10 Best Social Media Practices Companies Must Use To Stay Competitive

10 Best Social Media Practices Companies Must Use To Stay Competitive

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Business Ideas 3 min. read

For many years, social media etiquette is constantly evolving. This is an important part of representing a company on social media. Businesses should practice social media etiquette to show that they value their audience’s time and attention. The manners and social media etiquette can make or break your brand. Many businesses seek professional help from social media optimization companies to maintain their etiquette. Businesses can avoid embarrassing mistakes and negative attention by learning social media etiquette.

Best Practices for Social Media Etiquette

Although social media rules are constantly changing, there are still some rules that businesses need to follow. These are the top social media etiquette guidelines:

Before You Post, A Hashtag, Find Out its Meaning

Hashtags can be used to promote content, making it easier for people to find it on social media. A brand’s reputation can be damaged if it uses the wrong hashtag. It doesn’t matter if the hashtag is very popular or generates a lot of traffic. Make sure you know what it means and how it connects to your brand.

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If A User on Social Media Responds with A Meme that Says “Silence Brand”, don’t Attempt to Engage.

If a person responds to you on social media with a meme that says “Silence Brand”, or another similar meaning, it is best to move on and not engage with them again. Businesses must recognize that this is an indication that the person isn’t interested in speaking with you.

Use @ Only to Create Positive Brand Experiences

The sign “@” (or “at”) is used to tag a user on many social media platforms. A notification is sent to the user when a tag is applied. This symbol should be used only by businesses to create positive brand experiences. Use @ with care, as all of your followers will be watching each interaction. For users who wish to express gratitude or draw attention to positive actions taken by them, you can use @

If You are not Invited, don’t Send Direct Messages

It doesn’t necessarily mean they are open to receiving your direct messages, even if they follow your brand. Never rely on people responding to your direct messages. You can tag users with @ to attract their attention. Direct messages should only be used when the individual consents to them using direct messages. Direct messages can also be sent when customer service is being offered.

Public Arguments Should not be Aired

Social media users should not be able to argue in public with businesses. To prevent personal information from being accidentally revealed, resolve customer service issues quickly via direct messages. If the customer is aggressive, it may be impossible to resolve the issue. Your company’s outreach team can help you offer incentives to the customer.

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High-Sensitive Subjects Should be Avoided

You must be careful when handling sensitive topics or controversy. Be sure to align your social media with your corporate social responsibility plan. Don’t get involved with any disputes that could damage your brand’s image. It is not necessary that you respond to every message sent to your account, even if it receives an @.

Quality Over Quantity is Important

Businesses’ growth on social media is dependent upon certain tactics such as consistent posting and hashtags. Businesses need to ensure that they have a balanced approach to all social media strategies. It is important to not compromise the quality of any content that you post on social media.

Link to A Professional and Real Website

Make sure that you link to a professional website whenever you create a link for a web address. Many new businesses create social media pages that link to nonexistent web addresses. This is a common practice. This is considered a violation of social media etiquette. It also creates a negative impression of your company. You can leave the field blank if you don’t yet have a website or it is in progress.

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Keep Track of Brand Mentions

Businesses should monitor brand mentions to be able to respond quickly. Mentions can take many forms: an in-text mention or a hashtag. You can consider any type of mention as consent to your response, regardless of whether the person is complaining about your brand or making general observations. You need Tools to monitor mentions and notify you instantly about any new mentions.

Pay Attention to Your Actions

A key tip for social media etiquette is to be polite and respectful at all times. This means that your brand should always be polite and respectful, no matter what situation it may find itself in. Your brand is often seen as a character by your followers. The way you act can either make or break the relationship between them and you.


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