI Construction Inspection

3D AI construction inspection software is designed for construction monitoring, testing, and inspection using cutting-edge, easy-to-use 3D AI technology.

The 3D AI construction inspection solution allows you to build your project faster and more efficiently by providing unmatched construction quality inspection and progress monitoring.

Automated optical inspection

Automated optical inspection solves every issue that comes with manual inspection. Automated optical inspection relies on combining deep learning with machine vision.

This allows manufacturers to create smart systems that can perform quality checks right down to the last detail. This is why automated optical inspection has become one of the most popular AI-based inspection tools.
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Building Inspection Tool

The building inspection tool searches for keywords in building inspection reports using text mining techniques.

The inspection reports contain damage descriptions that allow it to identify the type of damage and the extent of the problem. Unsupervised clustering is then used to classify the damage in four levels of severity.

Augmented Machine Vision Solution, (AMVS).

AMVS is used to inspect critical industrial equipment, especially for subsea and gas infrastructure. Instead of sending technicians to remote locations to inspect hours of footage, the AMVS AI engine can perform this task and search for flaws or potential problems that could warrant additional inspections.


Inspection2 is designed for industrial inspection data. The data can be exported and imported in large quantities.

Inspection2 automates the detection and quantification of anomalies across thousands of images within minutes. Inspection2 software uses artificial intelligence to find anomalies in thousands of images. This saves time and delivers more reliable results.
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Visual Inspection AI

The visual inspection AI tool helps manufacturers find defects before products are shipped. Visual inspection AI can be used in a variety of industries, including automotive, semiconductor production, and electronics manufacturing.

Equipment Inspection

Equipment inspection is used for detecting the presence of workers, equipment, or materials, such as protective gear.

AI vision is a tool that improves safety and productivity in construction and manufacturing. Deep learning algorithms are able to detect objects in plants or on construction sites using real-time video streams from cameras like surveillance cameras and IP cameras.
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Vision AI

Vision AI is used by manufacturers to improve their vision inspection process. AI-powered visual inspection can detect anomalies and product variations beyond what machine vision can do.

Manufacturers can scale production, adapt to changes in the workforce and still maintain high-quality control thanks to our proven vision AI technology.

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