What Is Pokemon Sleep? How To Play, Recipes List, & More!

What Is Pokemon Sleep? The Pokemon App Will Put You To Sleep!

by Alan Jackson — 2 weeks ago in Entertainment 7 min. read

Kids around the world have gone crazy with the Pokemon Sleep game which is an all-new way to catch Pokemon while helping kids to get better, healthy sleep.

The game begins when you play in part by sleeping, after all.

While the game calls all the Pokemon fans to delve into the world of mind-blowing catching and training Pokemon with fun and happiness, the game is one of a kind in its manner!

Supporting the statement, the game centered around preparing recipes and strategies to power up your Pokemon, to fully experience the game.

This blog covers everything you need to know about Pokemon Sleep, pokemon sleep recipes, pokemon sleep rewards, and many more. Hang tight!

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What Is Pokemon Sleep?

What is Pokemon Sleep

Pokemon Sleep is a undoubtedly sleep-tracking app that tracks your sleep and your Pokemon alike and delivers rewards depending on the sleep hours, with Pokemon.

The game delivers an unparalleled experience when played with Pokémon GO Plus as it uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology to link with Pokémon Sleep.

In this way, just hold the device’s central button, put it under your pillow, and then go to sleep. You, at some time, will get Pikachu’s familiar voice along with cute messages during wake-up and bedtime.

Why Is Pokemon Sleep So Popular?

There is a lot of hype going around Pokemon Sleep and many Pokemon fans play this game because it shows you some interesting data about sleep consistency which can help parents to navigate their kids’ sleep effectively.

As these data show accurate metrics in time, parents and kids can get a good sleep to promote health. More importantly, it develops a disciplinary behavior, helping kids to learning good habits.

What Is The Pokemon Sleep Release Date?

The game is not a decade old, launched in 2023, and with first released in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Latin American countries for Android and iOS.

Basis Description
Developers Select Button
Publisher The Pokemon Company
Series Pokemon
Platform iOS, Android
Release Date July 17, 2023
Genre Simulation
Mode Single-Player

How Does Pokemon Sleep Work?

As already told Pokemon sleep is centered around tracking metrics. It tracks player sleep and distributes award based on longer sleeping metrics.

The app uses your phone’s microphone and accelerometer to track sleep, based on which it summerize the data, and calculate key factors to unlock potential rewards.


Pokemon Sleep Recipes

What’s the point of recipes in the Pokemon Sleep game? You need adequate energy to catch and train Snorlax’s Drowsy Power, therefore you need to feed Snorlax the berries, and that three times a day.

The cooking must be done in the right manner, for which, you need to follow the perfect recipes mentioned below.

  • Curries/Stews
  • Drinks/Desserts
  • Salads

Underneath are the all Pokemon sleep recipes:

To Make Curries/Stews

  • Beanburger Curry – Bean Sausage (x7)
  • Bulk Up Bean Curry – Greengrass Soybeans (x12), Bean Sausage (x6), Fiery Herb (x4), Fancy Egg (x4)
  • Dream Eater Butter Curry – Soft Potato (x18), Snoozy Tomato (x15), Soothing Cacao (x12), Moomoo Milk (x10)
  • Drought Katsu Curry – Bean Sausage (x10), Pure Oil (x5)
  • Egg Bomb Curry – Honey (x12), Fancy Apple (x11), Fancy Egg( x8), Soft Potato (x4)
  • Fancy Apple Curry – Fancy Apple (x7)
  • Grilled Tail Curry – Slowpoke Tail (x8), Fiery Herb (x25)
  • Hearty Cheeseburger Curry – Moomoo Milk (x8), Bean Sausage (x8)
  • Inferno Corn Keema Curry – Fiery Herb (x27), Greengrass Corn (x14), Warming Ginger (x12), Bean Sausage (x24)
  • Limber Corn Stew – Moomoo Milk (x8), Soft Potato (x8), Greengrass Corn (x14)
  • Melty Omelette Curry – Fancy Egg (x10), Snoozy Tomato (x6)
  • Mild Honey Curry – Honey (x7)
  • Mixed Curry – Any number of Ingredients that do not match a recipe.
  • Ninja Curry – Greengrass Soybeans (x15), Bean Sausage (x9), Large Leek (x9), Tasty Mushroom (x5)
  • Simple Chowder – Moomoo Milk (x7)
  • Soft Potato Chowder – Moomoo Milk (x10), Soft Potato (x8), Tasty Mushroom (x4)
  • Solar Power Tomato Curry – Snoozy Tomato (x10), Fiery Herb (x5)
  • Spicy Leek Curry – Large Leek (x14), Warming Ginger (x10), Fiery Herb (x8)
  • Spore Mushroom Curry – Tasty Mushroom (x14), Soft Potato (x9)

