Health And Wellness Businesses Can Leverage The Powers Of Digital Marketing With These Tips From Eric Dalius

Health and wellness businesses can leverage the powers of digital marketing with these tips from Eric Dalius

by Lucy Jones — 3 years ago in Business Ideas 4 min. read

As more and more people are looking for healthier living options, it drives the health and wellness industry towards high growth.

The broad scope of the health and wellness industry that covers everything from food to lifestyle has become a dominant trend that touches upon nearly all aspects of our lives, explains Eric Dalius.

The fast-expanding health and wellness industry is threatening the established brands that offered certain products and services that are now part of the health and wellness industry.

New and innovative brands in the health and wellness industry keep emerging to meet the high expectations of healthy living that has gained more traction during the Covid19 pandemic.

The surge of the health and wellness industry has dented the growth of many established brands, but it should not be a reason for complacency for entrepreneurs of this sector.

As the health and wellness sector keeps growing fast, the competition within the industry is getting intense. Going with the flow will help little in sustaining the growth.

According to the seasoned marketer Eric Dalius, entrepreneurs must stay ahead of the curve to position their brand with deft marketing techniques strategically.

Moreover, they must adjust their marketing approach to make it work smoothly and effectively within the restrictive environment resulting from the Covid19 pandemic.

Get ready for the new normal

Accepting the fact that we are experiencing a new normal is essential. It will aid in developing suitable marketing strategies that mesh with the new environment and changed consumer behavior.

When the Covid19 pandemic was at its peak, we have learned lessons about the fragility of personal health and well-being and that of our businesses. Many of the realities faced during the pandemic have underlined the need for recasting our marketing plans based on digital strategies.

It is now necessary to take businesses to consumers’ doorsteps or even inside their homes on their desktops or smartphones.

Speed has always been a virtue for businesses, and this is the time to shift gears to embrace digital marketing quickly for your health and wellness business.  Focus on all your digital marketing strategies by considering the new normal.

Recognize the need of the hour and pay attention to humanity, empathy, and personalization.  Gather real-time customer behavior data and distill it with analytics to create customer engagement, focusing on personalization.
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Assess your digital readiness fast

Despite the massive disruptions in our lives caused by our efforts to combat the novel coronavirus, your health and wellness business can only survive by making it easier for consumers to engage with your business.

Already most consumers preferred online interactions with businesses, and not all corporations were ready to oblige. But the recent events have compelled almost all businesses to go digital so that contactless interactions can generate better engagement, more leads, and conversions.

Interestingly, the change in consumer behavior is neither sporadic nor temporary, as revealed in some studies.

The trend of using social media to engage with brands will stay even after the pandemic goes away. Indications are clear that the increased preference for digital commerce will be a factor to consider for marketing.

Digital transition of your health and wellness business would need good support from matching marketing strategies that meet the increased expectation for proactive communications about brands and conduct business in a risk-free environment.

Base your marketing decisions on data

When your business undergoes a digital transformation, your sole focus must be on data generated from the various business processes.

You must gather them diligently for assessing business performance and customer behavior. Gather data from multiple points without missing anything, as its analysis will help gain tremendous insights about the effectiveness of your digital marketing programs and your digital assets.

You will gain valuable knowledge about how the business processes work, both individually and in unison with one another. Using Google Analytics is an excellent way to start your journey using data to advance your business and drive it towards growth.

Your data points must include traffic, channels, users, behavior flows, referrals, and source/ medium. Armed with data, you can create the most effective strategy to take your business forward.
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Optimize the conversion rates

Making the best use of the increased traffic holds the key to your online marketing success. First, you must ensure that your website receives quality traffic and then focus on converting as much traffic as possible into leads.

Gathering leads and nurturing them well will ensure conversions, which is the goal of any marketer. Increasing the rate of conversions is one of the most important marketing metrics.

It involves the conversion rate optimization technique that converts visitors to customers or compels visitors to take some desired action like subscribing to your email or newsletter, which drives them closer to become customers.

Refresh your content to keep it updated

The more your refresh content on your website with updated content, the higher the chances of improving search rankings. Search engines continuously sweep the internet to locate fresh content, and you can see your efforts bearing fruits.

Create thought-provoking consumer-centric content that generates interest and engagement and increases the trust for the brand. It will generate anticipation among the audience, and they would keep coming back in search of advanced and more exciting content from which they can derive more value.

From blog posts to videos and shareable e-books, there are many ways to create captivating content that enhances brand authority and increases consumer engagement while improving conversion prospects.
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Messaging and email marketing

Email marketing still maintains its efficacy and effectiveness as it did in its early days, and you must take its advantage when promoting your health and wellness business.

Email marketing provides a significant return on investment (ROI) and is highly effective indirect interaction with the customer at an individual level.

Using a CRM, you can ascertain the behavioral traits and expectations of customers and create the right type of messaging for the targeted group that elicits the desired response.

Try out more ways of gaining the advantage of your business’s virtual existence that provides the right returns.

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