How Can AI Count As The Biggest Factor Behind Metaverse Growth?

How can AI Count as The Biggest factor Behind Metaverse Growth?

by Micah James — 2 years ago in Artificial Intelligence 3 min. read

Metaverse’s role in AI involves the integration of multiple technologies, such as VR, 3D animation, or blockchain.

The Metaverse AI is one of the most popular topics in technology and socioeconomics. AI is a combination of various technologies, such as VR, 3D animation, and blockchain. Many companies are already creating services for this new digital world. Meta has been adopted by Facebook, the tech giant. This is a clear indication that Metaverse growth really wants to be the next major technology. While much has been written about blockchain’s role in the Metaverse, there is still a lot to be said about NFTs and what the implications are for the Metaverse AI.

It is a persistent, interoperable, interconnected, real-time platform that is massively scaled and interoperable. This platform consists of interconnected virtual realms where people can interact, socialize, transact, create, and play. The Metaverse AI will be a distant evolution from Web3. It will consist of a network of interconnected, decentralized virtual worlds that can be connected with an economy and people who can do almost everything they can in the real world.

Role of AI in Metaverse

AI can be a significant role in the future metaverse. This is not just from a product perspective, but also because of how AI could make it more inclusive.


Coinbase says that the platform required to support Metaverse AI must be available at all times and highly scalable. AIOps will be able to manage the infrastructure, including base software and communications, in such a complex environment. What is AIOps? Combining “big data” and machine learning to automate IT operations, including event correlation, anomaly detector, and causality determination. This combination will ensure the Metaverse infrastructure is robust and provide relevant insights for the upper layers.

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Inclusionary User Interfaces

The promise of immersive experiences is one of the key ingredients to the success of Metaverse AI. This can be a great way to improve social interaction for some, but it can also make it difficult for people with disabilities to access the future digital world. People with low digital abilities can be excluded from this new social economy. The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Metaverse is critical to ensure everyone has access to the Metaverse regardless of their ability. These technologies could be relevant in this space:

  • For people with visual impairments, image recognition
  • Automated translation
  • The interactive digital world with intelligent exoskeletons
  • Interfaces between brain and computer for the most vulnerable (e.g. Cognition)
  • Web3 is often referred to by Web2 as the democratized Web2. Web3 is often referred to as a democratized version of Web2. This also applies to economic and social limitations.

Enhanced Smart Contracts

The Metaverse AI (and its Decentralization Layer) is a new platform that promises to facilitate creators and users the exchange of digital assets and entitlements. It will also protect ownership and ensure disintermediation with big tech corporations. Will this be a reality? Adidas just launched its first NFT. Even though the purchase limit was 2 per person, the sale sold out in less time than one second. One person could buy 330 items in one transaction. This is the future of internet democracy. It is possible that the power will shift away from large corporations, but it doesn’t seem like it will return to the people. Even if it does happen, few people with software skills will be able to reap the benefits.

This scenario could be identified using enhanced smart contracts that incorporate AI. This type of “anti-democratic activity” could be traced back to infrastructure information, as mentioned in the AIOps section. However, it wouldn’t be sufficient to stop transactions that have already been completed.

Artificial Intelligence for Immersive Digital Worlds

NVIDIA Omniverse is one of the most impressive examples of this technology. This platform has a lot of components to help you create virtual worlds and replicate real ones. NVIDIA technologies show how AI will play a key role in creating digital spaces for social interaction in the Metaverse.

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