What You Need To Know About Instagram Algorithm

What You need to Know about Instagram Algorithm

by Nancy Wayne — 3 years ago in Business Ideas 3 min. read

Social media is still one of the biggest drivers of what’s happening and what’s popular in the world, and there are millions of users on the platform of Instagram because in the day and age we live in there are many people who use social media.

Instagram is one of the big players in the game, as it’s a social media platform that facilitates the sharing of photos and videos and it’s a lot different to well-known social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok.

Added to the fact that there are many growth services to grow your Instagram with organic followers, such as Growthsilo, it makes it difficult to argue against using Instagram.

The algorithm on IG is very important when it comes to someone’s growth on the platform, and there are definitely many people who do things based on what they notice is going on with the algorithm. So, in other words, to succeed on IG you have to do well on the algorithm, and to do that you have to know more about the algorithm.

What You need to Know about Instagram Algorithm

Engagement is the king

IG loves engagement, and essentially what engagement is, is the ability for most of your followers to engage with your content and how this works is by them hurting, saving, and commenting on your posts.

There are many ways you can engage with people on different features within the platform, and the main reason why this is beneficial for you is that if your engagement is good, Instagram will automatically push out your content onto the discovery feed for others to see. It will also boost up your posts in people’s feed so that it appears higher and higher.
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Stories ‘have no bearing’

According to Instagram, it says that Stories have no influence on the algorithm, we beg to differ and believe that it’s still important in terms of the success of the platform.

It is common knowledge to most people that stories are very popular on Instagram and the reason why people love this feature is that it’s a great way for you to connect with your followers and it’s also very good for marketing.

Stories also give you the opportunity to cause your followers to engage with them through stickers and other features that are very beneficial. On stories, you can also notify new users about new posts or alert them of when you plan on dropping a new video or when you are another live on Instagram which is great for your engagement.
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The power of hashtags

There are a lot of hidden nuggets and gems of wisdom that people are unaware of when it comes to Instagram and its success. Instagram actually prioritizes the time spent on each post, and what this means is that if more people linger on your posts, the more likely it is to do well on Instagram and to be shared and pushed out to others.

Lucky for you, hashtags are able to actually give everyone a fighting chance, and that is where the power of hashtags lies. Hashtags allow you to filter content based on a word or phrase which a user would search up, thus there are people who are instantly directed straight to your post.

In other words, hashtags can be used as free marketing and this free marketing is able to boost your account and all the Instagram to favour your posts and your account.

Peak hours

One of the big metrics for the IG algorithm is actually when the content is posted, and that’s why posting at peak hours is the best. Peak hours are known as when Instagram is the busiest and when people or the people who follow you specifically are usually online.

Essentially, how this works is you can rely on your followers to be mostly on the app at certain hours of the day and these times are different of course highly depending on where you live, and you can find this information in your analytics.

Your analytics can also guide you in terms of which day is the best day for you to post in order to get the most followers, and then that will allow you to plan beforehand and schedule when and on which day to post your new picture. With this useful information provided to you, you will have all that you need to know about the Instagram algorithm.

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