To Prepare Drinks/Desserts

  • Big Malasada – Pure Oil (x10), Moomoo Milk (x7), Honey (x6)
  • Cloud Nine Soy Cake – Fancy Egg (x8), Greengrass Soybeans (x7)
  • Craft Soda Pop – Honey (x9)
  • Ember Ginger Tea – Warming Ginger (x9), Fancy Apple (x7)
  • Explosion Popcorn – Moomoo Milk (x7), Pure Oil (x14), Greengrass Corn (x15)
  • Fluffy Sweet Potatoes – Soft Potato (x9), Moomoo Milk (x5)
  • Huge Power Soy Donuts – Pure Oil (x9), Greengrass Soybeans (x6), Soothing Cacao (x7)
  • Hustle Protein Smoothie – Greengrass Soybeans (x15), Soothing Cacao (x8)
  • Jigglypuff’s Fruity Flan – Honey (x20), Fancy Egg (x15), Moomoo Milk (x10), Fancy Apple (x10)
  • Lovely Kiss Smoothie – Fancy Apple (x11), Moomoo Milk (x9), Honey (x7), Soothing Cacao (x8)
  • Lucky Chant Apple Pie – Fancy Apple (x12), Moomoo Milk (x4)
  • Mixed Juice – Any number of Ingredients that do not match a recipe.
  • Neroli’s Restorative Tea – Warming Ginger (x11), Fancy Apple (x15), Tasty Mushroom (x9)
  • Stalwart Vegetable Juice – Snoozy Tomato (x9), Fancy Apple (x7)
  • Steadfast Ginger Cookies – Honey (x14), Warming Ginger (x12) Soothing Cacao (x5), Fancy Egg (x4)
  • Sweet Scent Chocolate Cake – Honey (x9), Soothing Cacao (x8), Moomoo Milk (x7)
  • Teatime Corn Scones – Moomoo Milk (x9), Warming Ginger (x20), Fancy Apple (x20), Greengrass Corn (x18)
  • Warm Moomoo Milk – Moomoo Milk (x7)

To Get Ready Salads

  • Bean Ham Salad – Bean Sausage (x8)
  • Calm Mind Fruit Salad – Fancy Apple (x21), Greengrass Corn (x12), Honey (x16)
  • Contrary Chocolate Meat Salad – Soothing Cacao (x14), Bean Sausage (x9)
  • Dazzling Apple Cheese Salad – Fancy Apple (x15), Moomoo Milk (x5), Pure Oil (x3)
  • Fancy Apple Salad – Fancy Apple (x8)
  • Fury Attack Corn Salad – Pure Oil (x8), Greengrass Corn (x9)
  • Gluttony Potato Salad – Soft Potato (x14), Fancy Egg (x9), Bean Sausage (x7), Fancy Apple (x6)
  • Greengrass Salad – Greengrass Corn (x17), Snoozy Tomato (x14), Soft Potato (x9), Pure Oil (x22)
  • Heat Wave Tofu Salad – Greengrass Soybeans (x10), Fiery Herb (x6)
  • Immunity Leek Salad – Large Leek (x10), Warming Ginger (x5)
  • Mixed Salad – Any number of Ingredients that do not match a recipe.
  • Moomoo Caprese Salad – Moomoo Milk (x12), Snoozy Tomato (x6), Pure Oil (x5)
  • Ninja Salad – Large Leek (x15), Greengrass Soybeans (x15), Tasty Mushroom (x12), Warming Ginger (x11)
  • Overheat Ginger Salad – Fiery Herb (x17), Warming Ginger (x10), Snoozy Tomato (x8)
  • Slowpoke Tail Pepper Salad – Slowpoke Tail (x10), Fiery Herb (x10), Pure Oil (x15)
  • Snoozy Tomato Salad – (Snoozy Tomato x8)
  • Snow Cloak Caesar Salad – Moomoo Milk (x10), Bean Sausage (x6)
  • Spore Mushroom Salad – Tasty Mushroom (x17), Snoozy Tomato (x8), Pure Oil (x8)
  • Superpower Extreme Salad – Bean Sausage (x9), Warming Ginger (x6), Fancy Egg (x5), Soft Potato (x3)
  • Water Veil Tofu Salad – Greengrass Soybeans (x10), Snoozy Tomato (x6)

Pokemon Sleep Update

Is there any latest release update of Pokemon Sleep? Yes, version 1.2.0 has been released along with patch notes that feature the Valentine’s Day 2024 event along with some bug improvements, is the latest Pokemon sleep update.

