11 Ways How Letterhead Templates Can Benefit Your Business Letter

11 Ways How Letterhead Templates Can Benefit Your Business Letter

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Business Ideas 4 min. read

Letterhead templates are an essential aspect of any business. Making your letterhead is not only time-consuming but it’s also costly. By using pre-made letterheads you can save yourself a tremendous amount of time and money. Letterhead templates are specifically designed to support the interests of various businesses. Some people mistakenly believe that letterheads are no longer in style, however, this simply isn’t true. The truth is that many companies have moved toward online billing and other forms of digital communication, which has made physical stationery somewhat obsolete—that doesn’t mean that letterheads aren’t still useful!

Letterhead templates can help small businesses appear more professional when sending out custom correspondence to clients or collaborators. They come in different designs with preset text that allows business owners to choose from various formats without needing detailed design knowledge of their own. There are many reasons why using these types of templates can benefit your company’s image including consistency, saving time, customization, branding, and luring potential customers. Here are just reasons why letterheads could benefit your business:

1. Letterhead Gives You Consistency

Consistent branding helps consumers identify your company when they see it out in the wild. This is why using a business letterhead template can be so valuable to your company. With a letterhead template, you can add your logo and company name to the header of each letter, creating an instant brand recognition effect. Not only will this reinforce your company’s name in the eyes of your customers, but it will also help others identify legitimate company correspondence.


2. Letterhead Can Save You Time

Using templates is a great way to save time while creating custom business stationery for clients or employees. You can use pre-designed templates that feature beautiful design elements and then customize them quickly and easily with your personal information. You will no longer have to spend hours searching for the perfect design or trying to create your own from scratch. With letterhead templates, it’s easy to customize and print professional-looking correspondence in very little time, with no technical skills required.

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3. Letterhead Design Shows off a Professional Appearance

Letterhead templates offer a professional appearance that’s more polished than most handwritten letters or simple email messages. This gives your business a polished look that can help you stand out. It’s also a great way to make your letterhead designs match your company branding.

4. Letterhead Provides Customization

Of course, it’s important that customers know which company they’re dealing with, but customers also crave consistency within the products, services, and interactions they receive from one another. A lot of businesses find success when they include their logo on all of their letterheads in different sizes and colors (which many templates allow).

5. Letterhead Format Contributes to Branding

Your brand represents everything about you – not just how your business looks, but also what kind of people work there, what kinds of things you do, and so on. By using letterhead templates, you can establish your tone of voice and what you represent as a business.


6. Free Letterhead Templates Supplies Custom Content

Many free letterhead templates come with premade content that serves as placeholders for your personal information. This makes it quick and easy to create personalized documents whenever you need them!

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7. Letterhead can Lure Potential Customers

Custom letterhead templates can be used to entice potential customers. Some letter templates feature elegant fonts and luxurious textures that will grab the attention of your clientele. You can also use letterheads to present special offers or incentives, like discounts or promotions.

8. Pre-Designed Letterhead Examples

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel every time you create something new! All kinds of different designs and formats can be found on free online sources. Also, some templates include premade headers which allow you to quickly type important information without worrying about formatting anything just yet!

Venngage has gathered 100 free letterhead templates for you to use and customize for your company’s next correspondence. Sign-up with Venngage to get a hold of these templates before you miss out.

9. Letterhead and Cover Letter Makes Professional Documents

Creating a new set of business letterhead and matching cover letters will ensure that your documents look consistent, polished, and professional. It will also help you create the official look of your business. Moreover, this is an excellent marketing strategy that will help you attract new business.


10. Letterhead Helps in a Strong Business Image

Many small business owners don’t realize just how much their brand can impact their client relationships until they take a step back and see the situation from an outside perspective. When you create professional documents using free letterhead templates, potential clients will have no choice but to take you seriously!

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11. Letterhead builds Confidence

Using letterheads for your business shows that you are dedicated to building a strong, professional image. Customers will feel more confident in doing business with you when they know that their interactions with your company will be executed professionally and flawlessly.


Letterhead templates are a great way to create branding for your company or organization that is timeless and professional. They also make it easy to personalize the logo, contact information, and other important details about whom you’re reaching out to on behalf of your business. If you need help creating an eye-catching template design, Venngage can provide you with your letterhead templates so you can start designing today!

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