Top 10 Most Popular Chatbots In Different Sectors To Help Businesses

Top 10 Most Popular Chatbots in different Sectors to help Businesses

by Alex Noah — 3 years ago in Artificial Intelligence 4 min. read

Today, 1.4 billion people use chatbots. Organisations deploy their top AI chatbots to have 1:1 conversations with customers and employees. Chatbots powered by artificial intelligence are also capable of automating various tasks, such as client assistance and sales.

Chatbot software is gaining popularity and the commercial centre of companies that offer chatbot innovation has been more serious to explore with many other organizations promising the same thing. However, AI chatbots can be very different from one another.

We’ve collected the top 10 most popular chatbots in different sectors to help businesses of all sizes and industries find the best.

1. Netomi

Netomi’s AI platform helps companies to resolve client support tickets via email, voice, or talk. Because of its NLU motor, it has the highest level of natural language understanding (NLU). This chatbot can provide client support with unparalleled precision.

Netomi can therefore resolve more than 70% client queries without the need for human intervention and focuses extensively on AI client experience.

Netomi is extremely easy to use and can reconcile with all the major specialist work areas. This organization provides administrations and products to a variety of companies, including WestJet and Brex, Zinus and Circles Life, WB Games and HP.
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2. atSpoke

AtSpoke makes it easy for workers to access the knowledge they need. It is an interior tagging system with inherent Artificial Intelligence. It allows interior groups (IT help area, HR and other tasks groups) to quickly note 40% of all solicitations, which makes it 5x faster to reach their goals.

AI responds to worker queries by surface information base substances. Workers can easily get refreshed via the channels they use every day, such as Slack and Google Drive, Confluence and Microsoft Teams.

3. WP Chatbot

WP-Chatbot, the most popular chatbot within the WordPress environment is WP-Chatbot. It allows for live chat and site visits.

WP-Chatbot integrates a Facebook Business Page and powers live and automatic connections on a WordPress website through a Messenger talk gadget. It only takes one tick to set up the plugin.

This is the fastest way to add live visits to WordPress sites. All messages sent to clients via Messenger or webchat are saved in one single mailbox. This allows for a more efficient way of managing cross-platform client collaborations.
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4.  Microsoft Bot Framework

The Microsoft Bot Framework provides a comprehensive structure to build conversational AI encounters.

The Bot Framework composer is an open-source visual authoring tool for engineers and multidisciplinary teams to design and construct conversational encounters using language understanding, QnAmaker, and bot responses.

Microsoft’s bot framework allows clients to use a wide-ranging open-source SDK, apparatuses, and tools to seamlessly interface with a bot to existing channels and gadgets.

5. Alexa for Business

Are you ready to connect with 83.1 million smart speakers owners? Amazon holds 70% of the market and has the best AI chatbot software to voice assistants.

With Alexa for Business IT teams can build custom skills to answer customer questions. In just three years, Amazon has grown from 130 skills to more than 100,000 skills by September 2019.

Your customers can create custom skills with Alexa to help them ask questions, place orders, reorder products, and engage with other content by speaking loudly. Team members can integrate with Salesforce and ServiceNow or other custom apps and services using Alexa for Business.
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6. Zendesk Answer Bot

Zendesk is close to your Zendesk help group, so you can answer any client queries immediately. To provide clients with the information they require immediately, the Answer Bot pulls relevant articles from your Zendesk knowledge database.

You can add more innovation to your Zendesk chatbot, or you can let the Zendesk To Answer bot fly on its own on your site, in portable applications, or within inner groups on Slack.


CSML is an open-source language for programming and chatbot engines that aims to create interoperable chatbots. CSML is a chatbot engine that allows designers to communicate and build chatbots with their expressive punctuation.

It also has the ability to interface with any API. A large number of chatbot developers use CSML studio. This is the easiest approach to start building chatbots within your program. Engineers can also access a free playground to explore other avenues of the language without having to join.
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8. Dasha AI

Dasha is a platform for conversational AI. It provides developers with the tools to create conversational AI applications that are human-like and profoundly conversational.

These applications can be used to substitute call center specialists, to text talk or to add conversational voices interfaces to flexible applications or IoT gadgets. Dasha was named a Gartner Cool vendor in Conversational AI 2020.

Dasha does not require any knowledge of AI or ML to work with, and any engineer who has basic JavaScript knowledge will be completely at ease.

9. SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow allows you to conduct conversational studies and build structures. This stage includes consumer loyalty reviews, such as Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction Score, or Customer Effort Score, and overviews of employee experience (i.e. Recruitment and Pre-enlistment, Employee 360 Assessments, Employee Check-in and Employee Exit Interviews).

Conversational UI provides overviews in a conversation-like environment. This method increases overview culmination rates up to 40%. SurveySparrow comes with a range of layouts and question types that are not standard.

Through integrations with Zapier and Slack, Intercom, Mailchimp, or Mailchimp, reviews can be embedded on websites or other programming instruments.
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10. ManyChat

In one year, Facebook Messenger will be used by 2.4 billion people. ManyChat is a great alternative if you are looking for an efficient way to send a simple chatbot to book items, sell products, request updates, share coupons, and make requests on Facebook Messenger.

You can choose from industry-specific formats or create your own interface. This allows you to dispatch a bot in minutes with no coding.

It is easy to interface with eCommerce tools such as Shopify, PayPal and Stripe, ActiveCampaign and Google Sheets. There are also 1,500+ additional applications available through Zapier or Integromat.

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