How To Support Your Employees Who Are Working Remotely

How to Support Your Employees Who are Working Remotely

by Salvatore Presti — 3 years ago in Business Ideas 2 min. read

Some companies have been working with remote employees for years, while others are still adjusting to having it forced upon them due to the pandemic.

It can be hard for both employers and employees to work remotely. Communication is harder, work evaluation is harder, and time management is harder. In short, everything is harder, especially when you’re not used to it.

Luckily, there are various actions you can take to make the experience better for your employees.

Be clear about their salary

Many companies have had to cut their employees’ salaries or hours due to the financial strain the business is facing thanks to pandemic.

It might not be a fun conversation, but any changes to their salaries need to be communicated clearly to any employees who will be affected.

Also be clear about whether their salary will return to normal once the pandemic has calmed down a bit.

It’s important to still be fair and pay your employees a reasonable salary. To learn more about salaries and payroll, visit

Consider working hours

You might want to give your employees a bit of extra time off, depending on their situation.

Many employees will be faced with a double workload: doing their actual work, and looking after their children fulltime, depending on whether or not schools in your area are open.

It would be an immense relief if they could have a day off to get their affairs in order. At the very least, consider extending deadlines and giving them more time to complete their work.

People often have the misconception that working from home means they’ll be more productive, but the opposite tends to be true, since there are so many distractions and no one to keep them accountable.

Another great way to support your employees is to offer them the chance to work flexible hours, if that’s a possibility for your business.

Doing this means that they will be able to put in a full day’s work, but when it’s comfortable for them.

This might mean working a few hours in the morning and a few at night, when their children are sleeping. Either way, it will definitely make life a bit easier for them.
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Communication is always an important aspect in business, but even more so when you don’t get to see your employees on a daily basis.

They might rely on you heavily, and feel a bit like a fish out of water to suddenly be placed in a situation where they need to manage themselves.

Keep in constant communication with them, and maybe consider utilizing some form of group communication. Being able to contact their teammates at all times might help certain employees.
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Your employees will most likely be struggling to adapt, so be sure to let them know if they’re doing something right.

Everyone likes it when their efforts are recognized, so make the effort to let them know you see their hard work. There are various ways of rewarding and praising employees for excellent work.

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