Creation And Management Of Multiple Accounts On Social Networks: What Are The Easiest Ways?

Creation and management of multiple accounts on social networks: what are the easiest ways?

by Jane — 3 years ago in Business Ideas 4 min. read

Nowadays, you can hardly meet a person who has not got an account on Social networks. Social networks are used for different purposes: communication with close friends, source of news, a platform for sharing updates from daily life with family and friends, a platform for business advertisements, a community for sharing ideas regarding one topic of interest, and many more.

The amount of social networks is increasing day by day; the most popular are Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter.

There are several reasons why the popularity of social networking is only increasing:

  • Opportunity to be in contact with a big audience from all over the world without the necessity to meet in real life.
  • Possibility to quickly find people with the same interests (excellent option to spend time or to find clients).
  • Free platforms for everybody (of course we pay for this freedom by tons of advertisements).
  • Possibility to increase the quality of life (you can find a job, partners for your business or even for your life, education opportunity, buy something valuable, etc.).

Imagine that President Obama’s Campaign in 2008 was based mainly on social networks! Obama created trust among US citizens using such social websites as MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter.

The most popular network is Facebook (2 billion active users from 13 up to 65+); 48% of active users are checking it every morning and talk there more actively than in real life. Half of the young users find out news from Facebook. And these are only some astonishing facts about the possibility of social media.

Let’s discuss the possibilities that can be provided for business. Every company has an advertising strategy, and it is essential to have a dedicated social media channel to increase awareness about the Brand.

Somebody can even say that it simply does not exist if the company does not have an account on Instagram or Facebook. So, about 85% of businesses understand that most companies out of this figure use accounts for more than three years.

In the marketing department, you may see a particular dedicated person who spent the whole working day promoting the company on social networks and interacting with possible Clients.

Due to the significant quantity of social platforms, a reasonable question appears: how to identify the best one for your own needs, or maybe it is necessary to be everywhere?
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There are hints to search for the best platform:

  • Location of your Customers (first you need to create a picture of your Customer to identify his needs/goals/preferences)
  • The type of your Company content (videos, big articles, photos, etc.) and how often you will create it, and the amount of efforts you should use (small post with photos is easier and faster to create, but it will be read-only for a few days, extensive and sophisticated article can be read for at least a year);
  • Limit the number of platforms where your company will be presented (each one has its own specific rules), develop only the ones that help you grow.


I will describe the five most common platforms.

The first social network for business is Facebook due to the number of users, and there are a lot of people with a college education or higher and high income.

The second one is Instagram, as it can easily create a positive image of your Brand, but the audience of Instagram is mainly people under 35, and all posts on Instagram should be very catchy not to be scrolled.

The audience with high income and highly educated can be easily met in LinkedIn, twice smaller social media than Instagram. Still, this platform is preferable mainly for searching for a place to work.

The fourth one is Twitter with the same size as LinkedIn, a platform that could disappear several years ago due to users’ decreasing interest, but today more and more people come back there. The main limitation of Twitter is the number of characters – 140, so you should be very creative to invent something interesting.

The fifth platform is not only social media but also the second significant searching agent after Google. Video is the preferable type of media for Customers, making YouTube hard to resist, but it is costly to produce a video.

It is important not to get lost among the features and settings of all these social network programs. You can try working online in safe mode LOGIN Browser that simplifies managing several social accounts even in one Social Network.

This Browser can be used on multiple devices without the crash of the overall system of your Marketing Department, each member of your team will have special access rights. All profiles can be easily managed from the cloud; each employee will go to a dedicated saved session. Login even helps to analyze advertisement campaigns in social media.

Based on the above information, it is essential to be online – to create  your social accounts quickly and safely, not to lose the inexpensive and effective way of advertising your company among almost 3 billion of the world population.
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You can increase your Brand’s awareness and credibility and understand the needs of your customers better to create a human connection to them. Also, you can develop additional traffic to your website from social networks by creating a dedicated link.

By sharing your ideas in networks among your followers, you can go even further as followers will share them with their followers… This helps you to spread faster and easier. Additionally, social networks add reputation if all complaints will be quickly answered there as well.

Learn more about your Customers in chats and posts to create better-selling products. Compete openly with other products to keep you on top of industry news and social media repost.

Social networks constantly provide you new chances to reach your Customers – targeting advertising now allows finding the specific audience quickly based on geography, language, interests, and many others.


My name is Jane, I am a certified programmer with an IT degree and work experience in different companies. Over time I realized that cybersecurity attracts me as much as the IT field. Being just a hobby at first, it soon grew like a hobby, and then it grew into a new profession. Today I research cybersecurity topics and write materials on various resources revealing interesting topics.

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