What Is Datafication? Does Business Future Depend On It?

What Is Datafication? Does Business Future Depend On It?

by Amelia Scott — 1 year ago in Artificial Intelligence 3 min. read

Datafication is a new emerging tactic as well as methodology to build a secured and innovative paradigm for the coming days.

Datafication is a replica (cannot be seen or touched) but available to us, of human actions and thoughts which gets transformed into a numerically quantified format, and is here to help with everything we evolve and connect with us.

There’s no doubt in saying that datafication applications would be catastrophic, from small business startups to large industries, they would be used to enhance product and sales strategy.

What Is Datafication?

Datafication is a technological trend swifting many aspects of our life’s actions, moments, and works into data with the help of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, and many other emerging stacks.

The crucial context of datafication is to enable better decision-making, effective understanding of analytics, efficient utilization of resources and achieving maximum growth.

Its application is vital for many institutions, firms, businesses, and industries. Indeed, IT professionals require datafication to a great extent.

The Verge Of Datafication In Business

Business is a big entity. It incorporates many actions in the direction to achieve objectives and goals. Therefore, a multitude of workforce, plans, strategies, and expenses are short to accomplish the paradigm.

In the middle of all of this, data plays an important role. It helps in planning, directing, staffing, and coordinating according to the principle as needed.

Datafication is in trend now and practicing it makes it more illustrious. This emerging technology trend helps businesses improve their services, products, and management.

Today’s business understands the importance of data and hence data-driven solutions and services are greatly being delivered to clients and customers.

Take data-driven marketing strategies as an example. Their datafication helps understand targeted customers’ preferences, actions, likes and dislikes, and upcoming perceptions towards new products and launches.

The Future Of Datafication In Various Realms

Earlier, the success of a business highly depends on a careful, attentive, and fail-proof decision derived from the sources of primary and secondary practices.

And now the decisions are made by data-driven things, algorithms, and machines like RPA and others. Many entrepreneurs believe that AI-accredited machines can make better decisions than humans as they learn, adapt, and never-stop exploring emotions of the human based on the campaign.

Their processed data can be presented at their fingertips is becoming more important than ever. With the support of other emerging technologies such as Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning have made this reality.

Here are some area of applications where datafication plays big role for us:


We all know about it and many of us are groomed with its implications already. It’s a technology based on a distributed ledger that records transactions conducted using cryptocurrencies.

Datafication, here, contributes in a big way. Help engineers know better about its working, develop secured data protection, and many things for blockchain owners.


AIOps is another extended technology that uses datafication in its sphere. As it is cloud-based it uses various AI tools to provide real-time data, insights, and metrics on almost everything. It can be accessed in the web browser or mobile.

Cognitive Computing

It is a type of computing that uses intelligence to learn more about the subject or input. It uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and human-computer interaction. As it interprets learning of the subject, it uses data mining to extract knowledge from large amounts of information.

You may have heard of NLP (Natural Language Processing) used by Google to better understand search queries of the intent. This is an example of datafication in superior form.

Micro weather

Micro weather or microclimate is a term used in meteorology that includes learning, extracting, and understanding the data related to weather conditions. This field is characterized by differences in temperature and humidity.

The predictions are derived from the data collected using the meteorology method which further helps consumers, companies and, especially, farmers to measure air quality, past, today, and tomorrow’s weather condition, wind speed and direction, rainfall intensity, and much more.

In The End

There are many fields where datafication contributes its charm. Digital marketing, Warehouse management, Quantum Computing, Edge computing, and FinOps are some more examples of datafication usage.

Additionally, US startup companies are also investing in this technology to get severe benefits for competitive survival. The attempts are severely shooting for data-driven strategies to offer the best solutions.

If you haven’t thought of datafication yet, act now to get benefits for tomorrow.

Amelia Scott

Amelia is a content manager of The Next Tech. She also includes the characteristics of her log in a fun way so readers will know what to expect from her work.

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