LiveWebinar - Your Go-to Webinar Tool For 2021

LiveWebinar – your go-to Webinar Tool for 2021

by Kinga Edwards — 3 years ago in Business Ideas 3 min. read

Saying that video content has revolutionized the world in 2020 isn’t much of a stretch. Webinars, online courses and video conferences became an integral part of many business strategies, team collaborations, and marketing activities.

To run a successful webinar, just having a great idea or promoting it widely may not be enough. You also need to use a reliable solution for creating, managing, and tracking your webinar performance.

And that’s where LiveWebinar comes in.

What is LiveWebinar

LiveWebinar is an advanced piece of webinar software that can be used for webinars, online training, video conferencing, and classes. With various integrations and features, LiveWebinar helps you make the most of video communication forms and reinvent the way you feel about webinars.

LiveWebinar features

There are many LiveWebinar features to keep an eye on. While some of them boost the quality of webinars and messaging themselves, others rather support lead generation or efficient communication for participants.

Hassle-free access

The times when you would need to install extra software or log in through multiple sites are long gone. LiveWebinar allows you to join a room, no matter if you’re the host or an attendee, without the need to install extra software. A link is enough to access the room of your choice.

The sky’s the limit… for customization

Sick and tired of webinar elements that cannot be branded as you please? Be tired no longer. With LiveWebinar, you can customize many various elements with its branding tool: your own call-to-action buttons, room layouts, and the setup for recording.

This way, your webinars will stop feeling like yet more online video content, and start feeling like an integral part of your strategy.

CTA and promotional banners

Have you seen some custom CTA pop-ups during webinars, or promotional banners placed above a webinar window layout? Neither had we until we spotted it in LiveWebinar.

LiveWebinar allows you to enhance the customer experience and intensify promotion during your webinars. Just imagine running an online conference during which you can directly link to extra materials, invite viewers to visit a landing page, or display a discount code. Woooow.
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Take your webinars to the next level with interactive tools

One of the biggest obstacles for marketers, teachers, and business people when it comes to running webinars is to find a way of keeping sessions interactive.

And that’s also something which LiveWebinar supports.

There are a couple of extra tools you can use within your LiveWebinar content. Let us describe a few of them below:

  • Drawing tools

you’re given the option to use your screen as a whiteboard, on which you can mark and highlight essential elements. This feature may be used for brainstorming or creating mind maps, but not only. For example, teachers can get a lot out of this option by writing some formulas or definitions in front of their students online – just like on a chalkboard at school!

  • Surveys and polls

gamification doesn’t disappoint as a way of keeping your audience awake and engaged. With surveys and polls, you can ask questions, request feedback, or even conduct some funny trivia to make sure your attendees constantly interact with your content and pay attention to what you present.

  • Chat

your attendees can also participate in discussions while watching or listening to your content. As you have full control over chat moderation, you can ensure that its level is high and the discussion is nothing but relevant.

Combine & conquer it all

LiveWebinar allows you to combine a few elements – video, audio, chat, and presentations/screen sharing – into a single interactive form.

This way, everyone gets the chance not only to familiarize themselves with the content that’s presented in the form of video or presentation but can also dive deep into a meaningful conversation with other attendees or simply listen to the audio.
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Integrate your efforts

Webinar tools without integrations are like cakes without frosting. It’s a cliche, but one that’s true: having an opportunity to integrate your webinar software with external tools is precious and cannot be beaten, as it opens up a whole ocean of possibilities.

LiveWebinar integrates with various tools to enable seamless marketing automation. Not only can you integrate it with various email marketing tools (and we’ll cover them in detail below), but it can also connect to Slack or Zapier.

Top it up with capabilities of streaming your LiveWebinar content to Facebook, Vimeo, or YouTube and you’ve got a real webinar machine, not just a tool.

Kinga Edwards

Kinga Edwards is the CEO & Founder of the content marketing & PR agency, Brainy Bees. While she and her team are based in Krakow, Poland, she’s been working with companies from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and...Panama. Since 2018, she’s executed and realized more than 100 projects for various SaaS, B2B, and IT companies. Her background also includes social media management for the biggest Polish brands. She is the City Leader for the Polish edition of SaaStock too, as well as regularly publishing and organizing marketing training, including online.

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