SMS Marketing Ideas To Generate More Sales

SMS Marketing Ideas to Generate more Sales

by Wilbert Bail — 3 years ago in Business Ideas 2 min. read

SMS is a powerful marketing tool to touch base with your customers. Get to know why with these mind-boggling statistics:

  • 85% of customers prefer to receive an SMS over a phone call or email while 80%+ customers respond to such business SMSs.
  • Half of your customer base would prefer to receive support communication through text messages while 47% of customers would give companies that don’t include SMS as a communication channel, a pass.

Now that we have established how important SMS Marketing is to businesses, let us find out what you could do to generate more sales through this affordable yet effective marketing communication tool.

Seek permission

Gain the consent of your target audience before you include them in your SMS campaign. Also, a clear option to opt-out of the campaign should be available in the texts that you send to your customers. These are mandatory government regulations to conform to and contribute towards your image as a trustworthy brand.
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Make them feel special

Establish a feel-good factor in your customers. Celebrate their special days with them. Do not forget to send in your wishes on holidays either. This helps you create an experience in the minds of your target audience. It’s all about personalised communication and experience marketing.

Provide reminders and confirmations

Imagine missing out on your Insurance Premium Payment because the date slipped out of your mind. Or not receiving a service order confirmation from your Pest Control Service Provider. These messages would certainly make life easy for the consumers and you as a business owner would be doing a service worth remembering for them.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to upsell relevant products and services. You could shoot a message to a customer who has sent his car for regular servicing to your garage with a car wash offer at a special rate.
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Add exclusivity

Start a loyalty program for your long-standing customers. Offer product previews exclusively to customers who respond to your SMS campaign with a special code, or discounts to customers who show the text message at the time of billing.

Product update

A new customer in your departmental store, couldn’t find the items he intended to purchase. Once the products are available, you ensure to connect with the customer with an update and convert him into a regular.

Educate and inform

Provide free professional tips occasionally so your customers know that you do not just attempt to push sales. Your gardening supply customers will be delighted to get information on essential garden care from time to time. If they find the info to be of great value, then it is likely that the message will be shared among contacts, earning you a few more customers.

You can also use the platform to share exciting company news like launching a new product or opening a new store with your customers. This information will help you reinforce your brand image.

Welcome feedback

Encourage your customers to leave feedback or product reviews through a link shared via text messages. Not only will this optimise your marketing campaign but will also boost your website traffic.
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Engage with competitions and polls

Run engaging competitions and fun polls for your customers to engage with your business. Better engagement will always lead to increased sales.

Inspired by these ideas to give SMS marketing a try? Get in touch with GuniSMS today to kick-start the personalised SMS Marketing Campaign for your business and watch your sales figures soar.

Wilbert Bail

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