What Are The Best Crypto In 2022 Whose Should I Buy?

What are The Best Crypto in 2022 Whose Should I Buy?

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Blockchain Technology 4 min. read

The cryptocurrency market is at an all-time high. It is now a great time for investors to take a look at the top cryptocurrency and decide which ones to invest in. You can also capitalize on the trend and invest in cryptocurrency development.

Due to the recent rise in Bitcoin and Ethereum prices, the cryptocurrency marketplace has reached the three trillion mark. It isn’t all roses and sunshine. The market was unstable throughout 2021 and many coin prices changed dramatically. Many cryptos will stand the test, despite these setbacks.

Avoid impulse decisions and quick judgments when investing in crypto. The market places importance on consideration and not just impulse. It is worth your time to research, identify and evaluate cryptocurrencies that have ambitious roadmaps.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that altcoins can have multi-fold returns within seconds. Now let’s take a look at seven cryptos that are poised to explode in 2022. These coins could make you wealthy next year.

Market Moves (MOVE)

The rug pulling trick is a problem investors have to face when investing in cryptocurrency. Investors see a coin that has attractive benefits and meets all their requirements. They invest in it and then suddenly the coin is removed from the exchange. The developer takes the money.

MarketMove is a platform that aims to solve this problem via AI-driven contract auditors. This platform distinguishes solid use cases and quality projects from completely speculative cryptocurrency projects.

MarketMove is able to bring about significant changes in one area. Currently, DEX doesn’t allow for limit or stop-loss orders. These features will be added to the benefit of investors by the project.

MarketMove’s initial supply of tokens is one trillion tokens. However, over three-fourths (or more) of these tokens were destroyed at the beginning.

The MOVE token is also hyper-deflationary. Users typically pay an associated fee when they buy or sell tokens. Holders can also earn reflection by reducing their token supply. MarketMove plans to add staking protocols to its platform in the future. Users can earn additional returns by staking.

The MOVE token is a great choice for long-term investors. The company behind the token plans to push the market hard in the first quarter of 2022. Many investors believe that the coin will offer multi-fold returns next year.

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Feed Every Gorilla (FEG)

FEG token is another token that you should consider as an investment for 2022. The FEG token is a multi-fold return investment. This token’s purpose is to create a decentralized transaction network. This network works on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain platforms.

Two reasons to invest in this token are listed below.

FEG is developing smart, decentralized finance. This year was a landmark year for decentralized finance. The industry has seen a boom. Decentralized finance has more than 200 billion dollars in assets. FEG intends to bring additional innovation and improvement to the sector.

The FEG token, which is hyper-deflationary, has a current supply of forty-two quadrillion. The supply is currently high, but there is constantly burnt on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. Every transaction triggers a one-percent burn rate, which gradually decreases the supply. The holders also get a one percent tax reward for every transaction.

inSure Defi (SURE)

This token claims to be the first global insurance platform that offers staking options. Sure exists to protect investors against frauds, rug pulling ventures, and portfolio devaluations.

Here, users must purchase the SURE token to apply for insurance. After the SURE token has been placed in the digital wallet, the insurance will activate seven days later.

To purchase the initial plan, you will need to buy 2,500 SURE tokens. These tokens offer insurance for four months and one thousand dollars. The user must purchase 500,000 SURE tokens to be eligible for another plan. This plan offers insurance coverage for two years and a maximum of 140,000 USD.

The SURE token is a way to bring change in a world that sees more frauds and thefts every day. The SURE tokens offer a sixty percent annual percentage yield. A similar fact that is equally appealing is the fact that the token price has increased by two hundred percent over the past twelve months.

This token holding opportunity and the insurance factor will benefit any investor. Token demand will rise in 2022 due to increased investors seeking insurance coverage. This will translate into additional growth.

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Internet of Energy Network

The global community is currently looking toward clean energy to solve the fuel crisis. Due to its strong use case, the IOEN token makes an interesting choice.

Blockchain technology will be used to enable homes to cooperate as an intelligent, cooperative electric system. The IOEN will create small-scale grids to unlock renewable energy opportunities.

Initially, the company listed the IOEN token via the Uniswap platform. The company has now begun listing on a central exchange. This allows users to purchase the IOEN token with no high Ethereum gas fees, which is a benefit over regular DEX.

Rari Governance Token

RGT is one of the best performers on this list, with returns exceeding twelve thousand percent over the past year. Experts believe that the coin’s value will rise to three digits. This claim is based on the token’s limited supply. The maximum supply for the RGT coin is twelve and a quarter million.

Rari token, a non-custodial decentralized Defi token, earns rewards on its own. Users can deposit crypto here and the token will start earning yields.

Rari also launched Market, a new interface that allows users to interact with the Fuse network via Polygon. RGT token’s purpose is to offer elite investors financial technologies.


MANA’s token prices have risen by over four thousand percent over the past twelve months. This led to the token trending across several cryptocurrency platforms. Decentraland, for example, is a virtual reality platform that operates on the Ethereum network. You can share and monetize your content here.

The platform seeks to make the most of the fact that more people are spending more time online for both work and pleasure. The platform has a large audience and shows growth in terms both of its audience base and token price upside.

Users can use the MANA token to buy land, services, or goods on the virtual platform. The token also encourages users to create content. This can have a direct impact on user growth. The MANA token could continue to rally in 2022 as the virtual world expands.


The cryptocurrency market is expanding at an incredible rate. The industry is growing at an incredible rate and we can’t get enough. Everybody wants to make investments here and reap the rewards. They don’t know how to pool their money, and they are vulnerable to frauds or Ponzi schemes.

This list highlights tokens that are promising for next year. This allows users to make informed decisions before they invest.

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