Do You Looking Out For A Fast And Secure Plugins Of WordPress?

Are You Blogger, Do You Looking Out For A Fast And Secure Plugins Of WordPress?

by Ricky Brown — 4 years ago in Development 4 min. read

As a blogger, you might be interested and love to write content and the WordPress bloggers are more enthused to create optimized content that makes their time to be scheduled in a control. But as a blogger, what do you think, is important in blogging? Let me describe it. Starting from the URL certificate to the footer design, it is important. As a blogger, the user views your content approach, URL certificate, the design of the site, the way you have to interact the content with them, time take to read your data, etc. These all are said to be a word called conversion rate optimization. In the internet marketing world, to attract visitors, it is important to follow the guideline of psychology approach. Thus the WordPress blogger can create conversion rate optimization easily. WordPress has many plugins that will associate with CRO.

I have mentioned the top plugins that can be applied for fast and secure CMS on WordPress as a Blogger.

  • Get your SSL with Ease

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a standard technology to maintain a secure internet server by the connection and safeguarding the sensitive data. In simple terms SSL is a secure protocol under the HTTPS, delivering the data in a sensitive encrypted manner. The communication between the end-user and server will be encrypted to prevent the site. As a WordPress blogger, Really simple CSS is a plugin of WordPress to enhance your content with more secure. It can easily apply to your site without any hesitation. It requires only a minimum effort to use.

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  • Wordfence Security

Every site must require a strong network security system to monitor and control the incoming and outgoing network traffic because any malware practices can destroy your site quality. So it is important to have a security tool on your site. Thus as a WordPress blogger, you can make use of Wordfence security to secure as an endpoint firewall and to oppose the malware practice by the malware scanner. This feature can control the depth of 2FA login and protection against brute-force attacks. It also cleans your site and secures your blog from an unknown resource.

  • WP Mail SMTP

Mailing is a necessary function for professionals to maintain their communication with the clients. It creates a genuine platform to have business talks. Every profession requires a UN-interpret flow of handling the mail system. In simple terms, we can rely upon as Simple Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). It is a protocol used to send an email via server to the server easily. Then can retrieve the messages with an e-mail client using POP or IMAP. These two protocols are essential to download the email from the servers. This complete mechanism can be made easier with the WordPress using a plugin called WP Mail SMTP. It allows the user to configure easily rather than depending on the PHP mail function to be taken place. This plugin helps to work flawlessly once it configured.

  • Updraft Plus – Backup/ Restore

Every data has to maintain in an organized order. Thus it doesn’t get collapsed when you required it. Maintaining a backup is a kind of a sluggish point. The importance of maintaining the data will be quiet helpful for retrieving the data to be used when it requires editing or confirming the coding. Thus by having a tool for the backup will be an advantage for the bloggers. Hence the updraft plus tool of WordPress will be more advantageous to use as it can handle an easy approach. You can back up your files and database into the cloud and restore them with a single click and also you can make use of Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 (or compatible), UpdraftVault, Rackspace Cloud, FTP, DreamObjects, Openstack Swift, and email. The pro version has more features to store the backup.

  • WP Super Cache

You might know with the cache memory. It acts as temporary storage. It stores web-based document such as HTML and image pages. In sip le terms your browser helps to store the web pages you’ve recently visited. It reduces bandwidth usage, server load, and lag. Cache memory can improve your visitor engage. To use the feature WordPress allows you to use the feature called WO super cache plugin, where it has been used by many bloggers to increase their visitor’s engagement. You can easily access the plugin to maintain temporary storage.

  • Autoptimize

This plugin has a wide variety of features to be enabled the site to increase page speed and user engagement. It has different types of plugins that enable the developers to optimize your blog for the best possible performance, and is capable of doing so much – it can aggregate, scripts such as minify and cache and even styles but can also use the inline critical CSS and can differ the aggregated CSS. It can be used to move and defers the scripts easily to the footer, and minifies the HTML code. This strategy will increase the page speed. This plugin will also use to optimize the Google Fonts, asynchronous non-aggregated JavaScript, etc. You can easily adjust this plugin to your WordPress site.

  • Enable Zip Compression

To control and increase the WordPress file, you can make use of enabling zip file compression plugin to enhance the speed of the website. It will be helpful in terms of ranking the page in the search engines by increasing page load speed. Just a click will enable you to access this plugin.


WordPress is meant majorly for the bloggers. Hence it is necessary to know the important facts on the plugin that can help you to leverage the quality of your site. So that it increases the user trust and the traffic gets high. Many bloggers were using the WordPress as their first preference than other content management system. It is due to its features which allow the user to handle it with ease. The above plugins will be, more useful for the bloggers to increase their performance.

Ricky Brown

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