What Inbound Content Marketing Needs To Have More Conversations

What Inbound Content Marketing needs to have more Conversations

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Business Ideas 4 min. read

Inbound marketing is often associated with informative videos and blog posts. While both can be useful and entertaining for brand audiences, there are two ways you can engage them: live chat and conversational AI.

Businesses integrate chatbots and live chat into their websites and social media channels as part of their inbound marketing strategies. A chatbot or live chat representative greets visitors when they visit a business channel.

This article will help you understand how conversations shape the future of inbound marketing. These three factors will help you get a better understanding of how they can be used in your business’s inbound content marketing efforts.

1. Customers can Reach You at Any time via Email

Businesses that grow their customer base beyond a certain size can make it difficult to keep up with every contact. Each prospect and customer feels that their problem or purchase is the most important. According to Drift’s State Of Conversational Marketing report, customers who are unable to access service after business hours increased their frustration by 1.4x between 2019 and 2020.

Chatbots and live chat solutions can be used to help customers, regardless of when they contact you. Instead of requiring customers to contact your company during business hours, give them the option to chat with you whenever they wish. This chat option will help reduce long wait times and improve customer service.

Live chat solutions can still cause long queues depending on the number of people seeking support and how many support staff you have. You might also consider deploying a chatbot in order to provide faster service for customers and potential customers who contact you about the most common questions. Bots can answer multiple questions at once with automated scripts. Chatbots can seamlessly communicate with prospects and customers even after hours.

Your chatbot script should sound natural and in line with your brand’s tone and style. Prospects will be more comfortable talking to a bot using natural, conversational language rather than one that sounds robotic.

Once they see the value of bots, your audience will also appreciate them. Customers will trust your brand and bots if they see that your bot can answer many of their questions.

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2. Chatbots can Provide Personalized Content to Customers

Chatbots, just like live service representatives can tailor solutions for customers based on what the chatter has said, can share content with visitors based on what they have shared in the conversation.

A bot may direct someone searching for information on a topic or industry trend to a blog post. A bot can also direct users to pricing information on the brand’s website. This will depend on the type of software or knowledge base that the chatbot interface is linked to.

These personalized content recommendations don’t only depend on what customers ask in chat. The bot’s artificial intelligence processing (AI) can “remember” information from past conversations and use this knowledge to make future recommendations. Let’s say a user has had trouble accessing their account dashboard since the last time they contacted us. The chatbot may be able to help users with their next question about accessing their dashboard.

Loyalty is built by bots that provide personalized content to users. Because they can trust the bot to provide valuable information, they will want to interact with it.

There are many forms of content. Businesses know this already and produce a variety of content types, such as podcasts, blogs, and videos. Many of the content resources a business offers can be hidden deep within a website making it difficult for users to find.

Your bot can give life to your content. Conversations can allow you to reuse content that generated a lot of traffic for your company. This is a great way to increase engagement with older content without investing in rewriting it. A bot will send you content that is relevant to your users’ needs.

3. Conversations can Boost Your Sales Funnel

One of the most difficult challenges for any business is getting prospects to become customers. You must guide prospects through a sales funnel, and ensure that they have the content for each stage.

Chatbots and live chat solutions can help you speed up your sales funnel efforts. Chatbots and live chat representatives can talk directly to the user to determine where they are in the sales funnel. While some people may be just starting their search, others might need more information before making a purchase.

Your chatbot or live chat service can assist with lead nurturing no matter where your user is in your sales funnel. With the permission of the lead, they can ask questions and answer customer product questions. They can also pass a lead on to a representative who can provide more detailed help.

A chatbot can be installed on your Facebook business page. A chatbot can greet someone who visits your Facebook page. This is a great way for customers to be redirected to your website so that they can find out more about a particular product or topic.

Chatbots and live chats can help you identify leads but also bring them down your sales funnel. They can identify the root cause of what users are looking for and help them find the best solution on your site.

Want more Help with Your Inbound Content Marketing Efforts?

Conversations can be a great way of supplementing your inbound content marketing efforts. However, you must ensure that you are still researching your competitors. You can use this information to help you engage your audience more effectively.

You can find out the type of content that your competitors are publishing by using our competitor website analysis feature. It’s an easy and efficient way to see what their content is like and how it’s performing.

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