Is Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment Hard To Pass?

Is Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment Hard to Pass?

by Alan Jackson — 3 years ago in Business Ideas 3 min. read

Like any other major international company, Deloitte has a strict recruiting process that every applicant must go through. After your online application is accepted, the next process will be to sit for Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment.

The assessment gives you an overview of the kind of work to expect and its purpose is to test if you are ready to work in Deloitte’s competitive accounting environment. If you understand in advance the nature of questions and expected answers, it’s not hard to pass the assessment and move on to the one-on-one interview.

The recruitment process at Deloitte

Depending on the job you apply for, you might not go through the same recruitment process as another applicant in a different field. However, there is a general process that applies to every candidate and these tips will help you beat the Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment and become a Deloitte employee.
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Apply online

Deloitte does not receive any hardcopy applications and every applicant must apply only through their online application form. The form will have several simple questions like your academic background, work experience, and what motivates you.

You will be asked why you want to apply in the specific field and why you want to work with Deloitte. Although the questions might seem simple, you must be very careful about what answers you give because they will determine if you will move to the next stage.

Possible game-based evaluation

This phase is not for every applicant but you must get ready for it too. You might be asked to take the assessment as part of the screening and you will be given a simple game yet very crucial to your overall performance. The game will be testing how you can think fast and solve problems and your capacity to mitigate risks.

Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment

Every phase of the recruitment process is important but the Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment phase carries greater weight than any other and requires ample preparation. Prepare for SLE test is a great way to set things in order before appearing for the biggest tests that actually matter a lot.

The assessment may vary depending on the job you applied for but generally, it covers three main areas – critical thinking ability, your judgment on different situations, and your verbal communication strengths. Tests may differ depending on your geographic locations too.

Situational capability assessment

Situational capability assessment questions deal with real work situations that may arise. You will be presented with approximately 20 questions or more which might be specifically testing on work situations that you might be faced with as a Deloitte employee. You must answer each question diligently.
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Verbal capacity assessment

Verbal capacity assessment will generally be testing your different approaches to verbal communication. You will be ranking differing statements and correctly pinpoint some missing phrases. Correct communication with clients and workers at Deloitte is crucial and you must prove yourself as a skilled communicator. Search for free verbal tests to help you practice.

Numerical capacity assessment

Numerical capacity assessment is all about working with numbers and you will be given multiple answer questions to calculate and pick the correct answer.

Other questions will not have multiple choices but you will be required to calculate profit margins and pick the company that made the highest profits in a certain period. You must be ready for sequence number tests which can be tricky sometimes.

How to pass the test?

Thorough research

Deloitte is a major accounting firm with branches globally and you must understand every aspect of their work before you sit for the assessment. Understand what they do as consultants, what they value most and their business environment. Your answers should be in line with these important company values and policies.

Do several mock tests

You need to sit for the assessment with confidence and one way to help is to search online for Deloitte Online Assessment tests and practice. Have a mix of both the free and paid mock tests.

Instructions are important

Read and understand all instructions before you attempt to answer any question.

Take all the time 

Once you start the test, you should make sure you do all the questions and submit but you have a greater advantage because the Deloitte Online Assessment is not timed – take all the time and get the best results.
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Be ready with all requirements

Before you start, choose a quiet environment away from distractions. Have every item that might be required like calculators, your smartphone, laptop, pen, paper, and so on. Do not rush and pick your best time of the day to sit for the test.

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