Caktus AI Review: Is It The Best AI Helper For Students?

Caktus AI Review: Is It The Best AI Helper For Students? (Complete Guide)

by Alan Jackson — 1 month ago in Review 6 min. read

Caktus AI is all you need after your class is over! Read its complete review with features, benefits, and final verdict.

Caktus AI is an educational artificial intelligence tool that has piqued the interest of academic scholars as it helps in their writing tasks.

Whether you are taking notes from lectures in running class or completing homework like essay writing, Caktus AI can be your copilot in between.

Let’s uncover everything we know about Caktus AI review.

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What Is Caktus AI?

Caktus AI Logo
Caktus AI Logo

Caktus AI is a blend of artificial intelligence and deep learning, observed as an educational content-generation tool as it offers myriads of writing tools including coding and language learning.

As it incubates artificial intelligence and large language models, it develops high-quality content in a short amount of time.

Moreover, acts as a copilot for all your academic requirements anytime. With its chatbot, you can interact at any time and ask questions to generate answers specifically and accurately.

Who & Why Developed Caktus AI Tool?

Subscription based content-generation tool, Caktus AI tool created by Harrison Leonard and Tao Zhang in May 2022.

The reason behind the launch of is to open a new leap of AI legacy in education. However, there have been many AI innovations made in the educational sector but with Caktus AI, things gonna be different.

The platform is specifically designed for academic enthusiasts pursuing high school diploma or any advanced professional degree. can help you take your notes, answer questions, essay writing and in addition, solve and code faster with personalized feedback and tutorials.

What Are The Technologies Behind Caktus AI?

Many from the media sources have said that Caktus AI is an alternative to ChatGPT’s large language model. Being said that Caktus AI holds several technologies in its sleeves.

Illustrating, the tool is brilliant in generating scholarly readings, providing insights on the subject being asked, creating lesson plans and coding learning effortlessly.

The way it generates results and provides information, surprisingly it is trained on GPT-large language models and artificial intelligence algorithms.

What Students Can Do With Caktus AI Tool?

There are a number of writing tasks that can be done through Caktus AI including coding and fun arts.

Writing writing features an array of content generation elements. It can generate long form essays from credible sources considering plagiarism prevention along with flexible writing support.

Apart from writing, students can rewrite generated content, expand paragraphs, and summarize according to their needs.


The tool is also rich in providing accurate coding scripts related to the question being asked. For example; “create a game like snake” is a prompt that I have entered to test whether produces code accurately.

It does that… perfectly outputs my code in Python. Here’s the snippet.

Coding in Caktus AI
Coding in Caktus AI

Additionally, there is a code editor and debugger available which makes it easier to write and quality check your code.

However there are variety of programing language can be used to code with in Caktus AI’s Coding features, such as:

  • Python writer
  • Java writer
  • TypeScript writer
  • SQL writer
  • C# writer
  • Go writer

Also there’s a range of libraries and modules to use to enhance your code level.


Good for students finding hard to solve math problems or looking for science related solutions can be found easily with Caktus AI.

It is a helpful tool from the studying point of view as it breaks down the math problem into easy-to-understand language, analyzes chemical compounds, and many things to help students grow their minds and complete homework.

Language Learning

This tool is amazing for students from the perspective of cross-cultural learning as it offers various language learning tutorials at a glance.

In case you are interested in learning or speaking other than your native language, the tool offers dozens of languages and AI-powered learning technology.

Embracing natural language processing capabilities to help learn a variety of languages including:

  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • French
  • Arabic
  • Mandarin
  • Italian

Tutorials include systemic learning programs from basic to practical and advanced. Consistent learning can help improve your grammar skills and understand idioms and expressions.

Job Application

While helping out students with careful writing outputs, it also helps professional scholars with AI-generated cover letters, resume content, and interview hacks.

This feature can save a lot of time on research and creation of resume and content matters alike. Ask a chatbot to create bullet points for your resume that highlights your skills and achievements.

It may ask you some questions to understand your habits, skills, and knowledge. Weight to these could help Caktus AI to produce better, relevant results.

How To Use Caktus AI As A Writing Tool?

If you are wondering how to use caktus ai for essay writing, here’s a tip on that.

Basically, Caktus AI offers two writing modes, one of them is “basic” and another is “advanced” and both offer good results.

Basic mode entitled “Simple essay” that creates average length of essay with precision and control including citations and academic source.

Advanced mode, on the other hand, entitled “Detailed Essay” will help you create your essay with personalized and manual control elements. In fact, you can change your tone of voice and customize the essay size and length, etc.

To get started with essay writing on Caktus AI, select “All Tool” option from the menu and then “Essay Writing” option. Now choose between the essay mode as per your need. Enter your topic in the box and click on the “Generate” button.

How Much Is Caktus AI?

How much does cost? Well, caktus ai is not available free of cost, not even there is a free trial to experience.

This means that subscription is the only medium to access caktus ai on your desktop. Caktus AI subscription is split into two types:

1. Monthly premium plan costs $14.99.

2. Yearly premium plan costs $99.99 per year

Caktus AI Pricing
Caktus AI Pricing

I would suggest going with a monthly subscription if you want to try out Caktus AI for a short time instead of commiting to a longer-term plan.

Moreover, both plans offer equivalent features and access to complete tools including coding tools, citation tools, and learning tools.


Is Caktus AI Similar To ChatGPT?

It’s a tricky question to answer!

As I have used both the software for months, I can be sure that Caktus AI is similar to ChatGPT in terms of technology and performance but in terms of features, Caktus AI takes the leap.

Similarities are…

👉 Both platforms can generate text, based on prompts related to any subject of nature.

👉 Both platforms can help you with coding, testing errors, and relative matters.

👉 Both platforms can solve math and science related questions quickly, accurately, and intelligently.

👉 Both platforms can produce unlimited AI outputs.

Differences are…

👉 ChatGPT sometimes provides slow responses and incomplete answers.

👉 ChatGPT subscription is cheaper than Caktus AI plans.

👉 Caktus AI has a different UI interface but ChatGPT is strict to its default UI interface all time.

Final Verdict On Caktus AI

It would not be wrong to say that AI-powered platforms for example Beta Character AI or are becoming more and more useful for our digital needs.

Merely there is an industry that escapes from the verge of AI tools. With the development of Caktus AI, the educational sector is no exception to AI virtue.

Overall, Caktus AI is a useful text-generation platform and its capability to write, solve, and code faster… makes it great for academic audiences.

You should give a try to

Thanks for reading this blog 🙂 Have a good day ahead…!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How good is caktus ai?

Caktus AI is a go-to AI tool for high school students, academic scholars, and Ph.D professionals. It’s a good tool to write, solve, and code faster for your requirements.

What does caktus ai do?

Caktus AI provides efficient, accurate, and fast text generation solutions for essay writing, paragraph writing, question solver, grammar check, and more.

Is caktus ai down?

No, is not down. The platform is working fine and it has daily visitors of 1M.

How to get started with caktus ai?

To get started with Caktus AI, sign up or log in, choose your plan, complete payment, and Enjoy

How to cancel caktus ai subscription?

Canceling caktus AI subscription is simple and straightforward. To cancel caktus ai subscription that is running, mail to

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