It specifies the two new Valentine’s Dessert/Drink recipes, with improvements in performance and ongoing fixes.

Is Pokemon Sleep Free Or Paid?

The Pokemon Sleep is free to play but some of its features require paid monthly plans and microtransactions.

In-app purchases range from $1.19 – $97.99 per item which includes high-value items like Berries, Special Ingredients, and Evolution Items.

The game is all about collecting Pokemon through sleeping and preparing recipes to power up their energy and skills to compete and win. Between all of this, you would require various items including the high-value mentioned below.


Pokemon Sleep All Items List

Berries: Yache Berry, Wiki Berry, Sitrus Berry, Rawst Berry, Persim Berry, Pecha Berry, Pamtre Berry, Oran Berry, Mago Berry, Lum Berry, Leppa Berry, Grepa Berry, Figy Berry, Durin Berry, Chesto Berry, Cheri Berry, Bluk Berry, Belue Berry.

Ingredients: Warming Ginger, Tasty Mushroom, Soothing Cacao, Soft Potato, Snoozy Tomato, Slowpoke Tail, Pure Oil, Moomoo Milk, Large Leek, Honey, Greengrass Soybeans, Fiery Herb, ancy Egg, Fancy Apple, Bean Sausage.

Biscuits: Poke Biscuit, Master Biscuit, Great Biscuit, Bonus Biscuit.

Evolution Items: Water Stone, Thunder Stone, Shiny Stone, Moon Stone, Linking Cord, Leaf Stone, King’s Rock, Ice Stone, Fire Stone.

Incense: Focus Incense, Friend Incense, Growth Incense, Luck Incense, Recovery Incense.

Tickets: Ingredient Ticket S, Ingredient Ticket M, Ingredient Ticket L, E-Zzz Travel Ticket, Good Camp Ticket.

Pokemon Candies: Handy Candy (Small), Handy Candy (Medium), Handy Candy (Large).

Misc: Dream Cluster S, Dream Cluster M, Dream Cluster L, Main Skill Seed, Sub Skill Seed, Energy Pillow, Helper Whistle.

Where Can I Download Pokemon Sleep?

First released in 2019, Pokemon Sleep is available for both Android and iOS devices. Particular device owners can visit the App Store Marketplace to download the game.

Google Play Store has accumulated 5 million downloads as of now. Visit the App Store or Play Store to download Pokemon Sleep.

How Much Is Pokemon Sleep?

To get the most out of the Pokemon Sleep game experience, get the one-month Premium Pass for $10 or a six-month plan for $50.

The game also concludes some microtransactions to aid users in purchasing recipes’ ingredients from regular and premium shops variety.

To initiate microtransactions to obtain biscuits, stones, item bundles, and other items, you first need to buy a Regular or Premium Pass.

Once you purchased it, you can proceed to buy items. You can check the duration of your pass from the purchase history section.

How To Play Pokemon Sleep?

There is no console or ambiance atmosphere required to play the Pokemon Sleep game. All you need to do is wait for the night and whenever you are ready for the nap, open the app and select the sleep button at the bottom right corner of the home page.

Enter your bedtime apply any incense you would like to use, and press Sleep. When you wake up, you will receive rewards used to train and level up your Pokemon.


Pokemon Sleep Review: Ending Notes!

Pokemon Sleep is different from other related games of Pokemon Saga. The game begins when you leave your phone on the bed at night.

Unlike any other games, Pokemon Sleep doesn’t have any negative features, instead helping kids bring discipline in sleep and behavior.

Overall, the game is ideal for anyone but feels best for kids looking to improve their sleeping habits.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pokemon Sleep

Can I play Pokémon Sleep for free?

Yes, Pokemon Sleep is a sleep-tracking app, a free-to-play game on mobile devices that is popular among kids.

How do I change the display language in Pokémon Sleep?

To change the display language in Pokemon Sleep, head to the main menu from the home screen, then settings and more, and select language settings.

Can I still receive rewards if I change my bedtime?

Change in bedtime won’t affect your current stamp card. This means you won't lose any rewards.

What smart devices can I play Pokémon Sleep on?

As of now, the game can be played on both Android and iOS devices. Download to the respective app market to install the game on your device.

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