5 Best Ecommerce Platforms In 2022

5 Best Ecommerce Platforms in 2022

by Evelyn Addison — 2 years ago in Business Ideas 4 min. read

You are likely looking for the best eCommerce platforms to help you open your online store. You are likely to be making an important decision if you plan on opening an online store. After all, the software is what will help you build the foundations for your business.

Why Should You use an eCommerce Platform?

Online store management is complex. It involves many steps, including creating the site, receiving online payments, and customer service. These software solutions can help you manage all of these processes, which can prove to be beneficial for your business.

Online sales platforms provide many components that you can use to start and grow your business online without putting too much stress on your life. E-commerce platforms are cheaper than customizing software.

These platforms are great for E-commerce and will save you time and money. These platforms are designed to allow you to manage your online store in the most efficient way possible. Let’s get into the details to discover what features are important when selecting the right eCommerce solution for your business.

Keys to The Best Ecommerce Platforms

This list contains the key features of each software. We have spent hours researching and testing them to make this list. Enjoy this roundup of the top e-commerce platforms.

There are many platforms out there, and the differences in performance and features can make a big difference in how you run your business. Which one is best for you? Let’s compare the different eCommerce platforms!

1. Shopify

Shopify, a Canadian company that was founded in 2006, offers the best e-commerce software. It’s the second most popular online store builder worldwide and is without doubt the best for getting your business started quickly. Ravi Morisetty, who has used it in multiple eCommerce projects, believes it to be the best eCommerce platform.

Shopify is our favorite software for eCommerce because it was specifically designed for the environment of eCommerce and offers the best features.

Top Shopify Features

  • This product is ideal for dropshipping and printing on demand. It can also be used to complement physical stores by being small or medium-sized online.
  • Prices will vary depending on the features of your subscription plan and the fees charged for each transaction.
  • Excellent customer service via email, phone support, chat, and community forums.
  • Abandoned cart recovery functionality included.
  • Includes unlimited bandwidth and hosting.
  • There are over 100 payment options to choose from, including PayPal, Shopify Payments, and Google Pay.
  • Synchronization of 10 other sales platforms such as Amazon, Instagram, and Facebook.
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WooCommerce is not an E-commerce platform. It’s a plugin or an application that converts WordPress into an online store. Ravi Morisetty included it in her analysis because it is powerful and widely used with a 27% market share.

You will need to download the plugin from the WordPress plugin repository in order to use it. WooCommerce can be used for free in its basic version. However, you must take full responsibility for creating the online store. This includes acquiring a domain and hosting it. You also need to secure it against any vulnerabilities. You will need to purchase extensions from the WooCommerce repository if you wish to add functionality. While there are some extensions that are free, the majority of them are expensive.

WooCommerce’s main features

  • This is ideal for small online shops with limited product catalogs.
  • WooCommerce inventory management allows you to easily manage stock and track inventory.
  • Extensions allow for more than 100 payment gateway integrations.
  • WooCommerce Analytics offers detailed reports about your revenue, orders, and products.
  • WooCommerce is SEO-friendly. WooCommerce is the best way to place products and stores on the Internet.
  • As a priority, you must ensure that your store’s data is secure.

3. Zyro

Zyro was founded in 2019 by Hostinger (a well-known web host company). The company’s new software is simple and intuitive, allowing users to easily create online stores without any programming knowledge. Numerous new features have been added to the software every day since its inception.

Zyro’s main features

  • A great online store builder for a reasonable price, with an impressive range of features and tools.
  • Zyro’s online software for selling products allows you to market your products with a wide range of marketing tools at your disposal, including logo creator, blogging tools, and integration with social media networks.
  • Cloudflare is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that allows you to load your store faster through a network of geographically distributed servers.
  • The interface of the control panel is intuitive, and the account setup is simple.
  • It also has a heatmap or heatmap, which allows you to analyze user behavior.
  • The prices are much lower than other online store builders.
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PrestaShop is an open-source CMS (content management system) that allows you to create online shops from scratch. This allows you to download the platform and make any modifications you wish. This open-source platform was developed in 2007 and is considered to be one of the most reliable software available in E-commerce.

PrestaShop setup can be more complicated than the ones above, so it might take some time. PrestaShop provides step-by-step tutorials to help you navigate the process. This software is specifically designed for eCommerce, just like Shopify.

You can personalize your store with a variety of templates and over 5,000 modules (both free and paid).

PrestaShop’s main features

  • PrestaShop is an open-source program that can be used for free.
  • PrestaShop is customizable to suit your business.
  • It is amazing how many templates and modules are available in PrestaShop Marketplace.
  • It lets you integrate many payment providers, and doesn’t charge extra fees for credit card processing.
  • You can use multiple languages and currencies. There are also payment options for taxes or international shipments.

5. Wix Ecommerce

Wix Ecommerce, a popular eCommerce platform, and website platform has more than 110 million users around the world. Wix Ecommerce is well-known for its easy website builder. It has a drag-and-drop interface that works wonders for beginners.

Wix software is also one of the most popular online store builders. It isn’t as well-known as WooCommerce or Shopify, but it has huge potential. It is a very user-friendly platform that can be used by people with no technical knowledge.

Wix Ecommerce: The main features

  • Perfect for small online shops.
  • The control panel is easy to use, and great for beginners.
  • Automatic email sending for abandoned cart recovery.
  • Multi-channel integration: Sell on Instagram without installing any app.
  • Wix is one of the most affordable platforms available on the market and offers exceptional value for your money.
  • All Wix websites come automatically with SSL certificates.
  • Excellent support and help. Wix can be reached by phone, email, and social media with the basic plan. A forum and a website are also available.
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