Google Will Let You Turn Off YouTube Ads For Alcohol And Gambling

Google will not show ads on YouTube for alcohol and Gambling

by Amelia Scott — 3 years ago in Business Ideas < 1 min. read

If you’ve ever had a Father’s Day ad offering great deals for your dead dad sail into your inbox, you are aware that online marketing could be upsetting occasionally.

Children’s presents for people trying hard to become pregnant, pet toys to your dead person doggo, the list continues.

Google is shooting a little but useful step to help individuals control which advertisements they encounter.
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Beginning with YouTube from the U.S., consumers will have the ability to toggle off advertisements for alcohol and gaming — two topics which are extremely sensitive to your major swath of individuals. The new alternative will roll out into Google Ads and non-U.S. YouTube first next year.

At a blog article Thursday, the business stated it might add the choice to its advertisement configurations controls, which allow individuals to turn away targeted advertisements entirely.
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Technically, Google claims that consumers that choose to limit gaming and booze advertisements will see “fewer” of these, but that terminology is most likely allowing for whatever slips through unintentionally.

As a sober individual, this really is a very helpful decision for a whole lot of folks I know who would rather not encounter booze deals online from the blue. More of this!

Amelia Scott

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