How Pump Technology Can Positively Impact Industrial Production

How Pump Technology can Positively Impact Industrial Production

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Business Ideas 4 min. read

Pump technology is essentially the mechanical action of moving fluid from one place to another through an energy source, which may be electrical or wind. There are several types of these systems, each with a slightly different purpose and application such as a centrifugal or lobe pump. Each one can positively impact industrial production in many different ways including:

  • Help to save on costs
  • Lowers the use of energy consumption
  • Boosts efficiency
  • Boosts performance
  • Improves different operating processes

These effective systems can be used in a wide range of applications and sectors and are active drivers in improving the workflows of businesses. Pumping appliances have improved greatly over recent years and have a positive impact on how companies work and run including pressurization systems and vertical pressure vessels.

What is Pump Technology?

Pumps move liquid through a mechanical movement whether that be through gravity, displacement, or a direct life. They are driven by different types of energy for example electricity, wind, or human power, depending on the size and location of the system will influence what type of energy source is used. Due to the uses of industrial pumps, they need to be resistant to any effects of corrosion.

Types of Pumps

There are many different types of pumps used within industrial production such as:

  • Centrifugal: these are used to increase the flow of liquid from a low level to a high level, using rotational energy, often through a motor source. They are ideal for a range of uses such as food-processing, wine-making, chemical, pharmaceutical, and agriculture. In industrial situations where little suction is needed, these pumps use pressure to move the water supply. They are extremely versatile, used to boost pressure, supply water for daily use, regulate boiler water, assist with circulation, and much more. Centrifugals can be vertical or horizontal.
  • Positive Displacement: these are used to draw a certain amount of liquid and are then forced to drain through a discharge pipe to ensure the liquid flows. During all cycles, liquidity is constant. This type of pump can get damaged if not used properly, as unlike a centrifugal it does not have a closing valve. So there is a possibility of the line bursting. To prevent this, a safety valve could be fitted.
  • Helical: this is a type of positive displacement which is efficient and robust, consisting of a helix rubber stator and helical rotor. Used in food applications, water waste, agriculture, and oil and gas. They can transfer a range of liquids without harming the quality. Benefits of this system include; can perform in multiple directions, its non-clogging, self-priming, and low velocity.
  • Lobe: using two or even more lobes, these rotate around a parallel shaft within the pump’s body to help move liquids. They are used widely in the machining of marble and glass, ceramics, resins, and pulp. It is self-priming and has a reversible design, perfect for refilling and tank emptying. As most of these applications feature a small heat pump, they are versatile and can be applied to tractors and tankers.
    Piston: in scenarios where constant and high pressure is needed, a piston would be used. They are often required to power large machinery however they can also be used for smaller machines. It can even be upsized to be used within many industrial applications and oil production.
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Industrial Production

Industrial production refers to a range of applications that influence the output of the industrial sector. It covers various areas such as:

  • Steam
  • Mining
  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Air-conditioning

Industrial production is highly important to boost economic performance and balance inflation, and consumption. It correlates closely with earnings and employment so it is vital that it succeeds within a country. The levels of production will vary depending on how much demand there is for a certain product. Pump technology offers a great helping hand in this area and can positively impact industrial production.


The need for pumps within the industrial industry is massive and used in a range of ways, from supporting processes to boosting pressure. They are used every day all over the world and deliver so many benefits. Nowadays, the use of these systems is becoming even more prevalent. The appropriate pump needed will depend on a range of factors including how critical the process is, the amount of time it is needed, and the form of fluid that will be used including its elevation, flow, temperature, and pressure. No matter the type of pump used for a task, advanced technology brings an array of benefits.

The systems help to improve simple work tasks and reduce the need for operating processes being used every day. As well as this, they assist in enhancing performance and reducing the amount of energy consumed. In turn, due to less energy being needed it helps to reduce costs, saving businesses money that can be utilized in other areas of production. Not only does it help to save costs, but it means they are becoming more sustainable, benefiting both people and the environment.

Technology has advanced in many areas and that is no exception in pump systems, offering increased efficiency and performance. Therefore, increasing the demand for them in a range of industries such as construction, water, and gas.

Pump technology has improved dramatically over the years and has positively impacted industrial production along with many other industries. With their wide range of uses and benefits, they have begun to revolutionize production within industrial companies.

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