Benefits Of A Smart Building Lighting System

Benefits of a Smart Building Lighting System

by Arman Alahi — 3 years ago in Development 4 min. read

A lighting system involves the use of sources of light in a building such as light fixtures and lamps. There are different kinds of lighting systems that people and organizations use in their space.

These lighting systems are incandescent, fluorescent, outdoor solar, and Light-Emitting Diode (LED).

The four types of lighting systems have their advantages and disadvantages. These lighting systems are what consume electricity and add to people’s and organization’s utility bills. However, people could minimize their power usage by properly maintaining how they use their lighting sources.

The advantage that comes with the use of a smart building lighting system is that items have a more appealing look when lit.

It could be an organization’s products or what a business does. How our eyes perceive things through vision draws someone to decide whether to purchase an item or not.

People who want to own or set up buildings must pay keen attention to the lighting system installed. How lighting systems are installed could matter at the foundation level of a building.

It is a huge investment coming up with a lighting system hence the owners of buildings should ensure that they get qualified people to install lighting systems for them.

4 Benefits of a Smart Building Lighting System

Numerous benefits come with the use of a smart building lighting system. This article will highlight four benefits of a smart building lighting system.

Potential to save Energy

If a smart building lighting system is set up well, it contributes towards the organization or business entity saving energy. In a building, a lot of things in the organization’s or business entity’s operations consume energy.

This ranges from the lamps all over the building, fridges in the laboratories and kitchen, the machines that are propelled by electricity, electric fans, and all other utilities that consume lighting energy.

All of these aspects consume energy and contribute towards an organization’s or business entity’s electricity bills. However, if a lighting system is put up well, an organization or business entity could have the potential to save energy. This would be possible by making use of the lighting systems that consume less energy.

An organization would opt to use the LED lamps and lighting system that uses less energy instead of the incandescent, fluorescent lighting systems.

The use of an outdoor solar lighting system would also be a cheaper option. This is because the outdoor solar lighting system sources its energy from natural light which is free of charge.

However, organizations and business entities must research what lighting system is best to use before they invest in one.

Research is important because a lighting system is a long-term investment that an organization or business entity will not keep going back to.

The only thing they could frequently buy when it comes to lighting in their spaces is the lamps they use. The change of lamps will also be determined on how long they can be used and if they are ecologically friendly.
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There is comfortable convenience that comes with the use of a smart building lighting system. This is experienced, especially with the automation that comes with the lighting sensors. These sensors ensure that lights are on only when they need to.

These ease work for people as you do not have to worry if you left the lights on or off. Immediately someone gets into a room with these sensors, the lights go on, and when they exit, they automatically go off. This automation also works well in this period where the world is hit with the COVID-19 pandemic.

People do not have to keep switching on and off the lights. The smart building lighting system is also favorable to the disabled who would have difficulties switching on and off the lights. With the smart building lighting system, they can easily use rooms or smart buildings because the lights go on and off just by sensing their motion.


In some cases, a smart lighting system can also be mean to safety in the building. As the lights will automatically turn on when someone enters a room, it becomes easier to monitor activity. It makes it hard for outsiders to sneak into the building.

Whenever someone tries to do that, people around will come to check why suddenly the light turned on.

Moreover, if someone tries to break into the building during the off-hour, people from far away can guess something is wrong. Therefore, immediate action can be taken by security guards. In this situation, smart lighting almost acts like security cameras.

Besides, storerooms in buildings are messy most of the time. So, when some enter the room, see only dark. Not to mention, sometimes it quite troublesome to find the switch.

And due to the messy dark environment, any accident can happen in no time. Hence, smart lighting building systems can save the workers. It will protect people from slipping accidentally or dropping things.
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Increased Productivity

A smart lighting system in buildings helps to increase productivity for business organizations. There’s a lot of ways traditional lights cause disturbance during work. The good thing is, smart lighting helps to overcome those problems.

During work, a flash of light is quite irritating. When the worker moves in a certain direction, the lights automatically catch the eyes make people blind. It hampers the work. But with smart lighting, this can be avoided. Therefore, the overall productivity will increase.

Again, when there’s a rush of work, everything should work faster. But moving room to room, turning on-off the lights repeatedly makes the work slower.

However, here again, smart lighting can be helpful. As they automatically turn off and on following movements, a lot of time gets saved. Hence, it results in increased productivity.

Having smart lighting can also create a soothing and beautiful environment. Which automatically improves the mood of workers. Hence, they will be more productive.
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Organizations and business entities that want to compete effectively must hence thrive to enhance their smart lighting system. Lighting is major in retaining customers and drawing potential customers towards being consumers of an organization’s or business entity’s products.

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