How To Use Instagram Hashtag Feed Or Explosive Business Growth

How to use Instagram Hashtag Feed or Explosive Business Growth

by Anne Griffin — 5 years ago in Business Ideas 3 min. read

Discussions on how to use hashtags to grow the business has been a long-tail mystery for very long.

Though there are multiple irrational mouths speaking over this context, is there really any answer exists to this mystery anywhere? If yes! What and where is that?

Having a bunch of inexact solutions and remedies for business growth, no one answers with concrete confidence for his technique.

How my business can get affected by hashtags only?

Hashtags are a crucial member of the Instagram family. And they carry the potential to grab a lot of audience to your business account.

Thus, avoiding hashtags by not including them in the business marketing strategy would be a major loss.

A single hashtag like #fashion has more than 710 million followers. Therefore, we can assume the potency of the audience waiting to watch the content related to fashion.

Basic hashtag tactics to grow the business

1. You can embed hashtags using social media aggregation tools

But What is embedding?

In general,Embedding means to Integrate something’.

The process of attaching the content from another source to our source, through code, is embedding.

In the case, “if a hashtag feed from Instagram would be attached to a website through code, then it will be called Instagram hashtag feed embedding on a website”.

It is usually done to get the increase user engagement, by representing the user-generated content and grow the business by increasing sales.


  • Once you are confident enough for an Instagram hashtag feed from all aspects, create a hashtag feed first of all.
  • Embed Instagram hashtag feed on your business website with a code.

This process of embedding can take your business sales to reach big numbers.

  • With Instagram embedding, you will not only grow your business but also turn your Instagram account popular.

These tools are actually built to grow business and sales.

Even the marketers, event organizers, and entrepreneurs keep their eyes on such tools to raise their rate of user engagement.

2. Use relevant hashtags only, not those which are just trending the most.

  • Using the relevant Instagram hashtags would get you a nearby audience. Having said that means the audience which is at least like to see your post or those who are anyhow related to.

As these are some of the most trending hashtags-

#fashion, #beautiful, #cute

Using them in a post related to ‘machinery’ would be merely justifying.

Note that, irrelevant use of hashtag could be harmful to your business growth as well as your Instagram account.

Also, keeping yourself updated with all the facts is crucial for business growth.

As sometimes, not doing something that we usually do, also becomes beneficial for our business growth. Like,

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3. Avoid using banned hashtags.

  • Using banned hashtags can convert your account into a downrated account, that is colloquially called a shadowbanned account.
  • Instagram usually bans those hashtags which gradually starts leaving its relevance with its tagged posts.
  • It is seen very often that the most trending hashtags get banned, and users don’t realize this.
  • Being shadowbanned, even if you use a single banned hashtag unknowingly, Instagram will prevent your post to reach on any other hashtag feed as well, ultimately going towards loss in business.
  • Also, Stop using the most usual hashtags like pretty, beautiful, love and similar ones.
  • The reason behind this is, once you use the most popular hashtag like #love, your post might get a few initial engagements immediately, but would not stay long on the top.

How to identify if the hashtag is banned or not?

Using Instagram, if you could scroll down 20 rows or more, and do not find a note of “the content is currently hidden”, that hashtag must be an active hashtag, otherwise a banned one.

Do these irrational tactics really work?

Yes, they work.

It is not so, that the tactics outside are not getting better results after implementation. They are finding sound results.

It is just that there are many!

Many, with a subtle change in their approaches.

And the debate is all about ‘what is actually better and what to prefer’?

Which one seems the best with proven results?

Embedding Instagram hashtags on a website is found to be the best technique, as far as the business is concerned.

Though the other techniques are doing well, they are good only for the growth of an Instagram account, but not the business so far.

Using hashtags whilst running a business in or through Instagram is very usual. And being just good in the usual thing would be insufficient with hundreds of competitors.

One must be extraordinary to meet the expectations.

Hashtags on Instagram can grow a business in an explosive manner, if used wisely, with keeping all the above-mentioned tactics in mind.

Anne Griffin

I’m Anne Griffin and I’m a digital marketer and technical writer. I’m passionate about exploring and writing about innovation, technology, and digital marketing trends.

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