6 Effective Tips On How To Maximize Your Email Delivery Rate

6 Effective Tips on How to Maximize Your Email Delivery Rate

by Anastasya Prach — 3 years ago in Business Ideas 4 min. read


The fundamentals involved in starting and running a business successfully are usually very difficult. It is important to discover new tools and techniques that can help you grow your business, especially, considering the fast pace at which the digital world is evolving today.

Businesses with an online presence are taking advantage of these evolving strategies because they have proven to provide better results than conventional marketing techniques.

Outreach marketing has also shown to help businesses increase their website ranking on search engines which will increase brand awareness, credibility, and higher chances of converting leads.

Also, considering that most businesses are implementing email outreach in their marketing strategy, it is enough reason for you to do the same if you are truly serious about remaining relevant and competitive.

But launching an email outreach is simply the first piece of the puzzle. Ensuring that your emails arrive safely in the inbox of your recipients is also another critical aspect you need to consider. Therefore, we would consider some of the tips that will help to improve the delivery of your emails to your recipients.

6 Effective Tips On How To Maximize Your Email Delivery Rate

Keep your list of recipients up to date

There is every tendency that an old mailing list might contain abandoned, outdated and uninterested recipients that could negatively affect the delivery of your email. Currently, ISPs have introduced metrics on user engagement coupled with the conventional spam filters to determine the delivery of emails, either into the spam folder or the inbox.

Keeping outdated and uninterested recipients in your list can result in complaints and email bounces which could negatively affect the delivery of your emails.

Once your emails begin to get low user engagement or being regularly flagged as spam, it would reduce your sender’s reputation, which will prevent your emails from arriving in the inbox and ultimately affect your outreach.

Therefore, ensure that your email list is constantly updated and validated with the help of email address checker, to remove inactive subscribers. This will guarantee that only those who are interested in your offers are receiving your emails.

Send only relevant emails

The importance of attracting and retaining customers cannot be overestimated, especially for small businesses and start-ups. An effective method of showing this is by proving to your readers that your offers are worth their time and your emails are worth reading.

Providing relevant emails is a critical part of establishing a relationship with your subscribers. It also creates a conducive environment that will enable you organically sell your products and generate more customers.

When sending relevant emails, ensure that your sending time is the most applicable to your subscribers. For instance, you wouldn’t want to send a birthday message during the Christmas holidays. Also, make sure your emails come with specific triggers, such as a relevant email when specific actions are taken and perfect for the customer’s journey.

Examples are welcome emails, transactional emails, abandoned cart emails, and so on.
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Be accurate with attachments

Using attachments in your outreach can help demonstrate the real value of your products or offers in the best possible way but there are a few pitfalls to take note of, especially when using it for cold emails.

Attaching a file in a cold email can make it appear suspicious or have a negative impact on your domain reputation. This can make your emails to be flagged easily by spam filters.

When using attachments in your email, it is advisable to send them to existing clients who have trusted or loyal to your brand. Professionally, it is ideal to also explain the content of the email rather than attaching an email without any explanation. This will influence the reader to download the attachment.

The file format of the attachment is also very important. Avoid using executable files and focus more on document files such as PDFs, Word files, and so on.

Another important thing to keep in mind when sending attachments is the size and number of files. Be sure that the size doesn’t exceed what is allowed by your ISPs. Exceeding this size can make your emails to be caught by spam filters. This is also applicable to images so ensure that the total size of your attachment is below 10MB.

Finally, considering that 53% of emails are usually opened on smartphones, make sure your emails appear great for both mobile and desktop users. You can also use responsive HTML templates provided by many email outreach platforms.

Send only quality emails

You should never underestimate the power of a quality email, especially in a competitive landscape. The quality of your emails will determine the level of audience engagement, brand exposure, and sales that you will generate.

Sending valuable and high-quality emails will help to retain existing subscribers and generate new ones when they start to share your messages with other people. Quality email can also help to gain trust with your audience by positioning you and your brand as a leader in your industry which they can always follow for informed advice and recommendations.

Quality emails also influence the level of conversions you generate as your customers will likely connect more with you and will likely purchase your products or offers.
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Do not use spam words

Spam filters are designed to thoroughly screen emails before they are sent to the inbox. Every email is considered and estimated to a particular threshold which when exceeded, your email would be sent to the spam folder.

Although every spam filter is different with its unique threshold, there is a general principle followed by most filters used to screen each email before it is sent to the inbox.

The significant part of writing emails that pass the scoring system used by spam filters is to avoid spammy words and phrases. Examples of things to avoid are the use of all caps in subject lines, the use of exclamations, including phrases that can trigger spam filters as well as mistypes and errors.

These words will appear suspicious to both spam filters and your recipients.

Personalize your emails

The email marketing landscape has evolved from the traditional method of sending a mass email or messaging your recipients in a general manner. From the subject line, email copy, follow-up email, and so on, you will have a hard time building the expected relationship and conversion except personalization tactics are integrated.

Introducing personalization will help your audience become passionate about your brand, boost your conversion rates and provide the right information at the right time to the right people compared to a generic outreach which will appear cold and make people feel assaulted.
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Delivery rate will not only ensure that the appropriate client is getting your emails in their inbox, it will also help to improve rates of engagement and conversion. This will also prove to ISPs that your emails are required which will help generate rapid positive interactions from your customer base.

Quality content, updated mailing list, spam-free copies, and personalization will boost the result from your outreach and establish a positive foundation that can help grow your brand.

Anastasya Prach

Anastasya Prach is Outreach Specialist at snov.io

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