9 Ways To Know Your Customers Better

9 Ways to Know Your Customers Better

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It’s an understatement to say that you rely on your customers. After all, they represent the source of your revenue. Your business only really exists because of them. However, as vital as they are to your operation, your customers can sometimes feel like strangers. In order to maintain growth, you have to know your customers better.

Without this essential information, a knowledge gap can develop. Don’t let that happen. It leaves you vulnerable to your competition and can alienate you from the market. Instead, take all the steps necessary to understand your customers as deeply as you can. 

Learning more about the people buying your products and services can lead to unexpected insights. The more information you have, the better you can respond to changing market forces and an evolving business environment. Meanwhile, without the proper intelligence about your clientele, you’re basically throwing darts in the dark. The future of your business becomes a game of chance, rather than a logical endeavor.

With that in mind, here are nine steps you can take to learn more about your customers:

Check Reviews

Finding out about your customers can become a resource-intensive endeavor. However, there are relatively cheap ways of getting some information. In fact, your customers likely already do some of the work for you. All you have to do is read your reviews.

After all, the Internet is filled with customer opinions. Seek out what your clientele is saying about your products and services. Of course, you always have to take online chatter with a grain of salt, but a careful reading might tip you off to some easy improvements you can make.

Invest in Customer Service 

Errors and disappointments are bound to happen. But just because the customer is unsatisfied with one particular order doesn’t mean you have to lose them forever. By making sure that your customer service operation is robust and responsive, you can turn otherwise unpleasant encounters into long term growth opportunities.

That’s not all you get out of a good customer relations structure. They also allow you to create a connection with your clients. Those relationships thrive on two-way communication, and a well-run customer service operation encourages feedback. You can learn valuable information this way, letting you improve your business over time.
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Sometimes you have to read between the lines to really understand someone. Not every customer is going to be upfront about their needs. As such, you need to trust the people closest to the situation in order to figure out what’s happening below the surface. In the case of your customers, this responsibility falls to your sales staff. Listen to what they have to say. They can give you subtle insights that might not be available through other means.

Social Media 

Social media represents an excellent marketing platform. However, it can be much more than that. Beyond just providing an outlet for your branding content, social media allows you to connect directly with customers and potential customers. You can converse with people, gather intel, and build relationships. Leverage your social media opportunities to learn more about your customers.

Conduct Surveys 

Every election cycle, politicians rely on polls to help them target their campaign messages. Politicians don’t make great role models in most aspects of their operations, but this is one area where following their lead can generate significant value. The use of scientific survey techniques can help you pick up significant tidbits. As such, integrate surveys into your data gathering process.
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You should always collect as much data as you can. It opens up an insight into your customers. Knowing how they navigate your website will clue you into what people look at most and what they find most useful. Clickstream analysis brings you this level of insight. You’ll learn how to improve your website, leading to better conversions and better user experience. You’ll learn more here on this website 

Meet in Person 

While technology brings a lot of advantages, the old-fashioned ways sometimes present unique value. Some things don’t change, even as time marches on. Connecting with customers via phones and computers can build strong relationships. But nothing cements those bonds better than an in-person meeting. If you haven’t seen some of your biggest clients in an extended period, schedule a meeting or, better yet, a lunch.

Host a Party

You work hard to create a sense of community among your employees – conferences, team-building exercises, and, of course, company functions. Those same principles can apply to your customers.

Hosting a party for your biggest clients lets you form a community with your customers. You develop a personal relationship with the decision-makers, and they get an opportunity to meet your key staff. And all this happens in a pleasant social environment. It’s a chance to improve your business, and have some fun at the same time. 
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Knowing your customers is all about planning for the future. The more information you have, the easier it is to innovate and to make improvements. Getting to that point means going beyond the single sale. Instead, with every customer, you need to ask yourself “why?” 

Why did they choose you over the competition? How do your products and services fit into their business? How is there industry changing? The answers to these questions will guide your development. Staying curious and current will set you up for long-term growth.


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